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Blind Items Revealed #26

September 25, 2023

This foreign-born B+ list actress who loves to say in every interview that she "turned her back on Hollywood" despite still working in Hollywood, and called the Oscar "a poison" that she doesn't want, and less than a year later was campaigning very hard for an Oscar nomination for a foreign film in which two of her male co-stars were accused of sexual abuse against women and kids - which she helped cover up for despite calling herself a "feminist" while she was having an affair with one of the actors - is now breaking the SAG-AFTRA strike rules by using her social media to promote her past and present films, even the ones that are on streaming services. She's also giving interviews, doing photoshoots and attending festivals and premieres to promote an American film that does not have an agreement with SAG-AFTRA. She also shot a film during the strike without permission from SAG-AFTRA. She thinks she's smart because she uses her Instagram stories to promote those films so they are gone in 24 hours, but she forgot that things can be saved and that she's tagged in posts that show her attending recent events and giving interviews.

This actress also received a controversial tribute award at a major film festival that several A-listers declined to attend out of respect for the SAG-AFTRA strike, even the ones that had an interim agreement that allowed them to attend the festival. No one knows why someone with such a short career in Hollywood (and a short career overall) was chosen to receive a tribute when she's not even that famous and most of her films have flopped. She used to play glorified cameos that were quickly forgotten and wasn't even famous in her own country before Hollywood started pushing her as "the next Meryl Streep". She's an industry plant and her dad still funds her films with taxpayers' money. Word on the street is that her team paid for the award just like they paid major publications to boost an Oscar campaign for the actress and her foreign film the previous year. Some publications even lied about that film being a big office hit when it had actually flopped, and that's why they never ask her about the abusers in the cast that she enabled and are not reporting that she is a SCAB who doesn't care about her fellow actors who are striking and struggling so that people like her can keep making money.

And she's set to receive another tribute at another festival soon. She even paid a New York theater to host a tribute to herself over 3-consecutive days where she's gonna be in attendance every single day.

Vicky Krieps/Corsage/Florian Teichtmeister and Aaron Friesz/The Wall/Toronto Film Festival

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