Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Convicted Sex Offender Joe Francis Wants A Shot At Vanessa Hudgens

Never missing a chance to be a complete asshole, Joe Francis issued a press release from the Nevada prison he calls home offering Vanessa Hudgens $500,000 to join the Girls Gone Wild team.

In his press release Joe Francis said, "being sexual is not a crime."

So sayeth the man convicted of being a sex offender.


jax said...

Joe don't you have a shank to polish or some soap to drop? Some drugs to snort from your visitor's hoop? Some ointment to apply to your nether regions?

$500 000? Please don't insult me or Vanessa with your pocket change.

wood1107 said...


Merlin D. Bear said...

Didn't his 15 minutes of "fame" expire like, 3 years ago??

Stacey Charter said...

Shouldn't he be in a shower getting anal probed???? Douche!

P said...


Jess said...



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