Friday, September 14, 2007

Didn't Queer Eye End Already?

I got a press release from Bravo heralding the final season of Queer Eye which starts on October 2nd. I thought Queer Eye got canceled long, long ago. The release says this is their fifth season but I think Bravo is using that term very loosely. The show started on July 15, 2003 but if it has been running continuously for five seasons they must be hiding it in the commercials for Top Chef or something because I haven't seen it.

I loved Queer Eye when it first started and I think everyone would still enjoy it if NBC and everyone over there hadn't run it into the ground as fast as possible. It's almost like they said, OMG, we have a gay show that everyone loves and so put it on all of our networks. All of them, including Telemundo. "Hola Carson"

Instead we got an episode here and there and they just ruined it. So, I guess I will try and make an effort to at least watch the season premiere because it will be reunion of sorts of the people they have helped over the past "five seasons." It will be done in a beauty pageant format with Susan Lucci (maybe I won't watch) hosting.


califblondy said...

Susan Lucci? Oh jeez, isn't hosting that fake talk show on All My Children enough for her? She's so damn phoney.

But, getting back to the boys, Queer Eye was must see TV for me in the beginning. I don't know what happened, but I lost interest. I will try to watch the last season.

kelsey said...

I agree, I loved this show too and all the good things it did for people, not just style-wise but really, in a lot of aspects of their lives. especially the guys who were already married with kids or long-time girlfriends; they got HOOKED UP!

I also agree that it was run into the ground far too early. sad to hear they're putting it back on life support. should have just let it stay dead.

Kirby: said...

These episodes were filmed a LONG time ago, Bravo has been sitting on them for ages.

melster said...



Jesus what a bunch of fucking idiots.
I think in my feverish mind I said something about having more faith in the public's ability to research and come up with logical thoughts.
Scratch that all to hell...
That fucking CDN comment site and the EZ board ... I mean, what community college are these brainiacs from?


Well by the look of your avatar picture I'm guessing yours didn't have a sports facility DICKHEAD.


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