Friday, December 18, 2020

Four For Friday - It Isn't Love

Back in the day, this permanent A+ list rapper was enthralled with the teachings of a cult that is known by three initials. He promoted their books and wore their clothing. He truly believed his belief and his following the cult, made all of his legal problems go away and get him to that A+ list status. Our rapper bailed on the cult when it moved away from the rituals he liked such as chanting and burning stuff and orgies to things like eating fecal matter. He said nope and walked away. One of his proteges/rivals was introduced to the cult through the permanent A+ lister. He was a believer in the sense he loved the orgies and the sex spells. One day he got into an argument with a leader about something and the leader said the protégé would regret it. A close family member died within a week. That didn't bring the protégé back in the fold. But, as his career slowly declined, he thought maybe he should get back into it. The only thing is, he wanted to be the leader. He wanted to set the rules. He disguises his "mission" as one of peace and love and Christianity. Umm, not so much. People who have left his mission, and by left, I mean they literally had to walk a dozen miles to town and leave everything behind, say the whole setup is about feeding his ego and getting them to commit to him. Doing that requires blind loyalty. He achieves that by having them follow that infamous poem and other teachings of the founder of the cult. When his friends fly into town, they come to have sex with the women and men that have been brainwashed to do whatever is ordered, no matter how humiliating or disgusting.

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