Friday, May 04, 2007

ZX IS Back And Better Than Ever

The movie that I'm trying to get the financier to back from the dinner party with Dad's Bags also has another studio bite and I suggested Joseph Gordon Levitt for the male lead. Now everyone seems to think that it's a done deal and the movie depends on me being able to convince him to do it. Since I only know him in passing, and it was MY IDEA, this kind of seems like I just shot myself in the foot.
So I called up our mutual friend whom I've known for years. The first time, I forgot I was on the phone because 'Suddenly I see' was on the radio and I got distracted and hung up. The second time, I harassed him. The third, I apologized for harassing him and said I wanted to hang out with him socially. Which is true because he's great, but I hadn't seen him in six months. Wouldn't you know it, I went to Swingers in the middle of the night and there he was. Providence. The Secret. One hell of a coincidence anyway.
The friend I'd brought with me decided that we shouldn't get fried chicken and french fries at 2:30 in the morning, so we got green salads but when I was on my way to the bathroom, I saw that some girl who'd obviously been on a DATE had ordered what we'd wanted and barely touched it. I barely resisted whisking it off to the loo to eat in private. When I came back, my friend was demolishing the girl's plate. Love him.
Went on another photo shoot. The photographer, LAST time I saw him, said "You look skinny," and I told him, "Yeah, I've been depressed." "Good job!" he enthused. I guess when you're used to shooting models, anyone under 5'10 or over 120 looks dumpy.
I mentioned in my last post that I'd missed Travis at Coachella and that a good friend had gotten me tickets to the San Francisco show. Well, with my propensity for planning, it started to look like a worse and worse idea. My Sacramento friend's boyfriend said she was having a crisis and couldn't come to the phone to tell me whether or not she could pick me up. Tickets on the web were jumping in twenty dollar increments before I could enter my credit card information, but I felt like I was looking a gift horse in the mouth if I didn't go. So I just spurred that baby on, "YAAAAAH! STOP EATING THE SHRUBBERY, STUPID!" And I got a ticket and went by myself. Almost missed the plane there and back.
Probably shouldn't have watched 'Vacancy' before staying in a cheap motel alone, and ended up giving my extra concert ticket to some broke college student and spending a bajillion dollars on taxis before I spotted a bus and thought, 'Oh yeah. People take buses.' It's actually a very relaxing way to travel if only I remembered exactly where my hotel was and not just that the bus stop smelled like fried chicken.
I thought I'd walk from the airport Travelodge to downtown, but am glad I saw the bus.
Victorian houses from said bus.
When my phone died, I was confronted and comforted by this sticker. This is a pay phone near Chinatown, S.F. and it looks like my bar code-in-the-wrist idea is not far off. Cheers!

The Travis show was terrific! My favorite song, "Flowers in the window," he actually played away from the microphone so we could all sing along and he was not in a position of overwhelming decibelic power. Then, at the end he said he wanted everyone to 'pogo' and the whole crowd was jumping up and down. Wish I were not incontinent and also wish I had brought another pair of jeans instead of just shoving undies and a toothbrush into my purse.

Ante Script: I made it seem in my last post that I still think it's funny to impersonate and take advantage of the mentally handicapped. I am sorry I offended everyone with a prank I pulled as a kid. I lacked the maturity to see just how cruel and mean it was, and I'll never forget it.


Anonymous said...

What a fun posting! I'm really looking forward to your reveal!

F. said...

I can't wait to find out either. But the real movie star on this blog is ENT.

Bethee said...

Thanks for another great post ZX. Thanks for keeping me entertained:)

amy said...

miss zx! i've (almost) given up trying to figure out who you are. i'm sure you have better things to do with your time than write here, but i really enjoy you and happy that you're here. i'm glad you saw your gig.

Breaker said...

I have given up trying to figure it out. My brain hurts.

Ive been told its DS but cant bring myself to go along with it, too many discrepencies.

Anonymous said...

Love the "loo" bit ... I just new it, the first time I read ur post it screamed this person is from the UK nad I said as much too ... I love how I am right !

amy said...

miss zx might also know a lot of english people or maybe a parent is. my fiance is manc and since i communicate the most with him, a lot of english terms of expression come to mind easily, though i'm very proud of my economization of vowel usage!

i'm with breaker--too many discrepancies and my head hurts from trying to solve the riddle.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yeah, never pogo without Depends... ;-)
But seriously, how can someone forget they are on the phone? *hee*
I have some really scatty pals but not a one of them has ever done that - not while sober, anyway!

meme said...

You're down-to-earth personality is refreshing.

meme said...

Oops "your"

Anonymous said...

Don't let these folks make you feel bad about the handicapped thing. We all do stupid things when we're young. Even those that shook their finger at you. Glad you got to see ur band. I am jealous you got to see Bjork though at Coachella. I'm dying to see her in concert. She's my Travis. Rock on.


Anonymous said...


Glad you got to see Fran and Co.
I had th epleasure of a private gig in Vancouver a few years back and they were great!

Great post as always.

bionic bunny! said...

i had to go back and read the last post, where i left a long history lesson on "six flags".

i also said that i found the wheelchair stunt hilairious!
ZX, honey, don't sweat it. i was confined to a wheelchair for 2 years, and believe me, most of us have a great sense of humor. just don't take the parking spaces, 'kay?

Jem said...

I love your entries, ZX. Don't worry about the wheelchair thing, we all do stupid things. My boyfriend, when he was a little kid, once accidentally kicked a soccer ball into a handicapped kids head and then ran away. It was an accident, but he still feels bad about it!

Anonymous said...

ZX, Why didn't you say you were coming I would have picked you up in Sacramento?! How the hell did you end up at the Travelodge in South San Francisco? Glad you made it to the concert in one piece. I saw it advertised and was surprised, but pleased they were having it here. San Francisco is a fun town and I hope you got to have a good experience.


LC said...

I love to read your entries!!!
Keep up and thx for ignoring the haters, LOL

Anonymous said...

oh please. don't feel compelled to give a fake apology for the wheelchair thing, it was all so stupid, and nobody shoulda yelled at you (possibly with the exception of anyone in a wheelchair). i do love a girl who eats fried foods at 2am and who goes on adventures without a change of clothes. when i used to model i was kicked off a bikini test shoot because my ribs showed too much, i cried and told them i was sorry and had just broken up with my boyfriend and was a mess, and he told me i looked fantastic, just not for that, and to keep it up because he'd call me and use me soon. i'd say we had the same photographer, but i doubt it, more than 1 guy with a camera is a douche

Hannahbelle said...

Oh gawd don't be feeling bad over something you did as a kid...I think we all did pretty obnoxious things. I remember crank calling some person in florida, and they thought I was their granddaughter, and I started saying outlandish and perverse things, and OMG were they ever upset! I feel a little bit of guilt to this day...just a tiny bit.;)
Love reading your stuff - think you are a breath of fresh air from the usual actresses who portray themselves as the next boring bimbo. And, if you are DS, we have the same last name! Although mine is spelt different.

Anonymous said...

are posts getting deleted or something??
It's Dominique Swain.
For %100 sure!
She looks awful on the cover of Malibu Magazine this month. Check it out...

mngddess said...

Why didn't she DRIVE to the show?


Anonymous said...

'Heroes' Actress Has Sights on Crime Thriller
May 07, 2007
By Gregg Goldstein
"Heroes" co-star Stana Katic plays an assassin in the indie crime thriller "Stiletto," which recently began principal photography. The cast also includes Tom Berenger and Michael Biehn.

The seemingly random killings by Katic's character puzzle her lover, her clients and the detective following her rising body count. Berenger ("Training Day") plays her boyfriend, whose rise in organized crime is offset by his love for her and his Mafia cohort (Biehn of "Grindhouse").

Paul Sloan ("The Scorpion King") plays the detective and makes his feature screenwriting debut with the film. Nick Vallelonga directs.

The ensemble cast also includes Dominique Swain, Kelly Hu, Diane Venora, William Forsythe, Amanda Brooks and Tom Sizemore.

Anonymous said...

"Stuff" (USA) February 2007, Iss. 87

Dominique Swain

Anonymous said...

I have a question that has been tickling my brain for a couple of days. One of the clues people have been working with is that DS's birthday is the 12th of the month, as is C. Ricci's. I don't remember EL or ZX giving this clue. I thought I read it on the CD&N message board link - along with other clues that are being used, all from the same person - and was wondering if that person works with EL or something to be able to give a clue that everyone takes as gospel, or is it a clue as to who they think it is. I'm not one of the haters that comes here just to be a dink, lol, but if the DS guess is wrong, and it's because of one of these clues, well that would suck. Thanks

amy said...

youda bess was the one who came up with that one. i found a post not too long prior to that when she was begging me for what i knew--at the time i was very convinced it was amber tamblyn. so, that alone says something, cos now i haven't a clue at all now.:D

i'm not convinced it's ds but i just hope we haven't scared whoever it is off cos i really like her.


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