Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Hits

Tori's Daughter Says Mama - Tori Spelling did some press at an event last night and said that her seven month old daughter said Mama for the first time the other day. Apparently Liam was not impressed and said, 'Mama, mama. What's the big deal? I can say that." No word yet on whether Dean has learned how to say the word job or has any plans of ever getting one that does not consist of him glomming on to whatever fame Tori has.

Ellen Asks A Great Question - You know Ellen is very nice to celebrities and does her share of butt kissing, but she also knows how to sneak in a question that everyone always wants an answer to. While taping an interview with Justin Long for her television show, Ellen asked Justin if it was awkward doing press with an ex-girlfriend. Great question. Justin's answer was, "Up until this point it's been not awkward at all."

Kendra Gets Her Own Show - Well, now we know how Kendra plans on making a living, at least for the next year. Kendra Wilkinson has been given her own reality show which will follow her over the course of the next year as she prepares to get married. Wow. It just sounds like something that will glue me to the television. Like I really care about watching her readying herself to get married. You want me to watch television? Put a damn camera in that woman's house with the 14 kids with no editing. I will be glued to that.


GladysKravitz said...

"Asshole, asshole," Dean can say that too.

Now Ellen should ask that question of Drew. Just wondering if it's the same for both of them.

LOL at 14 kids in one house with Kendra. Actually, what I'd like to see is Speidi locked in a house with 14 kids. They'd have to get a secret nanny in there, though, just to protect the kids.

jax said...

those kids will have enough strife, they don't need to be subjected to Pratt.

Molly said...

she looks gaunt and unhealthy for some reason.

love ellen for asking but love him more because of his answer!!

kendra who?

DNfromMN said...

molly - kendra the ex of Hefner.

honestly Kendra's voice is so grating (only experience was watching an interview on Chelsea Handler). I can't imagine listening to only that voice for 30 minutes. wow. talk about torture.

Molly said...

dn...smooches, hon. i know who she is...i'm just saying she's irrelevant.

califblondy said...

Kendra's laugh alone should get her an Emmy.

twunty mcslore said...

Poor Kendra, she's going to fall off the radar so fast that a year from now Spaghetti Cat will be more famous than she is.