Saturday, February 15, 2020

Blind Item #2

Hasty decision by the Housewife that uproots multiple families. I suppose it would have been a good idea to see if there was some cheating going on before making that commitment. It would make what is coming in the next six months avoidable.


melissa said...

could this be RHBH Gina whose BF of 6 months just moved in with his kids to her house? I don't think she is divorced yet.

ladybaus said...

Dolores moving to NY to be with Frankie

ladybaus said...

Gina is OC

Magnolia Melee said...

Is Teresa moving to Italy?

Unknown said...

This HAS to be Kelly Dodd RHOC, with that dude from Fox News.
Got engaged in no time and she says she wants to move to NY


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