Friday, January 16, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Andrew Wyeth - RIP (the painting is entitled "Christina's World")
Ashton Kutcher doing whatever he can to get a free flight to Sundance. You would think he could spring for his own private jet.
This is a show called Absinthe which is playing in Melbourne. I actually think it would be more fun to watch while actually drinking Absinthe. The guy is strong, but is the woman behind him holding him up in the air?
A first time appearance for Andy Serkis in the photos.
Black Tide - London
This press tour just keeps getting better. Do you think they actually even speak to each other? I mean at this point, if you are a producer of this film, are you getting a little ticked that two actresses can't act like they get along. When you are in a film that is quite likely the worst film of the year and you hate your co-star, it sucks, but you still got paid, and so you need to suck it up.
Hoobastank - Park City, UT
Isla Fisher in Allure.
James Tupper and the future ex Mrs Tupper also known as Anne Heche.
I love Lady GaGa, but the Minnie Mouse thing might be a little too much. I can handle the all black latex outfit, because, hey, who among us hasn't dressed up from head to toe in latex, but the Minnie hair is kind of crossing the line from good taste.
Hey, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, look. It's two co-stars who seem to enjoy company of one another or at least can pretend. Take notes.
I can't believe Nick Cannon was let out of the house alone. He must have done all his chores so Mariah let him out to play.
I guess he is enjoying the freedom and, it doesn't look like he is wearing any kind of tracking device.
Happy late birthday to Orlando Bloom who is still with Miranda Kerr. Of course.
Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly.
Can you tell that Prince Philippe of Belgium has probably not driven a car in quite some time. "What, what's this round thing here?" "It's called a speedometer sir."
So which came first in the mind of artist Rosson Crow? The hat or the painting?
Speaking of hats, I have no idea what that is on Robert Redford's head, but I hope that isn't a beret.
I will let all of you decide what is on Spike Lee's head. I think it is a fur lined Yankees hat, but why?
I bet all of those DVD's were on ebay about an hour later with a copy of the photo of Tom Cruise signing them.
Taylor Momsen would like the world to know she does not party. "I'm 15. I don't go out. I stay home every night and just play my guitar." Umm, yeah.


DNfromMN said...

Isla is a beautiful woman. I'm sure Sacha thanks the almighty every day.

I think that Redford is wearing a Kangol (lol, KANGOLS!), and Spike is wearing a white Yankees cap with fuzzy ear flaps. What is it you Canadians call? A Took?

I'm gonna say it, and you can all beat me later, Tom Cruise actually looks kinda hot there.

Ror said...

I guarantee I could put smile on Jennifer Connelly's mug!

God I hate Spike Lee.

Lady GaGa just needs to Go Go

hotchacha said...

Aw, rest in peace Andrew Wyeth. He did some amazingly intimate paintings for years of the married woman who lived next door -- Helga. Wyeth was married too, but an affair was denied. Google the Helga paintings; they're beautiful.

Mooshki said...

Goddammit, people need to stop dying already.

"...who among us hasn't dressed up from head to toe in latex?"

If you could please post some pictures, that would go a long way toward cheering me up!

Gollum! (Or is it Smeagol?)

Nick Cannon just stopped by Sundance on his way out to buy her feminine products.

Paul Bettany is so pretty.

becki626 said...

I love that Wyeth Painting it's in my front room FYI his daughter was the model he used in lots of his scenes she was developmentally disabled he never showed her face.

Boriqua said...

First, RIP Andrew Wyeth.

Second, I think if Nick Cannon has a tracking device embedded on him, it's in that big honking wedding band.

Last, I think the NY Yankees hat is fur-lined because, even though it's just Yankees merchandise, they're that high maintenance. As is Spike.

Lisa said...

I will NEVER look at Orlando the same way after I watched him have that car crash then walk away from his injured friends, leaving them behind in the car. That was truly low and shitty.

Isla's always been a favorite.

Wow, Tom looks great. (shut up)

Bride Wars was funny (it's a chick flick, whadda ya want?)

maggiemei said...

I think the fur lined Yankees hat is because it is effin' COLD in New York right now.

Spike has got to protect those ears!

bookjacket said...

When o when will Robert Redford stop with the hair dye??? For a guy who has such a classy image and classy friends (like Paul Newman) to be so foolishly vain and unwilling to age gracefully is shocking. The full head of red hair on top of a very wrinkly face looked embarrassing in the Indecent Proposal days. Now its just clownish.

twunty mcslore said...

Maybe Mariah is keeping a low profile because she is pregnant. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, Cannon.

-amanda- said...

ENTY- kate hudson is one of the producers of bride wars...

ElsieFire said...


Lady Ga-Ga does it to distract us from the Fug Fug

Spike does it because he wants us to KNOW he can

Mooshki said...

Amanda, I'm sure she's a "producer" in name only, just so she can get a double paycheck.

Jennifer said...

I actually LOVED Bride Wars! I thought it would just be a cutesy chick flick that would leave you somewhat warm & fuzzy, then you'd forget about it 5 minutes later and not care if you ever saw it again....but my girl friends and I actually enjoyed the hell out of it. I kinda can't wit to see it again. Give it some credit Ent!

not on my dollar said...

Hey posters please stop talking about my guy Spike. Yes I know I'm the only one here who loves him, but at least he can say somebody does. His dorky white furry hat thingy is the winter version of the signature Yankee cap that he normally wears.

Nick Cannon looks cute and relaxed without Mariah.

Isla looks great in her picture particularly because she doesn't feel the need to go naked just to sell a movie. I can't wait for Confessions of a Shopaholic to open.

not on my dollar said...

Robert Redford looks a lot older than 72 years old. I saw him today on television and up close I thought he was in his 80's with all of those wrinkles.

Compared to a lot of 70+ year olds that I know he isn't aging very well.

Stacey said...

I love Jennifer and Paul. Cutest couple ever! I heard she plays his wife in a cameo in the movie. I think it looks good!

Ms. said...

Redford's skin texture and wrinkles are the result of sun damage, unfortunately. He's walking, talking, living proof that sunscreen is one of the best things ever invented. said...

Does Orlando Bloom still make movies anymore?

k said...

Lady Gaga: YOU AIN'T SAILOR MOON. Thanks.

David D. said...

For a moment I thought the first picture was Amy Winehouse.

c17 said...

UGH. I refuse to comment on any of them EXCEPT for Orlando Bloom, who reminds me of Bret McKenzie.

Totally teh HAWTNESS!!1!!!

newsgrrl said...

Yes, that is a beret on Mr. Redford...

shakey said...

Lisa, what's this about the car crash? You were there?

Smeagol wantses his toupée. Smeagol loveses his toupée, my Precioussss.

$10 says Prince Phillipe was thinking, "I feel just like Malcolm McDowell!"

I ... begrudgingly admit ... that is a nice picture of Mr. Xenu.

Uber*nought said...

By "with" Miranda Kerr, Ent, I take it you mean "dragging Miranda Kerr around for photo ops".

Kim said...

DNfromMN - toques are different and don't have brims. I think you'd probably call them stocking caps in the US. Similar to a fisherman's cap.