Friday, December 14, 2007

The Battle Of Mr. And Mrs. No Money

Charisma Carpenter's attorney is making Charisma look like a very cold-hearted woman. The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel star claims that the ongoing Writers Guild of America walkout has left her unemployed, and therefore without the means to afford the attorneys' fees pertaining to her current divorce proceedings, according to court documents filed Dec. 4.

What this means is that Charisma wants her husband of less than seven years, and who makes barely $2,000 a month in salary to pay all of her legal bills as well as his own. Charisma is claiming that she hasn't worked in almost three weeks, while her husband has a steady income and full-time job.

I kind of liked Charisma until all of this. Look, I am all for playing hardball in a divorce, BUT, to ask for attorney fees when you know it is a bullshit request just is vindictive and mean spirited. No judge is ever going to order Charisma's soon to be ex, Damian Hardy to pay Charisma's legal fees. It just isn't going to happen. What her attorney is trying to set up is an argument why Charisma shouldn't have to pay Damian's attorney fees, which he will probably get.

In 2004, Charisma made about $500,000 and Hardy made $0.00. First of all, Charisma needs to get a better agent because if she only made $500,000, then her agent is not trying very hard. Why did Damian make $0.00 in 2004? He was a stay at home dad to their four year old son.

I hate thinking of marriage as a business, but Charisma apparently does. There was a clause in her pre-marital agreement which said that both sides would waive spousal support if the marriage failed to last seven years. The couple got married in 2002.

Hardy, maintains that he wasn't fully aware of what he was getting into before he agreed to the premarital arrangement.

"I do not recall any discussion regarding the waiver of spousal support, and no one explained to me what rights I was giving up regarding spousal support by signing the premarital agreement," Hardy stated.

This is actually crucial in California. I have mentioned it here before, but it bears repeating. Thanks to Barry Bonds screwing over a wife, California now requires that anyone signing a pre-marital agreement be given the opportunity to see an attorney before signing, and then if they choose not to see one, they have to sign a separate document saying they don't want to consult an attorney. There is also a waiting period after the agreement is presented and before it is allowed to be signed. A good example of that was the delay in the Britney Spears Kevin Federline wedding because the waiting period for him to sign had not elapsed.

A hearing on custody and financial issues is scheduled for Jan. 9.


jax said...

Wow..good thing her parents didn't name her Congeniality.

DNfromMN said...

Ent, I think the reason she only made $500k is the fact that she's not that great of an actress (so she probably didn't make it past auditions), and she's no draw for movies. That's probably all Buffy and Angel residuals.

GammaGirl said...

@jax: Hahaha

I liked her before all this started to come out. Did we ever get confirmation on which BI's applied to her?

Kara said...

It must take a certain kind of bitch to "make it" in the biz.

And, Charisma "made it" to being a regular on a series that turned into two, so she's doing much better than most actresses.

I guess you have to want it so much you can taste it - enough that you will backstab friends (what broke up Winona and Gwyneth?), sleep with whoever it takes, famewhore yourself at every red carpet get the picture.

Sylvia said...

Just shows you what a person is REALLY like when their true colors show when it comes to a divorce LOL. said...

That little boy is the cutest thing ever! That should be their incentive to work it out.

RandomRamblings said...

The odd thing is Charisma is convinced that she has a career, with or without the strike. All of her credits so far scream of a D-list TV actress that lucked into one hit show.

Not to mention that Charisma completely ruined whatever career she has left. When the WGA returns, they are going to remember that and they won't be writing any parts for her. That is for sure. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

JustinD said...

uh no, randomramblings.

The reality is that the strike IS actually detrimental to careers. The strikers know this, that doesn't mean they have to deny it.