Thursday, March 29, 2007

Random Photos

Satirically speaking, Al Reynolds has this to say about Star Jones.

1."Damn. I guess I'll just close my eyes again and pretend she's a man."
2. "Just keep thinking about the money. "
3. "Her arms really do look like chicken wings. I just thought that was an expression."
4. "Ooh that bartender is cute."
5. "Damn. Did she just fart?"
6. "I wonder who I can get to sponsor our divorce."
7. "Everyone thought the David Gest/Liza Minelli marriage was bad."

Keanu Reeves tries to impress his date by showing that he does actually own something.

"You do realize that after our date, I'm going to wander the streets looking homeless."

No headband. No Jessica. All is right with the world.


jb said...

Star looks like a praying mantis

Anonymous said...

I love the expression on his face. Maybe he is saying "don't fancy yours much" "oh".

For us Brits, could you say who he is and the two in the car please?


Stacy said...

Ryan is looking scrumptious! Thanks for the pic, still mad at you though.

theflock07 said...
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theflock07 said...

6. Girls. Ew.

brum said...

Ah, much clearer now, thanks for updating.


hez said...

These are getting funnier every day, Ent.

Short and punchy, like a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot come to life.

ukgrrl said...

Mmmmm.... Ryan Reynolds!
Unoriginal but cant help it!