Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Thief

Our thief is an A list designer. When our designer and his wife recently split, she had to sign a massive document as part of their settlement. It wasn't as if she received a massive some of money, but in order to keep getting paid, she needed to sign. Within the document were a paragraph or two which were the main point of the document. The rest was all window dressing to hide the truly dark secret. The designer had a best friend who died under very mysterious circumstances. The best friend was a brilliant designer who left behind nearly a thousand sketches. Our thief started using the designs when his own career stalled and shortly after beginning to use them and take credit for them as his own, he landed the job that made him A list. It also caused his wife to want no part of him any longer, hence the divorce and the document. The label needed to protect their up and coming star.

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