Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Temper

I think most people want to focus on the great memories they have of this permanent A+ list singer and the good things he did rather than think about the bad things. They like to forget all the verbal abuse directed towards women over the years. How many women he yelled at or shamed or criticized. If he got on a roll he loved bringing women to tears and then the next day would do something empowering for women and publicize that while ignoring the behavior the previous day. His actions were not just limited to words. While he was alive, the dozens of women he physically abused were kept silent by non disclosure agreements. They ranged from one night stands to former A listers. He didn't discriminate when it came to being violent towards women. There were several women who fought back and one even broke the singer's jaw after he tried to get violent with her. Now, there are four or five women who are pitching a book about the side of the singer the public never saw. 

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