Friday, September 11, 2020

Four For Friday - Crazy Celebrity Stories

#1 - This wannabe rapper A list mogul was on a yacht off the coast of France and sent someone to get a goat. A live goat. It was brought on the yacht and our mogul beheaded it in front of everyone there.

#2 - This back in the day A list singer/not that great actor who was part of an iconic group of people said the reason he got famous was because he made a deal with the devil one night and so worshiped Satan.

#3 - This alliterate celebrity who was big in the early days of a basically now defunct social media side said she had a dream where she thought she was going to die if she didn't have sex with nine men before dawn the next day. She did it and that kind of set her down this path she has been leading since.

#4 - This actress was A- list at her peak a few decades ago. Everyone knows she was at the scene for one death of an actor, but not many people know she was present for another actor's death too. People were scared of her and didn't want to work with her after that second death which has caused her career to go from headed to A+ list to B- working in films most people don't see.

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