Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two Stuntmen Burned On Adam Sandler Film

An accident on the set of Adam Sandler's latest comedy burned two stuntmen.

One person was burned on his hands and legs and another on his back during filming on the Universal Studios back lot, Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Sam Padilla said Monday. Both victims, whose identities were not released, were taken to a hospital, he said.

One was in serious but stable condition and the other in stable condition at Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks, said hospital spokeswoman Debbie Groveman.

The injuries occurred during the filming of a scene for You Don't Mess with the Zohan, said Steve Elzer, a spokesman for Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, which is distributing the movie.

"Our thoughts right now are with the stuntmen and their families and we hope that each recovers swiftly from their injuries," Elzer said in a statement.

In a class move, Adam Sandler visited the two men in the hospital last night and stayed with each as long the hospital would allow. I think this is about the third or fourth story similar to this that I have run. All the gossip and all the blogs all talk about the actors and directors and how the film does and who is sleeping with whom. However, they rarely talk about the real people who try and make a living doing the grunt work on the films. A stunt person needs to work to make money. Both of these performers are going to live, but are not going to be able to work for quite sometime. No matter what money they get from workers comp or insurance, it is not going to be equal to what they make while working. Also, it takes awhile for paperwork to be filed and claims to be processed. If these guys were living paycheck to paycheck, I hope they can hold out, especially with the holidays coming.

Adam Sandler is the kind of guy who will make sure they have enough to get through the tough times, but most actors wouldn't even visit the hospital, let alone help out with bills. Yes, there is a little cover your ass going on here because Adam is a producer, but he would do it even if he was just an extra. Next time you go see, or rent a film, watch all the credits. Count up all the people who worked on the film, and realize that despite the industry in which they work, with the exception of about 15-20 people on that film, the rest are all struggling paycheck to paycheck just like the rest of the world. If you got burned at your job, and didn't get paid for a few weeks or a month, would you be able to make it? Do you have insurance? Just remember all the people next time you watch the a film.


Twisted Sister said...

Thanks for posting this, EL. It's nice to see you giving props to someone who deserves it.

Tia said...

seriously, thats true. I know I wouldn't be able to make it. Gives me something to think about...

Miss X said...

Speaking from experience, no one thinks this will happen to them. And when it does, it really turns your world upside down.

Adam Sandler really is a great guy. I only hear good things about him.

Lucky said...

I knew him as he was getting there, during his SNL days. He was a gem then. We are no longer in touch but he is one of the few Hollywoodsmen whom I've never heard one bad thing about and whom people seem to go out of their way to praise.

Customer said...

I LOVE ADAM SANDLER! Always have. And Ent, I really love how you tell stories about positive things that actors do. I like those better than hearing the negative stories. But judging from the lower number of reader comments you have on your positive blind items, it seems people react more to the negative stories.

bionic bunny! said...

i'm glad to hear sandler is a good guy. i know he's a goofball in his movies, but i love them.
the burn center is, if not #1, then one of the top notch in the country, too. so, here's hope for a speedy and full recovery!