Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Heidi Montag's Mom Is My Hero

I am almost willing to buy an issue of US Magazine this week just so I can read the entire interview Heidi Montag's mom gave the magazine. Lucky for me I read quickly so I will just block access to the checkout line and read it standing up. Whenever I do that though it feels like you are doing something kind of wrong. Not enough wrong where it is ever going to stop me from doing it, but I know that if everyone just went to a book store and sat around and read books and magazines without buying anything but coffee, oh wait. OK, I don't feel so bad now.

Anyway, Darlene Egelhoff, who is Heidi's mom says she gives the marriage six months at the most. She also accuses Spencer Pratt of drugging Heidi before taking her down to Mexico. That is some really good stuff right there.

"He's manipulative and seems to have power over Heidi. I would like to see a blood test from Mexico. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had her drugged."

"I want the best for my daughter - and he's definitely not it. I think Spencer wants to possess Heidi more than marry her."

This is a woman who is not shy about sharing her feelings and you know that is something that is necessary to be the hero of the day. Of course laying into Heidi and Spencer really doesn't hurt her cause either. So, today, Darlene, you are the CDAN hero of the day. As hero of the day you are entitled to a home version of our game.


mooshki said...

Heidi's mom and sister are freakin' awesome. They make me want to give Heidi more of a break than she probably deserves. Although it's obvious that Spencer is controlling her in the classic abusive partner fashion - separating her from her friends and family. Mom & Sis need to kidnap her and take her to one of those cult de-programmers.

ItsJustMe said...

Mom must not be on MTV's payroll ... but, then, maybe she is.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Mom is probably on US weekly's payroll. I used to like reading that mag but the fuckery of those two made me stop. They have them in there way too much. As someone mentioned on another site, it is a bit strange that the mother did one of those attention whoring photo shoots with them on mother's day. I would doubt her sincerity a lot less if she went to another publication BESIDES US Weekly.

Heidi's mom would be my hero if she offed the both of them. Well, at least Spencer. Anything to make them go away!

jax said...

moosh i totally agree, he is a complete abuser and this is not part of the 'fake reality' that is the Hills. you and i both saw Holly lose it on the aftershow!
eloping is one thing but hiding it from your family after the fact is just fucked.

Anonymous said...

I thought the marriage was a fake??

mooshki said...

Sylvia, whether or not it was legal, it's definitely "fake." This is all just a part of Spencer's scary manipulation. As Jax said, this isn't just the usual celebutard fake publicity - there is something truly rotten at his core.

jenna said...

I'm so pleased someone close to heidi finally said it! Heidi is his claim to fame. without her he'd be nothing and he's probably manipulated her into thinking that she needs him, when in fact, she's enough of a celebrity on her own. ( I mean, not that i think she deserves her 'celebrity', just that she'd do as well as any of the other Hills girls without him)
He's getting paid $65,000 dollars an episode because of her. He's not gonna let that go in a hurry.

as my sister says 'They are both shallow and vacuous but a man who looks more like a chipmunk than a human has serious problems.'

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of CDAN Hero of the Day. I think that should join in the tradition of blinds and Random Photos #1.

lutefisk said...

I wish they would all go away.

Anonymous said...

I admit to occasionally watching the Hills and saw the episode where he went to lunch with Heidi's mom after she came to town to check up on what was going on. She wasn't too pleased to find them living together, but went to lunch with Spencer to get to know him a bit and he was the most appalling troll to her. He was frighteningly arrogant and condescending, reducing her to tears by the end of their lunch. I think she was genuinely scared by the manipulative and abusive man her daughter was involved with and can see why they would not be happy by marriage - faux or not.

Adrienne said...

I don't know....I think that just by giving a public statement, it makes her seem as if she is in on the whole charade.

palealebrew10 said...

I really think Heidi's mom is doing this to reach out to her daughter-have a somewhat indirect connection there and I doubt she wants any of this, publicity or not, for her daughter.

Have we ever seen Spencer's parents, though? When are they going to make a cameo?

BlahFrickinBlah said...

If you were one of Spencer's parents, would you want to cop to it? ;)

Unknown said...

Just like Casey Anthony's mother is in denial that her daughter is a murderer, Heidi's mother is in denial that her daughter Heidi is a whore who will do anything for fame and money. I feel bad that they can't accept that their daughters are not who they thought they were.
I don't like Heidi and Spencer but I have to admire the way they are manipulating the tabloids with all their antics and are laughing all the way to the bank. I bet they can't stand each other in real life but know their shelf-life is limited and are just putting up with each other while the cash roles in.

shakey said...

Well his grandmother was on the last episode.

They were on the Aftershow for the first time and it was their first "interview" since their nuptials. It was all pretty softball, imo. Anyway, during the show "Nana" speaks one on one with Stephanie. Seems Nana gets the same treatment Heidi does - he doesn't let Stephanie see her. He never tells her when she's in town, yet part of this show was dedicated to him reaming her out for not spending more time with her. Nana admits to Steph if she knew what was going on she wouldn't like him very much. Yet Spencer claimed on the Aftershow she is the biggest fan and watches all the time!

And when it's mentioned how Holly told them their mother is a fan of the Aftershow and loves them, Heidi just shot them down. Claimed she didn't know if her mother even knew they existed. SLAM.

Hello, my name is shakey, and I'm a Hills addict.

c17 said...

Did y'all see those suede-band "wedding-rings"? T.A.C.K.Y. doesn't begin to describe them!

I serslah LOLd'!

mooshki said...

So it sounds like they definitely aren't legally married. I admit it, I fell for their stunt. But so did Heidi's sister - that was not acting she was doing - so way to go for hurting your family, Heidi. :(

Hello, my name is Mooshki, and I am also a Hills addict.

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