Monday, September 22, 2008

Can You Not Wait Until You Get Home?

I personally can't stand public bathrooms. Apparently though George Michael has no such compunctions and was arrested for the second time in a public bathroom for doing something illegal. On Friday night, police arrested George in a public toilet for allegedly being in possession of crack and pot. It seems that the cops were tipped off by the worker in the bathroom. Yes, that's right George, it seems as if they guy noticed you taking out your crack pipe and lighting up. Were you that desperate for crack that you couldn't even make it home?

You would think George would have enough money for the dealer to just come to his home, and not be forced to go out and get his own and then be forced to light up in a public place. Do it at home and don't get caught. Do it in front of a guy in a public bathroom and get arrested. Seems pretty simple to me. George did apologize to all his fans saying that he would straighten it all out. Uh huh. I'm wondering if his fans even care. Are people not able to sleep at night knowing George is a crack head? I slept pretty well knowing he was. Probably the only one not sleeping well was George because now he knows people are going to be watching him when he goes out and makes a buy so he won't be able to enjoy it as easily. I guess we know why the ticket prices were so high on his tour or why the hell he needed to go out on tour in the first place.

His most recent tour was supposed to be his last, but a couple of stays in rehab and some legal fees might change his mind about all that.


Mooshki said...

The crack has clearly fried his brain. Learn your lesson, man, you're George Freakin' Michael, you can get your men and drugs delivered to your house!

ms_wonderland said...

I love how he apologised for boring everyone. At last celeb self-awareness!

Of course, he was in the public toilet cottaging. Anonymous public sex is George's real crack. His mansion is just round the corner.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Maybe he's blown through the better part of his cash and that is why he is out there himself. That and he prolly doesn't want to share with the gofer. ;) Still don't understand the public bathroom fascination though. There has to be better places to smoke dope and pick up guys.

Mooshki said...

"I personally can't stand public bathrooms."

That's 'cause you know the teenagers in charge of cleaning them blow off the job. ;) Seriously, though, the things people do in them are appalling. I've almost got a phobia about movie theater bathrooms now. I like to go to the first daily showing's, 'cause you can tell the ones that haven't been used since the cleaning because they leave the seats up. Note to moms: if you bring your little boy into the women's bathroom, he will splatter the seat. Please clean up after him.

MontanaMarriott said...

I could not agree with you more Enty, with all the money GM has, you could have your drugs delivered and your trade brought in via escorts. Hey if you are paying for sex, you can even pay for any scenario you want. Build a public bathroom on the grounds of your home, have the escort wander in and you two go to town.

Then again, perhaps its the adrenaline rush from taboo sex and drugs out in the open???

BTW he has been looking really bad, I know his lover died of AIDS, could these desperate acts be a sign of something a la Winehouse?

Molly said...

i guess i'm the only one who feels really sorry for him. what a talent, wasted away on drug addiction. i hope he gets it together, but anyone doing crack cocaine has serious problems.

Mooshki said...

Ha, I'm reading "Compulsion" by Jonathan Kellerman and just read this bit:

"Why would a movie star staying at the Four Seasons go trolling for thirty-dollar streetwalkers on Sunset when he'd have access to call girls who look better than his leading ladies? Sometimes dirty and dangerous is part of the thrill."

Molly said...

yea, not to mention that drugged out doesn't always think straight.

bionic bunny! said...

ooh, mooshki, is that a new one? i never know if i've read one or not until i'm half way through!

Merlin D. Bear said...

But since he got busted in Britain, can't he invoke the Doherty/Winehouse clause?


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