Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Are The Chosen Ones OK?

I got an e-mail from a reader last night who asked me how come no one is asking why the hell Angelina Jolie is in the hospital? I presume it is because to speak to Angelina, one must first be blessed, but it could be because no news is just that, no news.

This is really more for all of you because, frankly my knowledge of pregnancy began and ended with the story of the stork. Oh sure, I know the basic theory and all that, but theory is all it is. Add that to the fact that I can just drive by a hospital and pass out and I'm not much help.

To get the conversation started about whether Angelina or her chosen ones are in some sort of mortal peril or just enjoying hospital food is the original e-mail from the reader, who also happens to be a nurse. She makes great points. So speculate away as to why the tabloids have been so quiet about this.

Oh, before I turn it over to the reader. How about this little extra piece of conspiracy. Is everyone convinced that the photo above is really Brad and Angelina?

********What brings me to write, though, is something that's been bothering me for a couple of weeks now. I cannot be the only medical person in the entire universe that knows that there is no way that Angelina is in the hospital because she had a previous c-section.

There is something wrong, either with her health or the babies' health. Everyone acts as if that French doctor is the Pope of Doctors or something. He said that she's in the hospital a few weeks (or a month) before her due date because she had a previous c-section, so it must be true.

Uh, excuse me? How many women, even divas, do you know that just hole themselves up into a hospital for a few weeks or a month before they have their kid? Hospitals are no fun. They're really no fun for me, because I work in one, but they're even less fun for the patients. Being pregnant and in a hospital is the pits. Even if you're rich and have your food brought in, and your servants cater to your every little need, hospitals are no fun. They are especially no fun if you love your four other children and would like to be a parent to them, instead of laying around in a hospital bed, pregnant as a cow, waiting for the day when you can bring your two new progeny into the world.

My job is to run the hospital on a day to day basis--I basically troubleshoot operational problems. I hear about every unit in the hospital, including labor and delivery and High Risk Maternity, and I've never heard of a mother checking in a few weeks or a month before her due date, unless she and/or her babies were sick--no matter how rich she was or how spoiled. Even moms who can and would pay for months and months of private hospitalization wouldn't do that because NO ONE wants to spend their pregnancy in a hospital. So I can't believe no one has brought this up.

Either no one is willing to say the Empress Has No Clothes or no one has figured it out, or there's some reason that no one wants to tell what is obviously the truth. I don't wish Angelina any harm, nor her babies, obviously, but it does seem odd that no one wants to point out the obvious. Either Angelina or her twins or all of them are sick and require hospitalization. It could be something as innocuous as premature contractions or early ruptured membranes to something as serious as pre-eclampsia or placenta previa, or oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid) or God forbid, hydrops (the baby gets fluid overloaded and could die from that) or some congenital anomalies. Any multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, quads) increases maternal and baby risk factors, so it isn't unusual for this to happen. What just seems downright weird to me is that no one is even talking about it.


Khemenu said...

Ummm, why are they obligated to disclose private medical information? I assumed they made a basic statement to get people off their backs and prevent rampant speculation, which apparently didn't work.

Pregnancy can have many complications. Add multiples into the picture and there are even more risks involved. If Angelina Jolie and her doctors feel it best for her to be in the hospital right now then she should be in the hospital. She shouldn't have to explain herself to anyone.

Chatty said...

well, what about this?

Because I love a good conspiracy and although I want to love the Jolie, there's just something there that I can't put my finger on. Anyway, Ted C recently ran his Fake a la Ferocity blind about a certain actress who has it all, in a previous blind he revealed that some people just love to hate her, but in this recent one he pretty much lays out the kicked-heroin-to-get-pregnant situation. I was on Defamer recently, and they ran an interesting item (that they pretty much tried to debunk at the end of running it) that may explain all of the Pitt baby blabber from about a month ago- the twins were born early, Angie faked the end of her pregnancy and the babies are being kept on the down low until they are healthier.

I might also throw out some speculation that she did have the babies last week, but that they were significantly early and are being treated at the hospital while Angie stays on presumably to keep the mystery floating as to whether or not the babies have arrived.

Anyway. Thoughts? And no, I don't think that's them in the picture.

bramblewitch said...

No, that photo doesn't even look like Angelina, it looks like that person has bangs.

Bad Fish said...

I myself was bed ridden for two months at the end of my pregnancy simply because my huge stomach had become way too much for my tiny frame, and I'd strained some abdominals under my belly and could barely walk, not to mention I was anemic, losing my hair, and I have fibromyalgia to boot. I bet if I could afford holing up in a nice private hospital, being waited on hand and foot by a veritable team of doctors and nurses, I probably would have done so.

lainiekazan said...

I've been told that any multi-birth is automatically high risk, and the risk ratchets up with the mother's age.

Jolie creates her own drama and stress when things are going well, and more so when she's pregnant (extensive travel,and to tropical areas with questionable medical care at that, along with piloting her own plane. I'm betting the doc hauled her behind into the hospital to keep her from doing any (further?) damage or putting her and the babies at risk; he may even have made up a condition (say, "yaddayaddayaddaitis" to scare her into checking in. Altho as your nurse poster has pointed out, there are likely some existing conditions that merit monitoring, even anemia.

Bad Fish said...

'Sides which, that picture "can't" be of her anyway, the hospital has put up special guards on the windows so you can't see in and take pictures. While I too have thought maybe she had the babies earlier and faked it, there were pics of her still pregnant and her daughters nearby. Would she REALLY fuck with their perception of reality by having the babies and then faking like she was still pregnant around her own children? Would she keep the twins' birth even from their own siblings and try to keep the little ones in on the ruse? I just don't know about that.

kris said...

I read somewhere that was her assistant who is also pregnant.

Quite frankly, while I don't wish any harm, I don't care. I do not think this is the 2nd coming...obviously something is going on for her to be in hospital. Whatever.

califblondy said...

I just figured she was tired of lugging around SIX kids (two on the inside, four on the outside) and was smart enough to get some rest before the big reveal.

Doesn't Angelina have a big tattoo of a dark cross on her lower belly? I don't think that picture is her.

Brad has been visiting, spending the night, and even brought the other kids in. I don't know if that'd be happening if there was a life or death situation for their Mother a new siblings.

But, I could be wrong.

Erin said...

As someone who has given birth to twins and also knows plenty of people who have done the same, it is common to go on bedrest at the end of a twin pregnancy. There are so many complications that could happen, it doesn't surprise me that she wanted to be in the hospital. Most of us are being monitored multiple times a week at the end anyway, you must as well just stay there.

I also know someone who went on hospital bedrest because they were afraid her c-section scar would rupture from the rapid growth of a twin pregnancy.

Lil said...

Whatever's going on, the media coverage is carefully orchestrated by Brad & Angelina. They're incredibly smart about how their "brand" is shown. I can't even begin to imagine living with their level of fame but it seems they've figured out a way to make it work.

sara said...

Yes, something is going on. It's called a multiple birth and there are a thousand reasons she needs to be monitored. She doesn't have to tell the world if she or the kids are not healthy. And if she's "Fake a la Ferocity" I'm glad she's in the hospital.

mags said...

califblondy said...
I just figured she was tired of lugging around SIX kids (two on the inside, four on the outside) and was smart enough to get some rest before the big reveal.
ITA. My mom said that she wished she could have had a few weeks of downtime prior to giving birth to my siblings and I. Downtime also equalled quiet time.

I'm sure there are things they are keeping a watch on and monitoring.

That doesn't look like her in that pic. I think the window photos we're seeing are the papparazzi playing jokes.

jax said...

wow looks like the moms know more than the nurse in this case!

i have a few friends who have had twins and triplets and both were on bedrest and the one with twins was in the hospital for a month the theory is shot.

why is no one talking? becasue a- we either don't care or b- its not our bidness. just becasue the bitch makes movies does not entitle us to her medical history.

Queen Beatnik said...

While I wish AJ no harm, I don't really care. It's her second pregnancy and she's having twins. Big deal. Women have been giving birth to twins throughout the ages. A great-great aunt had two sets of twins, and my grandmother gave birth to twins in a farmhouse during the Depression. Twins happen.

Please, no more AJ-pregnancy stories until the official birth notice.

Ernestine said...

There is absolutely no way in hell the people in that picture are Brad and Angie. No. Freaking. Way.

Why IS it our business? I understand that they're in the public eye, they make lots of money and that's the price they pay, blah blah blah, but I truly feel terrible for celebrity children sometimes. These twins are in for a world of flashbulb-popping bullshit. I get annoyed if people make me POSE for a photo; I can't imagine having a bunch of papsmears in my face all the time demanding smiles and whatnot from infancy onward. FUCK that. I'll take my boring-ass life here in Virginia, thanks.

That said, I really wanted them to be born on my birthday! :-( Instead, I got freakin' Sunday Rose and Levi Bonghit McConangnskmkbnhey.

Honestly, if Ted is making this shit up about Angelina being on heroin, there's a special room in hell reserved just for him. This room is extremely clastrophobic, smells just like raw pork, and Satan plays "The Electric Slide" over and over again. Those accusations are serious.

God, Ted sucks so freaking much. His blinds are obviously completely fabricated or completely boring.

Psychos are Nuts said...

What effect does methadone have ona pregnancy?

adrian said...

to echo everyone else--twins can be high risk, & they are probably keeping her off her feet & monitoring everything to make sure there is no problem
My sister was pregnant with twins, & 3 weeks before her scheduled c-section one turned, wrapped his umbilical cord arond the others neck, & they both perished. This was a monoamniotic preganancy, which is very high risk

Picky B. said...

Definitely read on another blog (can't remember which, and too lazy to find it) that the photo is of AJ's assistant, who has a very similar due date, and wears her hair with bangs.

MrsRhododendronson said...


"Honestly, if Ted is making this shit up about Angelina being on heroin, there's a special room in hell reserved just for him. This room is extremely clastrophobic, smells just like raw pork, and Satan plays "The Electric Slide" over and over again. Those accusations are serious. "

is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. And very true, too.
I really, really hope she's clean for good. For the sake of all those kids.

yeahwhatever said...

In all likelihood, she is just being monitored in the hospital due to carrying twins and the associated risks and complications that commonly occur. BUT it is also completely feasible that the babies were born prematurely like some have speculated. Pre-term births are very common with multiples, and maybe she and Brad want to keep it quiet (and understandably so, should that be the case).

I actually do think it is possible that Ted C.'s blind IS accurate. Why? She has a history of drug abuse, and anybody with any firsthand knowledge of drug addiction knows that opiate addictions are VERY difficult to kick. And, she used to be a "cutter", which is self-destrcutive behaviour commonly associated with a history of abuse. Not so long ago she was f*cking Billy Bob in limos and wearing vials of blood around her neck, lest we forget. Picture of mental health? Not so much.

In a few short years she has acquired an insta-family, lost a parent, all the associated seems possible she may have fallen off the wagon. Why is that difficult to believe? After all...she was skeletal prior to this pregnancy. Could be stress, sure, but could be for other reasons as well.

Anyway, I sure hope I am waaaay off on that because that would really be tragic for all those kids. I am not an Angelina fan...or hater...but I believe she has a lot of inner demons.

And for the record, babies can be born healthy if mom is given methadone (or other meds to cope w/heroin withdrawls) during pregnancy. Docs do that because a mother going through withdrawls is actually more dangerous to a developing fetus than the meds are.

Robin said...

Ted did not name Angelina, he just did not elimninate her. If she is the subject if his 2 blinds and she is being administered synthetic heroin then the babies will be well cared for and will be born without any complication related to that drug as many are many times. He stated this week that she is not taking heroin now, that she is on the synthetic form, but this blind subject will go back to it. Media has commented on this, several outlets in LA have , bloggers, and radio hosts as well. Some in, France,and Britain have also written long articles on this. This was planned for over two months, some have indicated it is for the synthetic heroin treatment. Perhaps EL can eliminate Miss Jolie from the blind. As for the pictures,the one posted and the ones yesterday, People has been notiifed that they are a fake by Angelina's representative at the hospital. The people in the rooms, wearing her and Mr. Pitts clothes yesterday, exactly what he wore to the hospital did a pretty good job faking that one. Amazing anoher couple in the hospital just happen to be wearing that as the spokes person suggessted , or that the paps were able to rush out and find those clothes and set it up so quickly after he arrived. People is indeed in their pocket, a kneepad , as EL suggested in his latest entry, for Angelina obviously as well. As for wishing Ted Casablanca a place in hell, keep in mind he is a friend of Jon Voight, who is concerned about his daughter, who recently reconencted with James, who is in Nice. Did it occur to any of you that IF this is Angelina Ted is trying to force her into rehab to keep her from going back to the Heroin as he has heard this subject intends to do?

nancer said...

i'm an L&D nurse. it could be as simple as her having elevated blood pressure or something and they just decided to put her on modified bedrest and wait it out until these twins have mature lungs and then deliver her. it's possible that's all it is or something equally benign---late in pregnancy with twins, some watchful monitoring isn't uncommon.
it could be what the other readers here think, too. and it could just be because she's angelina jolie and can do whatever she wants, and her doctors are happy to oblige her.
i even thought they may already be born and we just aren't being told until she takes them home. that wouldn't surprise me either.
as for the c-section scar rupturing, she most likely had a low transverse incision and they almost never rupture, so i doubt that's it.

captivagrl said...

i think her due date is aug 19? doc's waiting til they're at a good weight. i predict a c-section sometime in the next 2 weeks.

lainiekazan said...

Adrian, your post made me cry; I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

Nancer -- what's L&D?

I was about to post that it's probably something as straightforward as high BP, especially since she's got four rambunctious kids at home and lost her mother in the last year, that's all. Maybe it was either that or take some serious BP meds and she didn't want to give it to the babies if avoidable.

Grace said...

Don't mistake Angelina for Nicole Kidman.

And besides, the French system for birthing babies is vastly different than the US.

For a single baby, the average stay in the hospital in France is 6 days; for twins, who knows.

I read of someone who had a baby in France and said the wine list was better in the hospital than in a good New York restaurant.

nate said...

A. I could care less about AJ's pregnancy. Like someone mentioned before, this is not the Second Coming.

B. AJ has absolute control over the information disseminated about her 'brand'.

C. It is amazing how much hate gets thrown at the paparazzi. If celebs were REALLY annoyed by them like celebs always claim, then where is the lobbying and the protests against the paparazzi? Why have celebs not used their immense star POWER to crack down on the paparazzi and get some LAWS passed? Who really controls the paparazzi?

yeahwhatever said...


I was thinking that, too. Outing her (subtley) could be with good intentions...Like hopefully she'll have the impetus to stay clean after the babies are born. Assuming "Fakey" is her, and it's true...

Ted. C isn't my fave, but he HAS been around a loooong time (in gossip years, LOL). Doubt he'd make something like this up.

Anyway, to those commenting on France's medical system. My husband is French and to my knowledge it is not commonplace to hospitalize women for months prior to birthing children, even twins. Sure, they don't boot you out of the hospital like they do here in the U.S., but they don't keep you hospitalized for extended periods without good cause, anyway.

adrian said...

Thank you lainiekazan. She did go on and have 2 girls afterwards.

jindi said...

angelina is no saint, no matter how hard she and her legion of unquestioning fans try to make her appear to be one.

i believe parts of the following story - it has circulated for a while online.

angelina is a heroin addict who relapses frequently (this i believe to be true, her pupils give her away every time)

she has relapsed (again true, pupil check, she has either been using opiate based medications (contraindicated while pregnant) or heroin).

contrary to popular belief: QUITTING heroin while pregnant is FAR more dangerous than using while prenant. withdrawal KILLS mothers and babies, doc's usually wean the mother off slowly and put her on methadone.

she could be in the hospital because her babies have been born addicted to either methadone or heroin.

i wouldn't doubt it.

mags said...

That was heart breaking adrian.

I'm not French nor married to anyone who is French. I did find this link about birthing babes in France, the focus was Parisian hospitals.

An excerpt.

The public hospitals do have one other significant advantage over private clinics which is that if you are likely to have a complicated birth for any reason you can be admitted well in advance for monitoring. The expenses of a private clinic make this almost prohibitive. You can also stay in the hospital for as long as you need, or want to, afterwards without worrying about money.

adrian said...

Thanks mags-- I posted it just to show that you really can't speculate on anyone's pregnancies. My water broke at 31 weeks, I spent a week in the hospital, and had my son at 32 weeks. They were prepared to keep me on my back for 8 weeks to hold him in, but I had an emergency c-section.
At the time, there were many women pregnant with multiple births that were there trying to prevent early labor.

nancer said...

to whoever it was that asked, L&D is labor and delivery.

mazey said...

It is so awful to me that people without any PROOF what so ever are saying that someone is a druggie based on nothing but what they THINK a fading internet gossip allegdly said in a blind item. This very same gossip who was so sure that Brad and Angelina had sold their NOLA home, and then that was proved to be nothing but a complete LIE, this same person who claimed a couple was breaking up only to retract that LIE also. This same gossip who said Angelina and her brother were not on speaking terms, and lo and behold pixs of James in France visiting his sister last weekend emerged. TedC knows nothing, he did not see the Madonna-ARod mess, he did not see Heather Locklear and her rehab, he is not good friends with JonV who is communicating with Angelina. There have been no behavior demonstrated by Angelina that she is on drugs. None at all, no jail, no public display of drug user behavior, no DUIs, no partying, no rehab, no disappearing for days to parts unknown leaving her family in distress, no problems breastfeeding Shiloh who is as healthy as can be, NOTHING. She is a thin lanky person built like JonV. She is praised as a professional by all she works with always on time and never absent for unknown reasons, she is a hands on parent with Brad, she devotes much time and energy to humanitarian causes. The problem some of you have with her is twofold, Brad Pitt dearly loves her and is totally devoted to her and their kids, and she is an honest person who admitted dabbling in drugs in her late teens and early 20's like many in this world 11+ years ago. She has never ever said she was an addict, nor is there any evidence that she was or is. NE recently lied that there was an Angelina "alleged drug video" and all she was doing was smoking a ciggie and talking about all her childhood pets, she was not seen with any drugs at all. Angelina says she does not do drugs and I have no reason to doubt her words. My best friend last year had triplets, she had early contractions beginning at her 6th month, she was in the hospital for a month and her tiny babies were born at barely 7 months. 2 were in the hospital for 2 months, 1 for almost 3 months. She would have lost them if she had not been in the hospital. The socalled nurse who started this thread needs to be ashamed of herself, every pregnancy is different. And those of you screaming drugs as if it is a fact you have definite and direct proof of need to remember the wise words "judge not lest you be judged".

bippy said...

hey adrian, i'm so sorry to read about your sister's losses -- that must have been devastating for everyone.

hope all turned out ok for you and that your son is thriving!

adrian said...

thanks bippy--she knew it was a high risk pregnancy--her doctor told her that with monoamniotic twins (both in 1 sac) only 25 % choose to continue with the pregnancy, and out of that 25 %, only 25 % of them will carry the babies to term. She felt that she would be 1 of the successful ones.
and thanks for asking about my son--they scared me to death while I was hospitalized with the possibility of him being blind, brain damaged, not having his lungs developed, etc. but he was a real little trooper--he went through speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, & today is 12 year old honor student!!!
I was very very lucky with him.
Again, every pregnancy is different, and no one really knows what is going on with Angie.

yeahwhatever said...


Why is it awful to you that we are speculating about a celeb's drug use? So silly. You are reading a gossip blog where one of the main attractions is guessing the blind items...about celebs! Not quite understanding the soapbox.

Anyway, I can't speak for anybody else but I have no problem w/ Angelina being married to Brad Pitt. Never was a fan of his, actually...and am not "jealous". LOL.

I am a mom of three girls and am pregnant again. I am "naturally skinny"...5 ft. 7" and 118 lbs. prior to getting pregnant this last time. I was even seeing a dietician because my weight kept dropping and I was nursing, so it was a concern. Anyway, don't tell me a 33 y.o. woman is naturally as thin as Angelina was...there is skinny, and there is SKINNY. Girlfriend looked unhealthy and skeletal (particularly as the camera adds weight), not thin like "naturally thin".

Also, don't tell me people "dabble" in Heroin. She was a user for's not like smoking pot, m'kay? I have yet to meet a person who dabbled in injectable opiates.

And, Ted. C. is not the only person/columnist who has suspected Angie has a "problem"...

Gayla said...

Can I just get a paragraph break?

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Leaving aside the whole is-she-or-isn't-she-on-smack business (my guess is that she isn't, and she's in the hospital so she can be monitored for other pregnancy complications), there's something that's always nagged at me about Angie and Jon's relationship, so here goes:

Remember a few years back when he was out spewing to God and anybody who'd listen that oh, she's so troubled and so messed up and unstable, the poor girl, yadayadayada, and her response was a very polite but firm statement that she didn't want anything to do with him and didn't want him around Maddox? Now, everybody in Hollywood has people who know people who can get messages across, so if he was genuinely concerned that she was a basket case, wouldn't the sensible thing have been to go through the usual back-door channels and have this concern communicated to her privately? Admittedly, celebrities seem to operate by a whole different set of common sense rules, but still...he WANTS the whole world to know his daughter is a dangerous fuckup? WTF? What's in it for him?...

What popped into my mind unbidden was that maybe, just maybe, um...things went on during her childhood between them that he doesn't want the world to know about, and is afraid that she'll bring them up sometime, and that publicly tarring her as unstable and psychotic might be one way to head off any potential accusations? "Oh, never mind her, that never happened, she's just a psycho drama queen..." IIRC, there does seem to be some correlation between self-injury/anorexia/addiction and having been abused at some point.

What it comes down to is this: Do I know or have any proof that Jon Voight sexually abused his daughter at some point? No. Would I be surprised to learn that he did? Sadly, no...I hope to God he didn't, but my gut instinct says "you just never know..." *sigh*

nursekelly said...

Well, as a fellow L&D nurse, it is certain that jolie has hd some problems with thi pregnancy. She was and continued to be underweight during her term. Prior to being hospitalized, she hadn't been seen for 5 weeks. She must have been ordered on bedrest for a variety of reasons. It was said that she has gestational diabetes, borderline pre-eclampsia (high bp), swelling of her feet and preterm labor.
It would be an entirely normal thing to do, admitting her to the hospital. My guess is that they have done an amniocentecis(sp) to see if the twins lungs are mature enough for delivery. When they are ok to come out, out they will come.
I wish her and her family all the best.

yeahwhatever said...

robin the photog,

always thought it was odd that he spoke out publicly as well. BUT, maybe that's because she wouldn't speak TO him, and that was his only way to express his people who were "in" her life would listen and take notice. i dunno. seems more plausible to me, but who knows.

from what i've heard, her father was not present a lot in her childhood. off and on. drug abuse, promiscuity and more specifically: self mutilation (cutting) are hallmarks of sex abuse. doesn't mean it was her dad who abused her, though. would seem odd that james haven would be having a relationship with his dad nowadays (at all), if he in fact molested angelina. many people have strained relationships with their fathers and sex abuse is not the cause of most of these cases, IME.

Robin said...

Angelina has publicly said she was never sexually abused. Ever. She also has said at time what a wonderful father Jon is, she was just pissed off that he spoke out that she needed some help mentally after her mother drove her to the UCLA mental ward, she stayed three days and checked out against physcians advice.That brought BBT running, much the same way this time did Brad Pitt. That is what she was referring to on not trusting anyone completely, even her mom. Her father was upset about her cutting,the breakdown, she was mad because she felt it could keep her from adopting twelve kids. Simple as that. Before you accuse a man of sexually ,molesting his daughter, spend some time listening to her own words on some of the feed interviews that are available to you on the internet. Familiarize yourself with her own words, she has certainly said plenty. She has had mental breakdowns since she was a young child , ten years old, both parents sought help from that time on for her. jfyi.

acetomato777 said...

Folks, there can be a number of reasons AJ would be in the hospital early.

High Blood Pressure
Early Labor
Blood Clot risk
Diabetes Risk

or even just because she is very close to her due date and they live in some medieval castle far away from the hospital and an airlift while in labor prematurely is not what she wants . . .

Hey, a young couple around the corner from us is having natural QUADRUPLETS! By natural, I mean no fertility drugs or anything, and she is in her 20s. She is 14 weeks, and all 4 babies are in their own sac & growing at a normal pace.

I love babies =)

dvz said...

mazey *Please* use paragraph breaks!

Ernestine said...

Some of you are honestly making me a little ill. So, first we're going to speculate about Angelina's supposed heroin use. Okay. Fair enough. She WAS skeletal pre-pregnancy (I've always thought that she and Cathy Zeta-Jones should just remain perma-pregnant because they look SO GOOD knocked up) -- alarmingly so. I don't even want to see Wanted because Angelina just looks so freaky and disturbingly ano in the stills I've seen. Say what you will about the lady -- perhaps she IS a huge moral hypocrite, but she's also one of the most staggeringly beautiful women to walk the planet. And she's even lovelier when she's eating.

But now we're going to surmise that Angelina was molested by Jon Voight during her childhood? Is this just uberschadenfreude or something? This just seems really fucked up. I have friends who've dealt with this. It's just not cool to speculate if you don't know for sure. I don't CARE if we don't know these people in real life.

And, yes, paragraph breaks are gorgeous things, and should be employed as often as possible. No offense, but when I see a gigantic block of type, I just get mad and won't even bother reading it. I know it's a gossip blog, but the same grammatical rules apply.

And Adrian, I am SO sorry to hear about your family's loss. I know that I'm echoing so many other CDAN readers, but the passing of a child -- whether you've known that child for five minutes or twenty years -- has got to be the worst blow imaginable.

I guess I'm kinda cranky today. Sorry.

adrian said...

Thanks Ernestine. The odd part was that we never actually knew the babies. They were never technically born. But then afterwards, we saw these 2 little blond-haired blue-eyed boys, & it was terribly sad. Especially since my son was born at 32 weeks, & these were 31 weeks.
But I have to say I had this horrible feeling from the start, as did everyone in my family. And she made it worse by naming them at the beginning of her pregnancy, & referring to them by name, & who was moving, who was kicking, etc. I didn't even want to know the sex when I was pregnant. I am a firm believer of not doing anything in advance. I know too many people whose pregnancies ended in tragedy.

And, I think Angelina is trying to get the best possible care she can at this point.

Movies 'N Stuff said...

She went into hiding a good month before Shiloh was born… I’m not surprised… and it’s not unusual for people with twins to go on full bed rest this far before the due date… so where better – she’s in hiding, no need to worry about paps when your trying to get into the hosp and in labor… it’s a one stop shop… their happy to hide her and she’s getting her much needed (I'm sure - she's a workaholic) rest in a 4 bedroom SUITE - doesn't sound very hospitalish to me... I could deal with hospital stuff for that view of the Med alone....

bippy said...

my assumption was always that jon voight went on tv and said all of that stuff because angie was getting a lot of press at the time (wasn't this right after she adopted maddox?) and he just wanted a piece of the action. he seems like such a fame-whore...

anyway, i'm glad to hear that your son is doing well, adrien! as for the issue of naming, i've had friends who have had losses like your sister's and for them, naming was (and still is) very important to them. even though family and friends never 'knew' their children, *they* did and their feelings of grief are often as deep and ongoing as they would have been had they experienced a normal birth and infancy and then a death.

i think this is one of the things that is so difficult for the parents who've experienced prenatal death -- the sense that for everyone else, these little beings never existed and their names are never spoken aloud by anyone else.

(i hope this doesn't come off as anything having to do with issues of 'life' or when it begins; i'm *absolutely* not talking about definitions of when a fetus is a child, but about the experiences of women -- and men -- who experience pre-term death or still birth.)

TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

Angelina is the blind who is temporarily getting cleaned up from herion

kasnecka said...

Didn't one of the blinds say the person who temporarily stopped doing heroin for "family and career" reasons was using the best addictions specialists in L.A.? If it's Angelina, how are the L.A. docs helping her in France?

It just struck me as odd and I don't recall anyone bringing it up.