Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tomorrow's Star Magazine Today Part 1 -- More on Jennifer Aniston's New Guy

Brad Warns Jen: Dump Him!

Trouble may already be brewing over Jennifer Aniston's new romance. According to sources, even Brad Pitt is concerned about her budding relationship with British model Paul Sculfor, 36. Based on new reports, Sculfor spent six months in intensive treatment for cocaine addiction in 2004. He's notorious for being a serial womanizer and cheater, and he's an aspiring actor who may be using Jen for fame.
A mutual friend of Brad and Jen tells Star, "Brad thinks this Sculfor guy is pretty shady. Brad relayed to Jen through friends that he is concerned about her. Paul might be handsome and charming, but Brad wishes Jen would look at the whole picture."

The former construction worker from Upminster , England has a troubled past. He reportedly snorted cocaine with supermodel Kate Moss and spent almost $900 a day on his habit. In 2004, Sculfor checked into the Priory Clinic in London . While most coke addicts spend 28 days in treatment, Sculfor spent six months.. According to sources, a "rich" friend paid for his treatment. The sources also added that he attended Cocaine Anonymous and continues to seek counseling and meditates daily to stay clean.

Sculfor also has a checkered romantic past. His engagement to British model-turned-TV personality Lisa Snowdon ended when she broke it off, after he was reportedly cheating on her. Lisa later dated George Clooney for more than a year. Did Lisa tell George about Paul? When asked about Sculfor in a telephone call, she snapped, "I've got nothing at all to say about him!"

Sculfor's publicist, Julian Payne, tells Star, "Paul has never made any secret of his past. He's been on several dates with Jennifer, and I'm sure she knows everything about him. He's not trying to hide anything."

When asked about Sculfor's steamy photo shoot in the February 1997 issue of the now defunct British gay publication, Attitude, Payne responded, "That was a long time ago. I don't know if they were nude pictures." Sources who have seen the spread say it's "sexy as hell."

"What Jen doesn't know is that gays love Paul. He thinks that a great joke and doesn't object to the adulation," says an insider.

According to insiders, Jen first met Sculfor at a a party in L.A. last winter when she was still dating Vince Vaughn.

Says a source, "Paul must have been keeping tabs on Jen, because as soon as he heard she and Vince were broken up, he immediately got her phone number from David Arquette -- with the blessing of his wife, Courteney Cox, Jen's closest pal. David did have some reservations and warned Jen that Paul is a fameseeker and that she should be wary." Arquette's rep denies the story.

"A lot of Jen's friends -- Brad included -- think Paul is probably using Jen to get ahead, "says another source. In fact, Sculfor has mentioned that he planned on modeling for four years before becoming an actor.

Sculfor lives in a small house in Beverly Hills with a male roommate. One of his closest friends in L.A. is Victoria "Posh" Beckham. While growing up in England 's Essex county , he dated one of her best friends. Sculfor and Posh dined at the Saddle Ranch Chop House on the Sunset Strip on June 9. The evening was filmed for her upcoming reality show. Says an eyewitness, "He was with Posh and a bunch of people, hanging out, eating, and drinking. They looked like they were having a good time."

On June 10, the next morning, Sculfor was seen leaving Jennifer's Malibu beach house at noon. This wasn't the first time they have spent the night together. Star has new details about the couple's romantic Memorial Day Weekend at Shutters Hotel On the Beach, a luxury hotel in Santa Monica . On May 26, the couple shared a two-hour meal of seafood, salad, and wine at the One Pico restaurant where they looked lovingly at each other. Onlookers observe, "Paul spent four nights at Shutters. He ordered room service for two a couple of times!"

Jen's friends are becoing more concerned that this romance may be headed for heartbreak. However, Jen's rep denies it.

"Jen got a phone call from a friend who had spoken to Brad. Touchingly, Brad wanted her to know that he's worried that this guy will hurt her if she doesn't watch out," says a source. "A lot of Jen's friends agree with Brad. They think Paul is after the spotlight and probably using her to get ahead."

In past interviews, Sculfor has mentioned that he now prefers Mediterranean-looking women with dark hair, even though he went for blondes in his teens. He's also discussed the difficulty of having a girlfriend in the industry because most of the relationship is handled on the phone.

Some of Sculfor's friends are even warning Jen about him. "Paul got Jen on the rebound. I hope she has the sense to back off. She's mixing with a guy who has a terrible track record with drugs and women," says British TV host Rick Sky, a one-time acquaintance of Sculfor.

15 comments: said...

Awww come on, give the dude a chance to redeem himself. She's a big girl, if she gets her heart broken, she'll deal with it. Damn, she's like an expert now, anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

Great. You always do the best reporting on any new story. Hopefully Paul is really an OK guy who will be good to Jen. Doesn't sound too good, though. Vince Vaughn needs to charge in here and save his old Friend from herself. Where is that boy?

Robin said...

I'm so stubborn that if I were Jen, hearing Brad wanting me to ditch the guy would make me want to date him MORE...

Anonymous said...

"A lot of Jen's friends -- Brad included -- think Paul is probably using Jen to get ahead, "

Not IMHO. She's been in the business a very long time and waaaay to savvy to get used by some washed up male model.

Whatever is going on has been perfectly orchestrated; it's mutually beneficial, signed sealed, notarized and delivered.

Anonymous said...

Her entire 'relationship' with this guy is nothing but a big old ad for Smartwater.

Anonymous said...

I'm a beard,
he's a beard,
she's a beard,
we're a beard,
wouldn't you like to be a beard too?

Anonymous said...

Jen is Mediterraneanean --she's Greek, but bleached, waxed, tucked and slimmed down to Hollywood standards.

This just sounds like she can't bear to be described as someone who can't get a man. That's the only explanation I can think of for her to get set up with this loser.

Anonymous said...

Not one picture of them together. I wonder if they've even met? Perhaps in Huvane's office for a brief moment to sign the contract and shake hands.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a pure PR situation, sort of like the Reese Witherspoon - Jake G. arrangement? Why would Jennifer get seriously interested in someone like a male model? This is probably a "fling" for PR reasons and won't last ten minutes.

Twisted Sister said...

Brad doesn't want Jen to get hurt. Now that's funny.

Anonymous said...

She might just be having a bit of fun for while. No strings etc.

'Brad wanted her to know that he's worried that this guy will hurt her if she doesn't watch out' If this is true - I doubt any man will hurt and humiliate her like Brad did. There's all these people on the net saying negative things about Jen and Angelina (not that I'm keen on her), yet they seem to forget Brad is the cheater.

Anonymous said...

Brad doesn't talk to her. They divorced because he wanted to get away from her. It wasn't amicable he lost a lot to her, remember he had to walk away from that home he built?

He's got a life $$ 4 kids, he doesn't care for reals. This is all the sleazy UK rags selling shyte to the gullible.

Anonymous said...

Spoken from the true expert aka anonymous @2:14pm. Did Brad tell you he doesn't talk to her & he divorced her because he wanted to get away from her? Unless you're Brad's BFF, it sounds like you believe the shyte sold to you by the tabloids too.

Anonymous said...

Since when does the cheating ex-hubby get to put his two-cents in???

Anonymous said...

Jen is fucking grown woman who prob gets horny and wants to get it on with a fine looking man. If she's wants to date a crackhead that's her problem. Brad prob hasn't thought twice about Jen since he hooked u with Jolie. And she's a fucking smack whore. But if so, he needs to keep his mouth shut and let Jen get her freak on, women have needs too.

Word up, anon 8:46! LOL!