Monday, October 08, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #6

October 1, 2018

This A list everything in her mind had her people make sure everything was superlatives. Record breaking, highest grossing, biggest attendance, but there were no qualifiers given. They made up things and knew the tabloids would print them and they were right.

Jennifer Lopez/Las Vegas residency 


Brayson87 said...

This is the age of one source news stories.

yepthatsme said...

GOOGLE PLUS shutting down for good! Now only if Instagram and Snapchat could follow suit!

News said...

its called marketing

OldFart said...

Trump does the same thing...and he's the best at it in History!

Taxi CDC said...

Must be nice to live in a pretend world!!
Pretend relationship, pretend talent, pretend fans!!

Lisa Wolfinger said...

How sad- Nicholas's girlfriend had a baby with his girlfriend in April. Does Jennifer think she can win him back? You gotta move forward Jennifer.

sandybrook said...

Wrong Jennifer see preceding reveal for right Jennifer

Orville said...

I disagree with Enty if you read Billboard Magazine they released the numbers and JLO residency is MAKING MONEY! A recent show JLO had made $4 million dollars for four shows a simple google search you can find the info.

Hortensia said...

the worst offender is trump. At. lease JLo is beautiful and talented.

mike m said...

POTUS is such an offender he is steamrolling the pathetic and phony opposition.

Which appears you are part of, you can't post something without taking a shit shot at President Trump?

You must like Open Borders and higher taxes like a good little progressive nitwit.

KittensRUs said...

No way J Lo will ever earn the bucks of a Britney or a Celine. She's not as popular as she thinks she is, certainly not with the demographic that buys the good seats in Vegas.

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