Sunday, October 07, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 30, 2018

There is nothing more this late night drug addict would like than to tie himself to his A list girlfriend for life whether by hook or by crook. So, don't believe what he says are "jokes,"are actually jokes.

Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande/stealing her birth control pills


Youre Tired said...

How do you know this? Is he out here telling people this? Is she realizing he is and still stays with him? Or did you just make up a story based on his jokes?

sandybrook said...

He'd make a great father!😮

Unknown said...

Exactly. It was a JOKE written by SNL writers.

Elephant Cat said...

This is idiotic. If he “stole” her birth controls she’d know it, you can’t “replace” them with tic-tacs or anything else, they come in an identifiable blister pack. If she had sex with him without taking her pill, that would mean that she’s fine with having a baby.

Do Tell said...

Looks like Pete had a meltdown on SNL one week post-Kanye's.

"I wish I bullied you"? Honestly?

hothotheat said...

So if she's on BC, she'll either hide her pills or have them replaced before she has sex again. She's obvs being responsible.

pixiegothy said...

I think she takes a birth control shot not pills. He wishes he could get her pregnant though

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Ice Angel said...

Hes' a scum bag for what he said about Kanye. His line about "if it's not rap-related I don't want to hear about it" is about as tone deaf as you can possibly be for a guy who works on a show that goes through great lengths to be political. It used to be funny and they'd poke fun at every political figure and president from Ford to Reagan to Clinton and the Bushes. But did they make fun of Obama? Not really. And we've seen what they do to Trump and his supporters. So pretty disingenuous to call out the one person who actually shares a different political view. For God's sake they gave a fricking eulogy for Hillary Clinton's election loss!
Oh...and he's not funny. He's like the class clown that you see at your 10 year reunion and everyone has careers and families and he's still hanging out at the skate park getting stoned.

Unknown said...

This is totally made up. First of all, there’s no way to replace someone’s BCP, since they’re blister packed and each one is date-labeled, or dispensed by date, depending on your type of pack. But if somehow, someone was able to replace your BCPs with placebos, it would make you get your period, so you’d know pretty quickly that something wasn’t right.

I’d much rather read a few real, actual, blind items (like you used to do) than a ton of made up ones you’re using to cover your bases so that should Ariana get pregnant, you can be like “see!” After reading a few ridiculous blinds like this one lately, I feel like I just can’t believe any of them.


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