Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Random Photos Part One

One of the best people in the entire world. Cicely Tyson. The woman is just incredibly sweet and when I saw her photo she just had to go on top.
Before I saw the photo of Cicely, it was going to be Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner on top, because, really, you just don't see that much bionics in one room anymore. If you have NetFlix, go to the watch instantly tab, and then go to The Rockford Files Season One. She was in the first episode. Gorgeous.
First time appearance for Charlie Cox. It is just amazing to me that after all of the photos it is still easy to find a bunch of people who have never been in before.

It is going to kind of feel like a Love Boat episode because there were so many past stars out yesterday and doing press for Hallmark. If they actually made a Love Boat show, I guarantee you Corbin Bernsen would do it.
When is the last time you saw Ben Vereen? Check out the dreads. He actually looks younger than he did 20 years ago. Tenspeed and Brown Shoe anyone?
Buckcherry - Jones Beach, NY

So from what I gather this is kind of like MTV Cribs, but Danish royalty style.
With all of the Mamma Mia! photos I have been showing, I somehow passed over Dominic Cooper.
Chloe Sevigny and her boyfriend James Ransone. FYI, he is no stranger to full frontal so they should get along well.
Christian de la Fuente does a little role playing with a cow. Hey, whatever it takes. I don't judge.
The thing is, there was no wind. Claire Danes' hair is actually doing that on its own. Guess it was Hugh Dancy's doing.
This photo of George Clooney was probably taken from about a mile away. I'm guessing that is why it looks like he is drunk off his ass.

Oh. Emily Mortimer. She is one of my favorites. You might not have seen her, but she was the "other woman" in 30 Rock, and she is the final piece of the puzzle in my theory that Notting Hill and Four Weddings And A Funeral are in fact the same film with just a few minor changes.
Surprisingly I think this is a first time appearance for Eriq La Salle.
Daphne Zuniga. Hey if you didn't like her in Melrose Place at least she was in a John Cusack film. I know, I know, but she was in The Sure Thing. So, right there you have to love her forever.
Donna Mills completed the smile after a two hour effort.

Gwyneth Paltrow doing her Victoria Beckham impression.

And the obligatory is she pregnant photo.
So here you have piddily diddily and the other guy is actually named Guy. It is Guy Oseary who was fired by Lenny Kravitz a few weeks ago and so to get back at Lenny he started the rumors about C-Rod and Lenny to help Madonna who he manages sell tickets on her tour. Presumably now we can expect Doody to be thrown into the mix as well.
I think it is always a nice touch when actors bring props to the red carpets. Here is Gyton Grantley and some money at the premiere of The Bank Job.

When I think of Sally Homemaker, I'm not thinking Jamie Pressley. In fact, I think she has come out and said she doesn't like anything domestic at all. So, the whole Purex spokesperson thing only makes sense if you think there were a couple of guys at the ad agency who saw Poison Ivy 2 and said to themselves they wanted a shot at Jamie. Lo and behold she is your new spokesperson.

I'm just not sure what it is. Oh, I know I could make some kind of sex toy joke, but seriously, I have no clue.
As a designer your first thought shouldn't be, "hey, let me design a dress that looks like someone is lifting their shirt and showing off their breasts for Mardi Gras beads."

Lee Tergesen is another first timer.

Katie Lee Joel is one of the few women that Peter Cook did not sleep with in New York. Probably not for a lack of trying though.
So, I thought I would give Kellan Lutz one more shot because that last outfit was a little unfair, but honestly he still looks like a guy who gets his ass kicked on a regular basis.
Jane Seymour and Wedding Crashers. Brilliant career move on her part.
Jason Statham just because I always like his suits.
Hey, here's a brilliant idea. Lets market lip gloss to the under 5 crowd.

Its been too long huh? Well here is some Ryan Gosling for you.
Yet another first time guy. Raoul Bova this time.
Meredith Baxter. Still looks angry doesn't she?
This device Ludacris is wearing allows him to speak to Xenu directly.

The Hush Sound - New York

Thom Filicia just because sometimes I wish they would bring back Queer Eye.
The Cab - New York
Yeah he's sober.
Taxi Amarillo - New York


Khemenu said...

Why are the first two photos tagged with "aa" along with the subjects' initials?

kimi said...

What happened to make Merideth so angry? I remember a few years ago a radio station tried to interview her and she was a major b**ch and hung up on them.

Daphne Zuniga looks the same as she did on Melrose.

donna said...

so funny .. I just said last night how I missed queer eye .. and cicely tyson .. I remember as a kid seeing her in Miss Jane Pitman and was baffled how she got so wrinkled .. donna mills .. gawd damn .. what is bringing all these stars from the 80's out of the woodwork? but I do love corbin bersen .. remember when he was on seinfeld with george wentz .. funny stuff ..

shiny_special_one said...

Wow, Ben Vereen looks incredible! Good to see him.

Jane Seymour, too.

Gwyneth Paltrow, not so much. Sure, she looks good (except for those hideous shoes), but every time I see her I just want to beat her smarmy, smug ass senseless.

Oh, and Enty--I'm pretty sure that thing Jackie Chan is holding is a prosperity gourd. (I'm sure there's a specific name for it, I just don't know what it is.) Usually they come painted and decorated with different colors of yarn/string, and you hang them up in your home or business to bring in good fortune.

selenakyle said...

I love, adore, cherish, worship, did I say love? Jason Statham.

adrian said...

That is the best I have ever seen Chloe look.
Daphne is beautiful, why is Hugh Dancy so thin there?

Big Sur Expedition 2008! said...

Agreed about Chloe. FINALLY.

lyz said...

I HATE HATE HATE Gwen P's shoes. What is the deal with her and her ugly shoes??

js said...

I can't believe you showed pictures of The Hush Sound and The Cab! I love those bands. You should show more of The Hush Sound - they're terribly talented, deserve the exposure, and Greta, the girl in the band, is absolutely gorgeous. They're coming to the El Rey on August 5th! People should go see them. I'm definitely going.

califblondy said...

Lyz, I thought Gwen had been wearing some amazing shoes lately, but those shown today are not very flattering with a white dress.

The woman identified as Katie Lee Joel, does not look like Billy's wife, IMO.

What happened to Eriq La Salle? I guess things went to hell when he quit a hit show?

S. Drew said...

That was almost a sausage fest post. Not that I am complaining or anything... quite the opposite.

Angela said...

James Ransone has done more than full frontal nudity. His "performance" in "Ken Park", masturbating and ejaculating in front of the camera during an auto-erotic asphyxia was one of the most pointless and disgusting things I've seen in a theater.

However, his contribution to the second season of "The Wire" was pretty good. He was the one who got the duck drunk.

Ice Angel said...

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Daphne Zuniga and she is a gem! Very down to earth and easy going...not an ounce of pretension. Glad to see her looking so great! Don't forget she was Princess Vespa in Spaceballs!!!

BTW-met her the same day as Lee Majors-total BUTT!!!

mags said...

Love Cicely.

Was a devoted watcher of the bionics.

Corbin would make a great Capt. Stubing(sp). I love him as the dad on Psych.

Eriq La Salle, things have changed since Coming to America.

Ben V. nice seeing you.

I agree---that does not look like Katie Lee.

P.S. Thanks for the reveals and sharing the gorgeousness of the readers over the holiday weekend.

farmgirl said...

I Love love love Lee Tergesen.
Thank you for the hotness, Ent!!

DNfromMN said...

Charlie Cox: evidence for why low-rise pants suck. Can't tuck in your shirt and look like you have a normal body.

Dominic Cooper - boy has frog eyes, keep passing him over, Enty.

Emily Mortimer will forever be the girl who lets her actor boyfriend critique her body in Lovely and Amazing. It's a heartbreaking scene.


Raoul Bova is another hunk o man.

Ryan Gosling looks odd there... probably the camera angle

Pimmy said...

Thanks, js, just picked up some tix for that The Hush Sound show, great reco!

bippy said...

angela, thanks for pointing out who that was -- he was great on 'the wire.'

and dmfromn, yes to emily mortimer and that scene -- heartbreaking. i'd love to see her in more -- any recommendations?

and enty, linkie to the danish royalty mtv cribs, please!

Production Girl said...

OMG!! The *Mardi Gras* dress is horrible.

Eriq La Salle looks so different from his ER days.

Gayla said...


If I'm not mistaken I think those are the "it" shoes of the moment, or if not they are something very similar. I've been seeing them on celebs all over the place for the past couple of weeks. (And frankly, I'm quite over them.)

Please tell me the Xenu snark on Ludacris was just that, snark. I am not sure my poor heart could handle it if he were a Scientologist. OTOH, I think Oprah is a scientologist and she and Luda do not like each other, so he can't possibly be, right? Yes, that's it. Okay. Whew. *gets off ledge*

Ashli in NY said...

re: the aa before names...affleck had it in the pic of him doing charity work a couple of weeks ago as did lopez when she went to that school shortly after

RagDoll said...

I think the whole Lenny Kravitz-ARod-Madonna thing is an indication that this IS indeed, Madonna's last hurrah. She's gonna be 50, the generation coming up now is tech-savvy, and jaded as hell so her usual "contrivances" of personality aren't going to work for her anymore. And she knows it.

She wants to go out with a bang, so ALL 3 of these people (who are also getting HUGE publicity--ARod just in time for baseball season and Lenny-what's he been doing-is now back on the radar)

My prediction: Madonna's Miami concert will include a "guest appearance" by Lenny K. And possibly Poodley-Doodley. If the future-former-Mrs.A-Rod wants a little extra sprinkled on top of her FAT divorce settlement, she'll show up to that show. This is, after all her hometown of Miami we're talking about.

Free buzz up the ying-yang for all involved. Madonna the buzz-machine did it one last time....

trashtalker said...

Who knew George went boating with Jack Klugman...

Eriq looks like his face went south.

Who designed that fug b&w white? And who's wearing it?

Gwyneth broke her knee and she's wearing heels like that? I bet it's still painful.

I feel out of the loop: Are Claire and Hugh back together?

smlovesdancing said...

Sabrina Bryan looks beautiful and great with her new haircut. I got my two daughers the color me gems for them. They love it. It's not lip gloss for chidlren under 5. Do more research next time.Can't wait to see more of you Sabrina in the new Cheetah Movie and your book that comes out in the fall. You are a great role model for young girls.

~crazy peanut~ said...

Lindsey, looks great.

I wanted to be Jamie Sommers when I was a kid. Bionic hearing and all.

and Daphne Zuniga, she hasn't changed a bit. Looks fantastic.

donna said...

ragdoll, I couldnt agree with you more .. if anything, please give madonna credit for being her own best marketing and publicity machine .. the woman knows how to keep her name out there .. and dont forget arod and she share the same manager as lenny k ..only lenny k fired him about a month ago ..

gossip said...

Lovely Cicely. "Secret's in the sauce."

Mooshki said...

I don't like when people "pull the race card," but I think Eriq had at least half a point when he said he was marketed differently from the other original ER cast members. Although another part of it was the fact that his character was an ass. :) It sounds like I'm in the minority here, but I think he looks pretty darned cute in this pic!

I will also always love Daphne for "The Sure Thing."

Please don't ever mention sex around Jackie Chan. I was once scarred for life by some Chon Wang/Roy O'Bannon slash fic.

Mmmm, Raoul Bova is a cutie!

Forget Queer Eye, I want them to bring back Queer Is Folk. So much hot naked gorgeousness!

Taylor said...

More Kellan Lutz? Thank you, Enty!

bionic bunny! said...

ahem. can we talk about the bionics, please?
yes, i totally love steve and jamie, but if we compare ACTUAL, real life xrays, i win, hands down!just wanted y'all to remember and not to forget the bunny love! HARUMPH!
and i'm sorry, but i also like tom arnold. seems to me he's had at least a steady run after roseanne. he's consistant. i just like him better than her, what can i say?

and for heaven's sake I AGREE!! bring back queer eye!!!!! even if they do turn out to be crab people or whatever southpark said!! i miss them!!!!