Friday, November 09, 2018

Blind Item #3

This foreign born A list reality host thought she was rekindling her old romance with someone who has been in her life for a long time and will be forever. He is cheating on her though with someone half her age.


Rory Gman said...

Heidi Klum/Seal

kfitz said...

i cant think of any except heidi klum but she has a bf

kfitz said...

cat deely but shes married

sandybrook said...

I have to agree with Klum.

Brayson87 said...

Ah, the old couple's argument:

Man, "I could get someone much younger."
Woman, "But I could get someone much richer."

Cerise said...

But is Tom Kaulitz really her boyfriend? They might be "kissing" but that doesn't mean they're together for real.. She doesn't even look that into him .. I have no idea tho

hunter said...

this just makes me sad

Unknown said...

Heidi Klum seems so desperate, it's super sad.

I never disliked her until she said to a skinny girl, with microscopic belly on Germany's next top model 'you're half my age and I have had 4 children, and look at my stomach', like she did not have several tummy tucks.

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The Raving Badger said...

Padma and Salamon Rushdie

hortensie said...

Oh you guys can see that show in the US?
From I believe and see she is extremely into Tom and vice versa. And they are a couple and he's already spending a lot of time with her kids.
He has quite the reputation of a lil fuckboy although he's not the kind of guy who does it oh so secretly. And her reviving an old love seems super unlikely.
..I don't find her desperate. She's had a few men in her life and is rarely single, but she doesn't see and need her men all time because of her busy schedule, priority no 1 are the kids anyway. She enjoys men and butterflies in her stomach, cannot see anything wrong here. And she doesn't exchange the men too quickly (also in consideration of the kids) and she's a romantic.
That stomach comment is rather off, on the other hand, she comes from a different modeling era and she knows the (old) rules and brutal that job can be/is. She just doesn't wanna sugar coat things and see those girls fall.
What the heck why am I suddenly so passionate about Heidi Klum? lol


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