Friday, May 25, 2007

More Links

Untouchables prequel won't include Nicolas Cage. Just as long as it doesn't have Kevin Costner I'm all for it.

Lindsay's new album is "urban pop." Whatever you want to call it, it will still be crap. Maybe not quite Paris Hilton crap but very close.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince are reuniting for a new album.

This is why Clive Davis was fired from CBS. Well this and some crazy accounting.

You know it's a slow news day when I'm linking to a Blake Lewis interview. Please oh please send someone to rehab right now.


kim said...

clive was there to present an award to carrie so i dont get the big deal and if im not mistaking he died mention several past idols recent success so i just dont know the big deal

betsnup said...

I think the big deal with Clive's statements was that he mentioned all of the other Idols with singles out (Daughtry, Taylor, that chick with brown hair) and their successes. When he mentioned Kelly, he made a reference about how she had great song-writers that wrote a couple of hits for her (I forget the names of the songs). It seemed like a back-handed compliment - she's done so well because other people wrote her songs, when it's been all over the "news" that he hates her new album and all of the songs she wrote on it.