Sunday, May 13, 2018

Blind Item #2

Pretty telling that the PR team for this perpetual yachter/celebrity offspring is using a very old photo of her kissing her foreign born celebrity ex. Everyone assumes it is current.


bonestructure said...

Bella and The Weeknd

beebopcowboy said...


yes, def that bella hadid / the weeknd blurry photo supposed to be 'in cannes'

why do a lot of women think men that are rich/famous with UNLIMITED hot/young women to choose from are going to be Only into one girl? "a man is as faithful as his options" is a given for rich/famous men, young and old. bella, sweetie, you're good looking and have a banging body - find somebody else!

Unknown said...

Isn’t it recent though because that’s what she wore to the party the same night.. and then together during the screening was very real.

Bee Jay said...

I agree @Unknown, it just seems like a lot of effort on the PR team's part. Are the recent youtube videos of them old too?

MissDe said...

Enty can you get this finance person off here. This shit is annoying as hell

beckywiththegoodhair said...

Weeknd must have the best drugs. He's not cute.


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