Thursday, December 04, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

The top spot today goes to a long time reader who took this photo. As always I think if you take the time to send it to me and you are a reader it should go on the top. Thanks Shoko.

Oasis - Guadalajara, Mexico
Want to know who is dragging Amanda Bynes by the hand?
This guy.
Adrian Grenier looks much better without the beard. Looks a little wasted, but good.
Has Amy Irving ever been in the photos? She should have. I'm sorry for that.
Aventura - New York
Here's a marketing idea. Get a whole bunch of bananas and hope people show up.
Barbara Bush is now channeling Melissa Rivers.
BB King - Los Angeles
So, if you are Britney Spears and take your kids to FAO, I guess you need to have your bodyguard do all the carrying. Wouldn't want to get to close to your son or anything.
Not the best photo of Christina Aguilera. Good photo for someone dressed in drag as Christina Aguilera though.
Celine Dion - Los Angeles
I love how Chloe Kardashian thinks of herself as a star.
I love Camryn Manheim.
Dikembe Mutombo is very, very tall.
Enrique Iglesias, not so much.
Foo Fighters - Los Angeles
A little Latin flavor with Freddy Rodriguez and John Leguizamo.
Gary Oldman looks much better here than he has lately when I have posted his photo.
A first time appearance for Hart Bochner.
Getting tired of Hugh Jackman yet?
Meadow and Turtle. Feel like I'm watching the Discovery Channel.
Well since I had Ralph Fiennes earlier in the week, I guess it makes sense to have Joseph Fiennes in the photos.
That's a really big toothbrush.
This poor kid is probably going to dislike Jennie Garth for a very long time.
First time appearance for Jay Hernandez.
Not the first time for John Mayer.
I didn't think it was possible to look like an ass just sitting down, but Justin Timberlake has proved me wrong.
Kristen Chenoweth looks great.
I liked Kate Winslet much better yesterday. This doesn't even look like her.
Mariah Carey - Los Angeles
Michael Douglas and Ben Shenkman on the set of their new film.
I'm guessing Mary Kate stole that jacket from Chris Robinson.
The Princess actually looks happy.
Note to Robin Antin. Make sure you don't let the cameras too close.
One of my favorite tree lighting ceremonies. Rockefeller Center.
Always have room for the Karate Kid.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 &3
You can tell by looking at Suri's shoes they have never touched the ground. When does she ever walk?
Would not have figured Stephen Dorff for a Parliament guy.
Sanjay Gupta and Lucy Liu.
I know I'm late but I finally got around to watching Run Fatboy Run. Hilarious. So, now I guess I have to be nice to David Schwimmer. Naaah. But I can be nice to Simon Pegg.
Smokey Robinson and Natalie Cole.
I'm sure there was a reason Tea Leoni was going to for the hair sticking up look but I haven't figured out what it is yet.
Taylor Swift should have got a Grammy nomination.


not a famous adrian said...

note to John Mayer--
the Jonas Brothers want their clothes back.

donna said...

Oasis - love the music, hate the musicans
Amy Irving - classic
Dave Groehl - IS THE MAN!!!
BB long live the King
Latin is one of my favorite flavors
Ralph .. no one could be Fienner
John Mayer - Half man, all douchebag
Mariah - Children's place called .. please return the clothes
Readers 1 and 2 .. WOW!!

MontanaMarriott said...

Wow Ralph Macchio looks the same and he was 30 when he did the KK, and that was like 20 years ago?!?!

Nice to see Natalie Cole out albeit wayyyy too thin, Smokey always looks good

Taylor Swift.... That name screams PORN STAR, see you at the AVN awards in a couple of years sweetie


sandman said...

looks like tea leoni overdid it with billybobs special hair mousse.

Molly said...

mariah carey looks like dusty springfield circa 1967.

notvotingforsuckno said...

I lost all respect for Dave Grohl after his ridiculous mugging on Top Chef last week. Not cool.

Myrlin said...

Kristin Chenoweth always looks great. Even with a pie on her head on last night's Pushing Daisies (*sniff* Alas, poor show!) she was totally working it. And that stripey vest was working overtime.

palealebrew10 said...

I saw "Four Christmases" this weekend with Kristin Chenoweth and I couldn't believe how much she resembled Cameron Diaz. It's truly uncanny.

Myrlin said...

(Oh, and in case anyone doesn't watch the show and has no idea what I'm talking about, there are pics here: )

Ms. said...

Okay, who are the lovely readers? Come on, out yourselves.

@Myrlin, yeah, Pushing Daisies was fun last night and that pie on the head was awesome. I want one.

Hart Boshner - Yum. No idea who he is and have to look him up. And when I do, he better be single ;-) hmmm this sounds stalkerish, but I mean Google, I swear!

jax said...

Amanda Bynes and Doug Linehart?
from the Hills? weird.

YES very tired of Hugh Jackman, so over that look. cheesy.

ok i LOVE Meadow and Turtle together! you know that mofo is going to treat her like gold.

joseph...EL you read my mind.

Jennie Garth wishes she was that cute on Bev Hills 90210.

oh fuck right off Justin. pompous ass.

wow that doesn't look like Kate..maybe she doesn't need air brushing becasue she had work done??

holy shit...Mariah looks like she went back in time to her Vision of Love years.

wow i though that was Sienna Miller not an Olsen.

jennamaria said...

who's the guy with amanda bynes? cause he looks like that idiot doug off the hills *hangs head in shame*

Ms. said...

Okay, Hart Bochner - know who he is now. I remember a feature story on him waaaay back when he was directing PCU - totally shitty movie, unfortunately. The reporter (Rita Zekas?) totally gushed over is looks in the article.

Ms. said...

okay one more comment then I'll hang up my keyboard.

Looks like Amanda Bynes isn't dating Seth MacFarlane anymore.

DNfromMN said...

Clearly Stephen Dorff is just bumming a cig off his ladyfriend.

I don't usually like them younger, but Jay Hernandez could come visit me over the holidays.

Joseph Fiennes eyes are mesmerizing.

AnonMom said...

What's going on with Christina A??? Can't put my finger on it, but something doesn't look quite right there.

Natalie Cole isn't looking good at all -- poor thing. I suspect she's the singer with the illness more serious than what she's revealed.

Marisa said...

Speaking of bananas, when I lived in London my class met at the British Museum in the morning and there was a huuuuge pile of bananas outside. Coolest sculpture EVER. Wonder if it's the same people? And hope they donated those bananas...

ilovetswift! said...

taylor swift should have got nominated...I love t swift!!

Marisa said...


I covet Steven Dorph's friend's Christian Louboutin boots.

Also, I covet Steven Dorph's cigs. I just quite and that's my brand.

SFG said...

Am I the only one who mistook Gary Oldman for Mr. Tori Spelling?

What the F has Robin Antin done to her FACE? YOWZA.

Christina Aguilera is just trying to jack the look of every blonde that gets good press: first Lady Gaga and now...uh...Annie Lennox?

Green Wave Gal said...

--The guy with Amanda Bynes kind of looks like her What I Like About You co-star that I think she dated for real for awhile...Nick Zano according to IMDB.

--Jay Hernandez is YUMMY!

--Tea looks WAAAY too thin.

--Lovely readers as usual!

--The tree at Rockefeller...LOVE it-reminds me of home. (And I'm Jewish)

--I CANNOT stand the Pussycat Dolls...Words cannot even describe how much.

--Nope. Not tired of Hugh.

--Camryn looks good there.

--Not sure what Enty exactly has against David Schwimmer but I can tell you when he's with his family in the holiday environment..he's very nice and funny and charming. :)

Coleen said...

SFG said...
Am I the only one who mistook Gary Oldman for Mr. Tori Spelling?

No you aren't the only one SFG, now I feel bad for insulting Gary... ;)

*girl said...

Thanks for posting my photo Enty!

Norah said...

every name starts with a K except for rob's.

BTW i'm pretty sure thats KOURTNEY.

surfer said...

anonmom - two things with Christina. First, the bangs, and second, she either had her implants taken out or down-sized (see all the pics of her the last few weeks-she's no longer busting out of everything).

And I agree with you about Natalie Cole, although considering what she's been through lately, I think she looks pretty good in this picture.

Dionne said...

YAY! I'm famous!
Ok, not.

It's still fun though! :) That's me and my mother, who just left on a year long cruise on her boat.

Kelita said...

Maybe Christina isn't breastfeeding anymore and that's why her boobs look smaller.

Mooshki said...

Jax, I thought it was Sienna too at first. She's def pregnant. SCARY!!!

ea73 said...

Am I the only one on the planet who just doesn't get the Adrian Grenier appeal???
I think even Turtle's got more sex appeal than him.

c17 said...

1) We will NEVER get tired of Hugh Jackman photos. He's one of the very few actors that is handsome and talented.

2) Yay! for more beautiful reader photos! :-)

Green Wave Gal said...

ea-I don't get the Adrian Grenier thing AT ALL! You are not alone! :)

__-__=__ said...

Aventura in NYC?!?!?!? That's NOT on their calendar!!

AprilinParis said...

Joseph Fiennes is sooooo hot! Yum, yum, gimmie some!

What has Leguizamo been up to lately and who here remembers "Mambo Mouth"? He, he, he, that was back in the day when everybody I knew had on crush on him.

Love Mariah's look in the pic above and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more readers' pics!

Shoko Valensi said...

yeeeyy hehe thanx enty and first spot too im happy :D

Brenda22 said...

For the life of me, I can't understand how Mary Kate is a style icon. Seriously.

beth said...

He is also Doug Reinherdt the quasi-baseball player and Doug Reinherdt of the billionaire father... The pairing would almost make sense if he hadn't been on The Hills.

MarcomMom said...

I have so missed Hart Bochner. Does he ever work? It should be illegal for someone who looks like that to stay off the celluloid.