Monday, January 01, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #34

November 7, 2023

This current late night actor has been trying to be seen and associated with A-list singers. First, the pretty singer promoting her sophomore album who is single for now, and has a driver's license.  Our late night actor made sure to be photographed with her, and the team reposted and sent out the blinds. It got minimal buzz and she’s not interested. He then did it again with the foreign born alliterate singer since they were at a couple of the same events during Halloween. He asked to hang out with her and her friends and made sure to be captured next to her or in the background in pics and videos. The PR team then sent in tips to gossip sites about them partying together. They are not dating and the singer has zero interest.  The late night actor is going to keep trying since he doesn’t have to really date them. He just needs to be linked to and associated with them. His goal and the goal of his team is just to get more recognition outside the late night show. He wants to be like the former late night actor who always appears to be dating women way out of his league. This guy is as thirsty as YouTube stars.

Marcello Hernandez/SNL/Olivia Rodrigo/Camila Cabello/Pete Davidson

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