Monday, January 01, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 27, 2023

Want to keep working on this show? Do whatever the executive in charge says and turn a blind eye to what he does. Want to work on a different show, but the same field? Don't ever say anything bad about the executive. This former actress turned reality star got a stark reminder of that when she posted something negative to social media and took it down very quickly. Everyone covers for the executive. Does he have a casting couch? Yes. Does he sexually harass subordinates? Every single day. Does he care? No he does not. Despite what has been recently said about him, he knows his job is not in danger. He produces results and deals with talent and crew and gets it all done way under budget. He is a huge profit earner for the big company and everyone knows if this show goes down, the whole industry goes down. Thousands of people would be out of work. Thousands of high paying jobs gone in a flash. There was already one downturn. They don't want extinction. There are ancillary companies that only survive because of this industry. So, whatever pushback might be normal, is not so in this case. There is no independent third party to put pressure on the executive. There are no harsh words. The survival of so many rely on them being complicit in everything bad that occurs. Things are so complicit that reporting from specific publications choose to not even mention anything about bad things that go on, let alone things that are being reported in the past week. If they did, they would be writing their own pink slips, plus they would never be allowed to interview anyone from the show he controls. It is a fiefdom made for abuse and everyone watches it happen, but are only looking out for themselves.

Days Of Our Lives/Albert Alarr/Lisa Rinna/Sony/Soap Operas (ten days later though, he was tossed out)

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