Friday, January 19, 2024

Blind Item #4

If the blind item below looks familiar, it is because I posted it back in September. It is happening again. Now, this time the beard is much more muscular than our actor usually likes to be seen with. It looks like we also need to change every year to every few months.

Our favorite foreign born closeted A list actor has a new "girlfriend." It is always the same when we get these.

First there is name dropping to a known blog in tumblr that is connected to the PR team of the actor. The women never have a lot of followers so it would never get out on its own. They are forced on the world through the PR team and the blog on tumblr. 

The post will mention an outfit the woman was wearing and then amazingly, the woman posts a photo to her own social media in the same outfit and look, our actor was in the same location.

Then, as happened this week we get a carefully staged pic of our actor at a location and then a photo of her at the same place. It is all well done, but wouldn't it just be easier to come out with your long time love then to do this every year? 

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