Friday, May 02, 2008

4 Weeks Instead Of 14

After years and years of dodging any efforts to get him behind bars, one judge had enough and sentenced Pete Doherty to 14 weeks in jail. They must have misunderstood the judge over at the jail because Pete is getting out after just 4 weeks.

Legislators in the UK such as Ann Widdecombe who said that Pete's sentence was long overdue have made it clear they intend to try and change the laws which allows someone to knock off two-thirds of their sentence.

"Nobody should come out that early.”

Well, nobody should come out that early, but it is what it is. You know the guy in Austria who abused his daughter for 24 years? The MOST he can be sentenced for is 15 years and with good behavior should be out in about 7-8 years. So, I don't think anyone expected Pete to stay in jail much longer. I mean the guy is probably desperate for a fix that doesn't involve him having sex with guys, and he has a bunch of summer concerts lined up that he has to get ready to play. I mean, who needs rehab or prison when you can go out there and make some money. Drugs cost money so have to earn it somewhere.


jax said...

so i'm guessing austria has the same law as spain where if you are elderly you can only be in jali for a certain amount of time.

ms_wonderland said...

Hey, at least 4 weeks beats the few hours Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan 'served' behind bars. UK jails are crammed full, so Pete had to move out to let some real crims in.

sheetrock said...

Jax - that deal in Austria - oh my God, it just makes me so sick. Have you watched much on it? CNN has lots of coverage and its like a trainwreck - you can't help but look. How anyone is that evil is just so foreign to me. Certainly Austria will redeem themselves and find a way to convict him longer - right?!

jax said...

i know its pretty appalling.
sick sick sick.

Trix said...

I noticed among the charges against that man, were not unlawful imprisonment. Do that not have that on the books in Austria????

IndigoBiatch said...

Pete Doherty looks more like a corpse with each passing day. I don't think he and Amy Winehouse should get together and screw anymore. It could be the proverbial killing of two birds with the same stone, so to speak. said...

This guy will outlive all of us.


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