Thursday, May 24, 2007

Even More Links

Keira Knightley won $6K in a libel suit.

Charles Manson was denied parole again. Why does he even keep trying?
Ashleigh Banfield was too busy working to worry about going into labor.

A fourth and maybe fifth Pirates of The Caribbean.

Michael Jackson wants $200M for a Las Vegas show.

You still have time to enter to win a seat at JK Rowling's reading of the final Harry Potter book.

Matt Damon is done portraying Jason Bourne.


Pinky said...

Oh Matt - say it isn't so! I love the Bourne series, for me it's the best action franchise out there.

kchal said...

LOL - he keeps trying because he is CRAZY - remember???

Anonymous said...

"You still have time to enter to win a seat at JK Rowling's reading of the final Harry Potter book." thanks, I'll just wait until the movie is made and comes out. They'll do a better job of telling it anyway.


Hez said...

Is this the Harry Potter book with the nude centerfold? That's the only one I'm interested in, cuz I'm not a friggin TEN-YEAR-OLD, nor do I have one!

(Totally prepared to be smacked by the wands of all the wizard-lovers... but IMHO, kids' shit is for KIDS!)

Anonymous said...

didn't bruce willis say he would never make a die hard movie again. the oceans movie and the bourne movies are what has kept damon an a-list star while his buddy ben has dropped back down to indie movies. damon will make another bourne as soon as it becomes obvious that his career isn't going to go anywhere else. the same is true for goerge clooney and the oceans franchise.

B :) said...

enty: tsk tsk you know he doesn't go to the parole hearings anymore.
He says he is a victim of the judicial system.

Ashleigh Banfield is a workaholic :)

I am glad Matt didn't bring Ben affleck in to Oceans.Gigli Gigli Gigli.

Anonymous said...

How can Manson have all that hair and have that hair be so dark at 70!!!!