Thursday, April 28, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Model

Will you be able to guess the model? Probably. I know you are thinking to yourself how you will be able to guess a foreign born B list model, but it gets a little easier when you know what a tool of an ex-husband she has who made the gossip pages a few times and is hated by a royal family to the point he is banned from a country. 

Our model got her big break courtesy of the billionaire pedophile. It was at one of those things he did in Ecuador where he would bring in a bunch of European kids who had the possibility of becoming a model or a plaything or a useful tool. Our model, who was actually 16 or 17 at the time, was years older than most of the models there. She was put to work almost immediately as a spy for a group that the pedophile belonged to which was mentioned once in the Wall Street Journal and never mentioned in print again. 

The group was worried about what the liquor heiress not as directly involved with branding as her sibling was doing in a certain Middle Eastern country. They wanted eyes and ears on this project, so our model, who had been doing modeling and being the plaything for certain businessmen, was immediately told to attach herself to the man who would later become her husband. He was traveling and involved with the heiress in the project. Within a few months, the model was proposed to and they got married. She had to endure a rough few years to make sure the group got what they wanted. Finally, she couldn't handle her husband any longer and split. 

When you do a search on some of the girls who were at these "events" most have gone back to somewhat of a normal life, but some are the companions to leaders of countries and oligarchs and you wonder if they too are on a payroll.

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