Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 21, 2019

Should anyone be surprised or shocked that the heir apparent and funneler of money to his pseudo siblings met with the A+ list mogul and the next day one of the pseudo siblings pleads guilty.

Edgar Bronfman Jr./David Geffen/Clare Bronfman


sandybrook said...

Pseudo means fake or sham you know that right Enty? Or is this another one like ingenue that you use wrong?

Brayson87 said...

Well they're half siblings unless Enty has some dirt.

Sarton Bander said...

and why would they do that?

Brayson87 said...
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Brayson87 said...

@Sarton, I imagine that like others, they were told to take a sweet engineered guilty plea deal, do their time and STFU otherwise they'd wake up hanging from a doorknob or trying to breathe through a pillow.

Vita said...

I'm not understanding...did they convince her to plead guilty in hopes of preventing further investigation? To prevent him from being called to testify on her behalf? What is mogul's connection to nexivm/ bronfmans?

molly said...

Keith Raniere , head of NXVIM, (sorry for spelling) was in Ark. when bill clinton was gov. When hillary moved to NY to be a senator..he moved there too. This is a sex cult like WACO, but with bigger connections and more money. When I lived in the Appalachian mountains, some of my neighbor's children , nieces and nephews were there...WACO people were gleaned from the seventh day adventist church...already mind controlled , saved time and fuss. This new cult is getting out of hand. NY laws changed and there were too many to just try and murder, by way of govt.https://frankreport.com/2019/04/29/rosales-day-of-reckoning-coming-for-bronfman-raniere-with-ny-child-victims-act/

hothotheat said...

I think the Bronfmans are friends with Geffen. Rich people have other rich people for friends. They don't like us poors, we ask for money all the time.

Unknown said...

Raniere. to my knowledge, has never lived in Arkansas. Born in NYC, went to college in NY, has lived in Albany for a long time, and based at least 3 of the scam pyramid schemes he's run out of Albany. I've never seen Arkansas being brought up in any article on Raniere, in any of the few interviews he's done in the past, not a single mention. His connection to Hillary is they (his cult) were donating to her campaign, because he thinks he's a player like that.

This dude is a big enough psychopath on his own, he doesn't need this woo woo 4chan conspiracy bullshit flung around, "molly" (odds are you're a dude, and a 4chan regular).

What the fuck Waco has to do with any of this, or the Appalachians, considering Waco is in Texas, and Koresh spent his entire life there. Oh, that's right, you're probably a schitzophrenic, and are foaming at the mouth while typing your conspiracy theories about pizza and Hillary Clinton and sex cults. You masturbate a lot to that kind of nonsense, don't you.

Unknown said...

NXIVM was supplying kids and sex slaves to NY pols. The connection to Geffen is his use of their services and the services of other connected traffickers. Geffen et al want them to take the plea and shut up

Mrs Libnish said...

@ one of the Unknowns. Or both, I don't care.

This link: govt.https://frankreport.com/2019/04/29/rosales-day-of-reckoning-coming-for-bronfman-raniere-with-ny-child-victims-act/

doesn't seem totally "woo woo" to me. Did you read it? It just looks like a lawyer to laymen synopsis of the filings.

Hillary Clinton is a piece of shit politician IN New York. Not far fetched to think she'd have something to do with Raniere. At all...especially if there were bucks to be made. I mean, she didn't have a problem selling state secrets to China. So, there's that.

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Unknown said...

I didn't say the dude wasn't involved in some dark shit. He's clearly a psychopath, and his cult into some really dark shit. It's the "Hurrrr, he wented from da Arkansas because muh Hillary and Bill" nonsense is just that - fucking nonsense. Not everything is a Clinton based fucking plot. Keep that shit on 4chan where it fucking belongs, with the rest of the schitzophrenics.

tinydancer61 said...

If you read the frankreport.com with any regularity, you will notice that NXIVM members still troll their and on other various sites doing their level best to discredit anyone that speaks ill of their dear leaders, KR, Bronfman's, Mack, et. al. The NXIVM connections have tentacles all over the world. And YES-the Clinton's are involved in this and it's not a 4chan conspiracy theory. It's FACT.


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