Monday, December 06, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Actor

You don't know this actor. He has nearly fifty credits to his name and has been working for a couple of decades, but you don't know him. Both his real name and his stage name are alliterate. Actors will hide things about their lives whether it is age or sexual orientation, but rarely do they hide their family. This actor hides his family's history which is why he has never really tried to move higher on the list. It would bring unwanted attention to his family and may even cause the death of the actor. His family has several billionaires. They all look respectable on the outside, but they aren't. They made their billions through the mafia. A mafia based outside this country. Our actor, although he spent much of his life in Beverly Hills, he was actually born outside the country. The actor is valuable as a conduit between the family and Hollywood. Movie production is a great way to launder money. It is extremely interesting that this actor is such good friends with the celebrity CEO until of course you realize the actor is the nephew of at least two billionaires from a country where the celebrity CEO seems to park his jet for an hour or so. One of those uncles has been a mayor of one of the larger cities in the country and his wife unbeknownst to the uncle, used to hook up with the celebrity CEO back in the day. The uncle/mayor has been trying to get a higher elected position in his country to make things easier to move product to the US. Oh, and here is a little tidbit to help you in the right direction. The house our actor grew up in was once owned by the pint sized A+ list actor.

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