Thursday, May 09, 2024

Today's Blind Items - Small Town - Part Two

You can find the first part here

The woman in the original blind moved to that tiny town to be with him. She reportedly sold everything she owns and left her kids with relatives. She apparently has big money from a settlement after her husband died in some kind of accident. The reality star has been accused of several sexual assaults in the past and is rumored to have convinced her to buy him a house. This is also being discussed on Reddit.

The reality star is lying to his followers on Instagram currently claiming he's up in the mountains camping. He's not. He's helping his new sugar mama unpack at her new house. He can't let his followers know this though, because the women will unfollow in droves and it will also disrupt his narrative.

Our reality star has been stringing along multiple women and has manipulated the latest one into paying his bills. There are also rumors he's not sober even though he claims to be.

People have reached out to the woman's family members. They are very, very upset about what is going on but can't do anything.

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