Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Cares?

For two weeks now I have witnessed a war of words between Ciara and the people at Vibe and anyone who will listen. I don't know if they are really passionate about their positions, or just trying to drum up sales of the magazine, but I'm tired of it so shut the f**k up.

On the cover of Vibe as you see above, Ciara is nude. Well, apparently when the issue came out, Ciara was shocked to see herself naked because she says she would never do anything like that and what the people at Vibe had done was to airbrush away all the clothes she had been wearing so it looks like she posed nude.

Well, Vibe was pissed that Ciara said that and the publisher said he had the original untouched photos and that Ciara is not only naked, but that it was her idea to strip off.

Now, Ciara is saying, no and Vibe is saying yes and it just goes around and around and I really don't care and I don't see how anyone in the entire world would care. Does Ciara think she has a big following of people who will be disturbed to see her naked? Is it really considered naked if you can't see anything? Because if you can't see anything, then how do we know she hasn't covered up with something? Is she worried that there are naked photos showing everything out there? Maybe 50 Cent is pissed because she told him she would be wearing winter clothes and instead she is butt naked.

Who knows and who cares. Not me. So, seriously just shut up about it and move on.


MontanaMarriott said...

But seriously she is sooo under my radar.

Can you please bring on the REAL CELEBRITY gossip????

Molly said... don't care so much that you give her more press. duh!

Sylvia said...

Maybe Vibe should publish a copy of the agreement so this can get settle LOL.

Jamie's Girl said...

I know that Vibe will publish a whole page of the untouched photos to shut her up.

bookjacket said...

Enty published his own proof of this pregnancy in this photo

Look at her gray roots. Only pregnancy would keep a Botox queen from dying her hair.

sandman said...

i think my bad habit of reading ent's last sentence first is starting to payoff.

Damned Fallacy said...

As my then three year old son said when I told him to stop running around the house naked, "Not naked! Wearing shoes!" Maybe she can sell that to Fiddy.

selenakyle said...

Shooooot, if I looked that damn good I'd shut myself up.

I mean, that is a very hot cover.

liveunderarock said...

I am guessing she's upset because she looks like she is taking a s@*t.

Molly said...

lmao@damned fallacy!!! sounds like a cutie.

not a famous adrian said...

A bunch of free publicity was created for a magazine that otherwise no one would care about.

p m said...

she's so obsessed with her image... if she were just real with us maybe we would care

Molly said...

naf adrian, yea, she's bitching because what...ten people are going to see her crotch? more like she wanted to make sure we all saw it.

Bad Fish said...

She just wants to have her cake and eat it too! She should appreciate the career boost. Its the best thing to happen to Ciara since her CAREER! Just from looking at the photos you can tell the only clothing she could have possibly had on was bottoms of some sort.

Judi said...


bionic bunny! said...

it's buck naked. BUCK naked!

arrgh! that drives me crazy!
"butt naked" would be:
1. redundant, and
2. never have been spoken (butt) back when the expression originated.

old south, enty. i love you, but i think you're watching too much judge mathis or something!


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