Friday, June 15, 2007

Even More Links

Justin Timberlake says Jessica Biel is a "dear friend." He also said Jessica is the one that wanted to meet him in Europe. See. Things always fall into place.

Kathy Griffin must be having her best day ever. She made the tabloids. Of course it took a nightclub and gunshots, but, hey it's press. Is it me or is her assistant Jessica getting better looking?

Chow Yun-Fat loses ten minutes of screen time in China.

Angelina picks up strangers on the side of the road.

This one is a stretch, even for the gossip world.

Paris in jail means everyone gets extra cold cuts. Nothing like double bologna to make that prison time fly.


betsnup said...

The Singelringen is awesome...I would consider getting one, and I'm married...

kim said...

the whole justin thing is pretty weird and it says even more to me than what he was blabbing about but apparently jessica alba said in an interview that jessica beil was just something for publicity not anything solid at all because he suppose to be with alba. when justine said male stars were hitting on him confirms alot to me and i think he plays for the other team.

Anonymous said...

um...that's a pacifier (or pacifier-like object) on her finger.

if you look closely, you see there's something attached to it on the other side

bionic bunny! said...

12:31, i don't think so. the only thing i see on the other side is the kid.
not that i'm saying it's the mentioned ring, but it's not a pacifier.

WTF said...

Ugg. I need a warning before I'm assaulted with pictures of that fug suri.

That picture was while zombie bride was on set, maybe her character is single.

Anonymous said...

It was just reported in People magazine that Biel's people were saying how much in love Justin was ith Biel and he was very serious about her. The the magazine reported she was overheard saying Justin bought her a pair of diamond studs and how they could not wait to be with each other again.

What I find odd is every man she's been linked with lately, her people says these guys are in love with her. It was the same thing when she was linked with Derek Jeter. Her people were saying he had confessed his dying love for Biel. One magazine also linked that her friends said she was going on a romantic vacation with Derek Jeter and they were so in love. This was before they took the vacation. Again she came back from vacation and it was over.

People magazine even asked Derek Jeter if he was still eligible bachelor, he said " Hell Yeah". This was also during the time Jeter was said to be so smitten with Biel.

Maybe she or her people should wait before they start linking stories that Jessica's men are so in love with her. She or her people always make it seems that these guys are ready to ask for her hand in marriage.

Maybe these guys don't like the fact she spills all the details or links their private relationship to the tabloids. She seems to want to take things too fast with these guys.

Anonymous said...

Justin Timberlake was attacked as a teenager because he is white

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48, what kind a fucking racist website are you getting ur information from? Maybe you should go to REAL news site for information. Yikes, sheesh and I hope you fucking buy a clue. And yet you still found this blog?

Ent, I'm getting worried now...