Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Photos Part One

A real Belafonte. Harry Belafonte must hate that Mel B's husband changed his name just so he could pretend to be a relative. Harry is a legend and deserves the top spot. He is just class.
One of my favorites is Alicia Witt. Actually anyone who has been a kindness deserves to always be in the photos.
Love Christopher McDonald as an actor.
I love when Ed Burns is on Entourage. I really had no idea he could be so damn funny until he did that show.
I know I am probably taking a chance here, but I feel like if Ethel Kennedy makes an appearance I have to put her in even if I'm risking an onslaught of Dead Kennedy comments.
I can do without the scissors, but I do like seeing Fran Drescher.
I'm not a big fan of Kelly Brook but she looks really nice here.
Kylie Minogue - Dubai
Kiefer Sutherland looks great at the premiere of 24.
Is it the pose or does Lorraine Bracco have something wrong with her?
A random combination, Lisa Kudrow and Dustin Hoffman. When is the last time anyone saw Lisa wear her ring?
Last time Lindsay Lohan got this skinny a trip to rehab was what happened.
Apparently Lionel Richie refused all requests to dance on the ceiling.
Another random combination. Rihanna and Madonna. One word names both ending with an A too.
Any day now I expect to see Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker start eating dinner at 4pm and being asleep before the sun sets. They get older daily. They look fine, just...old.
Mischa Barton actually looking good. I think she wore the dress before though so she must not be getting free stuff anymore.
A much better photo of Matt Dillon than I have seen lately.
Michael Jordan. I think this is his first appearance in the photos.
The one and only Mary J. Blige.
Thank goodness there is only one Mary Kate Olsen. I mean Ashley is a twin, but there is only one Mary Kate.
Love Sam Waterston.
Timbaland can probably expect a call from PETA. He also probably doesn't give a crap.
Go to jury duty and get to meet Uma Thurman.
Nice photo of Viggo Mortensen. All of your favorites have been in here the past few weeks.
Wesley Snipes looks like he has lost a lot of weight.
Zucchero - Sydney


IndigoBlue said...

I love me some Michael Jordan, but that suit, shirt, tie combo makes him look like he has a napkin hanging out of his shirt collar or something. lol

Viggo, yum!

Lindsay looks scary.

not a famous adrian said...

So what blind are we searching for on Lisa Kudrow?

palealebrew10 said...

Seriously when was the last time Lisa K wore her ring? I think I've seen her husband only, like, 2 times in all the pictures I've seen her in.

Ed Burns kind of looks like a cross between Guy Ritchie and David Duchoveney.

Lindsey is looking like a true bobblehead. Thank god she doesn't have that gross yellow hair anymore, though.

Quintessential Southerner said...

i hate seeing women wearing nice dresses and their tatoos are not covered by make-up. bad look.

mischa must be the answer to the BI concerning designers not sending her clothing.

palealebrew10 said...

Also-does anyone else think that the Wesley Snipes weight comment seemed to suit a blind?

Mexi said...

That's a lot of hair on Kelly Brook

Lorraine Bracco's jacket thing is 100 different types of wrong

Lindsey needs to eat...alot

Madonna's outfit reminds me of Astro-turf

Love love love Sam Waterston.

Wesley Snipes looks horrid

Ms Cool said...

Viggo looks hot.

Dave said...

I think Madonna's hair and make-up look fantastic in that one picture.

But it's all ruined by that astro turf dress. I want to know the name of the stylist who thought she'd look good in that outfit.. 'cause thise gay is going to perm a bitch!

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Wesley's outfit is too damn bright.

Yays for Kiefer. Smoking hot as usual.

Matt Dillon looks really rough.

I think Lorraine Bracco's jacket is making her look like a hunchback.

I love Alicia Witt but something looks off in that pic. ???

Sylvia said...


bionic bunny! said...

SJP would look so much better if she'd quit pulling her hair back. it's not so severe in that pic, but she looks so much better in her hair color ads than anywhere else.
wesley snipes... prison food (or the thought of it) will do that to you!

surfer said...

That's an interesting comment about Christopher McDonald - is he not a nice person? @ indigo re: your comment about Michael Jordan. Too funny. And true.

Judi said...

Zucchero! Thanks, Enty! Love him.
Kelly looks like JLo.
Lorraine, if you're going to wear a collar like that, put your hair UP. You look like you have no neck.
Lilo's disappearing. Not the kind of disappearing we can appreciate.

AprilinParis said...

Hey, it's Zucchero! Yay!

AnonMom said...

I think Lainey is right - madonna is clearly getting laid! That being said, she looks so good. So much better than anything else recently.

I believe Lisa is the blind to the married actress who'd moved out of her home and in with the female producer of her long-running hit show.

Marisa said...

EVERYONE'S favorites but MINE


Ice Angel said...

Harry Belafonte has class??? After becoming best buds with Hugo Chavez? What is happening to this world?

captivagrl said...

SJP looks nice(I can't remember the last time I said that!)

jax said...

Madonna looks like Tatum there.

Ed Burns was pretty funny in She's the One.

what a way to ruin the picture with a giant white taped X on the red carpet. hit the mark behind you not in front dumbasses.

wow Lorraine your stylist hates you.

Lilo- NO! eat something besides Samantha.

SJP is actually wearing something i'd wear. weird.

nice gorilla jacket Timb.

Nice suit New Jack City. snort..does Arsenio hall want it back later?

palealebrew10 said...

ooo..I believe that Anon. Lisa's always given me a "home team" vibe.

jax said...

Marissa i'm with you. enough Viggo and Hugh and Daniel Craig. Zzzz.

can we get some guys under 40?
or at least look it?

not on my dollar said...

I also believe Wesley Snipes is the answer to a BI probably about someone who is on drugs?

Anybody know what this is about?

SkittleKitty said...

Hey ENT,
What about William Sadler? I don't know if he ever goes anywhere red carpet-like and he may be an asshole, but I really like him as a character actor....
Just making a request.

SkittleKitty said...

Oops, I meant he may be an asshole for all I know (which is nothing). He's probably a nice guy...???

nunaurbiz said...

Oooh, Viggo does look nice. And thanks Enty for the reveals! You guys got the Alicia one, right?

True story: I met Harry Belafonte years ago at the Kennedy Center Honors. I was so flustered to meet him. I told him how my mom was a big fan of his and how I grew up loving his music and he has such a wonderful voice. He was very kind and gracious and didn't make me feel like a blubbering idiot. I thanked him and walked away ...

... then I thought to myself, "Who was that standing next to him?" I turned around, and much to my chagrin, it was GREGORY PECK! I totally ignored Gregory Peck!!!!!!! I slithered away.

I actually got to TALK TO Mr. Peck several years later and I told him that story and he laughed!

califblondy said...

I wonder if Wesley's ensemble glows in the dark? I love the suit in an I- miss-my-disco-days kind of way.

Madonna does look better. What's up with that? A.Rod must have a big bat.

Viggo looks very good there.

The band-aid X is hilarious.

PK said...

I second the McKidd comment.

And Mary J didn't care about pissing off PETA either, I saw a pic of her in a looong fur coat & scarf today as well.

selenakyle said...

Ha HAAAA! Lorraine Bracco had a giant collar on. "I ring the bells of Notre Dame"

Not sure who looks more f*cked up--LiLo or MK?

Madonna looked like crap from the neck down. You should've seen the full-length pix of her in this get-up. Ridic.

And the edges of her cheek work are pretty obvious here.

Ms. said...

Alicia Witt - which kindess blind...I can't remember. Anyone know?

jbeebs said...

Every time I see Sam Waterston, I think of Serial Mom and smile. He was SO FUNNY in that movie.

AnonMom-great guess on Lisa Kudrow!

DNfromMN said...

That photo of Viggo is beautiful.

Kelly Brook just needs some blue dye, and voila, marge simpson.

hotchacha said...

Oh Lorraine. No. Just.... no.

I have a love hate thing with Lionel Richie. Super cheese bag, but he had a couple of singles that I really liked. Ever since his people made him over to be more contemporary, I have been pretty surprised. He reads as younger than he was in the 80. Though I can't quite believe that he buys those outfits for himself, he's totally defying his almost-60 years.

Madonna, looking like a human female again with the softer (and more complete) hair colour and fetching eye makeup.

Ferris Bueller, you were my hero. WTF? Pop a curly straw in your kid's head and sip up some youth units quickly! You and horsey are getting OLD.

It's nice to see a photo of Matt Dillon and have it actually BE Matt Dillon. I used to do double takes all the time thinking that Matt had suddenly got puffy on too many cheeseburgers, but then I'd realize it was just Michael Bublé.

Michael Jordan, it's about that napkin bib. Don't.

The Olsen girl has no feet. She's just floating there like a wraith.

Viggo... well, hello!

Congratulations to Wesley Snipes for landing the lead in The Mask III.

donna said...

I love ed burns .. he is my secret crush .. there hasnt been a movie he has made that i have watched ... thanks enty

Marnie said...

Viggo likes to toy with me by playing with his buttons. I would have that man's creepy-looking children in a heartbeat.

Mooshki said...

Thank you so much for Sam Waterston. How I do love him. I was at a party once and there was a guy there who looked a lot like Sam, only at least 6'2". I was totally drooling until I said something to my friend and she said "I think he looks kinda like your brother." I still haven't completely forgiven her for ruining that one for me. :)

RagDoll said...

Not A Famous Adrian:

umm....we should start looking for BI's with "Aging TV B Lister..." or "Former A- TV actress" or possibly "A/B former TV star, now C.." stuff like that.

not a famous adrian said...

Thanks RagDoll--I figured as much, but I thought someone out there would have a better grasp as to which one she would fit--there are so many that are possible.

RagDoll said...

Umm..howzabout Tuesday, Novemeber 18 2008?

It's about drugs, not a relationship on the rocks, though...hmm.

not a famous adrian said...

her car doesn't look too conspicuous here:

unless she has another--otherwise she could fit.

d said...

Lionel Ritchie still has it, yow!