Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Experiments

It used to be a place where people were sent to recover from their substance abuse issues. It was a bustling facility that definitely used unconventional techniques, but at least did try and get people sober. There was some nobility in it. It is a sprawling facility cut off from the rest of the Hydra that is this organization. It is on a quiet intersection that is separated from apartments by several blocks. There it stands, all alone, with its impressive gates and hidden security. What used to have dozens of cars in the parking lot 24/7, now sees but a handful there on a daily basis. 

It almost looks abandoned. This almost new looking facility, wants to give that impression. During the day though, there are a half dozen cars belonging to scientists and doctors they have recruited from within their ranks around the world and shuttled to this facility. In the facility, they are working on new drugs to rid people of their substance abuse issues. The plan is to find a drug that is marketable and can be sold throughout the world. They see billions of dollars in revenue in their future to make up for their revenue shortfalls they now regularly face. 

The issue is they have no one from the government looking over their shoulders as they try new drugs on patients also recruited from their ranks. Some show effectiveness while others do nothing and many are often harmful. No one will say anything though. There is no one to say anything to. It is all hush hush and if you do try and say something you will be sent somewhere and never heard from again. There have been several patients who have died or permanently harmed, but they keep trying. They keep experimenting. 

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