Thursday, May 02, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 23, 2019

He is not even being shy about it any longer. This former A list teen movie actor is converting your donations into high end purchases and then bragging about the purchases on social media.

Corey Feldman


:| raven |: said...

why do people keep giving him money when he obviously is not being sincere??

Thursday November said...

Didn't the feds move in on that homeless guy and the couple who defrauded people through Kickstarter?

Although they did start fighting with each other, which got everyone's attention to how they spent the money. A receptionist who couldn't afford gas suddenly bought a beamer.

Brayson87 said...

Maybe he's using Kickstarter as a clean way to collect payoffs from people he used to procure for. No way the authorities move in on him, he probably knows enough dirt on people with real power.

Vita said...

If he's being stupid and sloppy, IRS will go after him, and he's cried wolf so many times, that whomever he finally starts naming will just get dismissed as desperation tactics. He really needs to make some sort of good faith effort or stop collecting funds.

Tempestuous Grape said...

This is bullshit.

VikingSong said...

When he first came forward with allegations concerning Hollywood Paedophiles I defended him from the critics. Although I still believe him, I do think he is using Hollywood Paedophilia to garner sympathy in order to pay for his lifestyle.

It's interesting how @J and fellow misogynists are strangely silent regarding Corey using Hollywood Paedophilia to scam people for money? I'm certain if Corey was female and pulling the same shit they would be spewing vitriol all over the blog..

Natasha21 said...

Did he pay "Rolling Stone" for that article? Seriously.
That photo with the shirt- Priceless tho!

james2051 said...

Profiting off of child abuse rumours basically. Says he's got info but withholds it for 'reasons' but still wants your cash for his latest expose which will never happen or will feature him pointing the finger at someone already exposed for the crime. Total scam artist. If he had something to say then the time was years past. Now he's just shady. And his Hefner/Sheen lifestyle will catch up with him too.

SlimKeith said...

Brayson: if Feldman was going to blackmail someone he would have done it many many years ago. He seems to live a hand to mouth existence to me. He gets a bunch of money, he pays his rent and blows the rest. I don't think anyone in Hollywood is quaking in their boots over Corey. It's unfortunate because he probably does have a lot of worthwhile things to say but he blows it by being such a complete unreliable tool.

BRAD PITT said...

wasn't he exposed as an anal rapist last year ?

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GrislyAddams said...

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