Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Blind Item #8 - The Lost Kids - Reader Blind

The local and state authorities have been trying to shut down this infamous, very remote homeless/squatters camp. Ever since a certain movie came out a decade ago, it has become more and more popular with sightseeing tourists which the locals really don’t want, considering how much meth runs through the place and how much every health and safety law that exists is being broken out there.

Recently one of the locals started a YouTube channel to try and scare people away. He paid a bunch of local destitute teenagers to shake down “visitors" on camera and attack them with glass objects. The videos look shockingly real and will come up on YouTube if you search the name of the place.

Know that if you do visit this place the videos are fake, and if some Good Samaritan reads this they should offer these kids a job, as they are actually quite friendly and desperately want out of the place.

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