Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Singer

When he first broke out, this singer he filled the charts with hits. This was almost twenty years ago. Since then, each record brings more hits. In between records is where things get dark for the singer. He has long gaps in between records, sometimes stretching upwards of several years. That is a long gap for a singer who produces a lot of hits. While he does go on tour for some of his records, he doesn't for all of them and often does very abbreviated tours. He has also been known to cancel them for "injuries." He knows he is dark. He has been in trouble with the law because of that darkness. He also had some close calls while on probation. It was only because his probation officer is a fan, that our singer didn't end up in jail. It was also because of this probation officer that the singer was allowed to leave the country to help with his "foundation." The foundation is nothing but a cover that he and three or four like minded individuals decided would give them cover for their darkness. The foundation is supposed to deliver supplies to impoverished people in poor Central and South American countries. It does, but it also identifies single mothers who are tortured and sexually abused, but won't say anything for fear of losing their children. It is a brutal situation and dozens and dozens of women have been abused by these men over the past decade or so.

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