Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Photos Part One

No Johnny Depp, but this is Alyson and Vanessa Paradis so it is kind of like Johnny, but not really.
You hold a sign for me, then you get a couple of chances to be in the photos. So, here is Brittny Gastineau.
The very lovely Camilla Belle.
It has been awhile since Carla Bruni Sarkozy has been in the photos. Look at that smile on her face. It must be because Rachida Dati, our favorite French Justice Minister resigned her post. I just want to know who the daddy is. It is not the same person as Salma Hayek's baby. He denied it last week. I am going with the President of France or maybe his son. Jean Reno could be choice. Perhaps Jerry Lewis. You know how the French love Jerry Lewis.
It has also been awhile since Chris Evans has been in the photos.
Probably the most adult photo of Dakota Fanning I have seen.
Yeah, Djimon looks happy right now, but Kimora is just reeling him in.
Diane Kruger looks great, but I have no idea what Joshua Jackson was thinking when he decided to wrap his neck in layers of material.
A first time appearance for Edi Gathegi.
Yeah, when you saw what was in Heidi's hand what was your first thought? Yeah, you thought it was a Virgin Mary car dashboard statue? Then I realized it looked more personal in nature if you know what I mean.
Jennifer Hudson arriving in Tampa for Sunday's Super Bowl.
She might not be able to sing it, but I know they are getting divorced. You don't take a public walk after you have lunch. No one in LA walks more than five feet to the valet guy. So, this walk around the block after lunch is them attempting to prove they love each other. Yeah, you can see the expressions of joy and love on their face.
So was that whole Kellan Lutz / AnnaLynne McCord romance staged or what? I just don;t see them together.
Lifehouse - Tampa
Milla Jovovich looks amazing here. Well, she looks amazing anywhere really.
I think the dog is really debating whether it wants to go home with Natalie Portman.

Movie line of the day. "You call your cat an it? Don't you know if it is a boy or a girl?"
"I respect it's privacy."
I thought Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe disliked each other.
Rihanna - Tampa
Hey, look who popped up from the 7th Circle. Rose McGowan.
I will let all of you comment on Rumer Willis.
Taylor Dayne is starting to look younger. She must have a great surgeon. We almost had favorite 80's song on Your Turn today after I saw this photo. "Tell It To Your Heart."
The fake laugh of the day goes to Taylor Swift.
It was a tie for The Verne today. Three fake smirks.
Or Renee's back. See. It was a tossup.


Daniel Alex said...

Grosse Point Blank is a great movie with some good lines

trashtalker said...

Did anybody else think Taylor Swift was horrible on SNL? Does she always sound that bad? I don't really know much about her.

jenna said...

Has anyone been on dlisted today? Just the comparison between ali lohan and dakota - Both practically the same age only Dakota actually looks it. I hope she stays this likeable as she gets older - I also hope she NEVER fake tans!

lutefisk said...

That is the nicest I have ever seen Dakota look.
Rumer looks very old there.

Pookie said...

Rachida Dati resigned? shut up! just when that was getting good...

wow, j-simp should really get some good jean tips from j-ho.

oh rumer. still unfortunate.

ElsieFire said...

Holy hell, Renee, WTF you doing? Work that posing, next up, ladies bodybuilding!

Rumer needs to go to her momma's hairdresser.

The FUG of Tory just keeps growing and growing, kinda like her head.

Sylvia said...

jenna - I was there and saw those pics of them. Dakota looks so cute and innocent while the other I don't why she is dressed as adult.

not on my dollar said...
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Molly said...

i've got the winner for the vern award right here:

someone buy the bitch some panties - i'm afraid bugs can jump through the opening of the skirt.

oh, and rumer looks 37 in that pic.

not on my dollar said...

Dakota looks beautiful.

Kimora looks very pregnant.

Joshua was thinking but Diane likes me in this.

I'm tired of seeing Heidi Klum. She needs to disappear for about six months.

Jennifer looks so cliche with that dog. I wonder if she's still engaged?

I like Marc more than I like Jennifer.

I saw a picture of Rihanna holding her crotch. In that getup she reminds me of Janet Jackson. Maybe she's the new Janet.

Rumor looks really old and favors Tatum O'Neal in this picture.

Why is Renee Z. suddenly posing very odd in every picture? This all seemed to happen after she lost the weight.

ambernyc said...

Dakota is really turning into a lovely young woman. I cannot believe that she and that trashy Whateverhernameis Lohan are the same age. There is no effing way.

I want Milla's dress! I wouldn't mind having her figure, either. I remember how young she looked in Dazed and Confused; she's either aging really well or as a phenomenal surgeon.

I still don't understand Nicole Richie's appeal. Nor Raisinface Zoe's, for that matter. And brush your gd hair!

The expression on the face of the man in the background of Rumer says it all.

Molly said...

if patricia arquette had a baby with carrot top - it would look like rumer does in that photo.

Laurie said...

Did anyone else think the "she might not be able to sing it" comment about J-Lo was an MV clue?

Mooshki said...

After watching "The Rachel Zoe Project," I am in love with Rachel Zoe. Also, Roger, Taylor, Brad, and all her other hangers-on.

Love Camilla and Milla. There's probably a joke in there somewhere, but I'm too tired to find it.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I think if J-Lo hired someone to sing for her, she'd hire someone who could actually sing. Just my two cents...

Camilla Belle is pretty, but it might be time to give her something to eat. It looks like her head is about to fall off.

Chris Evans looks a lot better without all those clothes.

Mooshki said...

Laurie - could very well be!

Molly said...

laurie, good catch! you might be right.

Emobacca said...

I can't stand Taylor Swift. She cannot sing at all but has somehow convinced legions of teenagers that she can. Huge phony.

Green Wave Gal said...

There's a restaurant behind Rumer called Mr. Noodle. I had lunch there on Monday. :)

califblondy said...

I'm hooked on the Rachel Zoe Project. Nicole makes Rachel look fat in that picture.

I wouldn't mind having Renee's back, calves, and most of all SHOES! The reason she's standing like that is because it's friggin' freezing in NYC.

Tori, dang girl, what on earth happened? Poor thing has always been so homely and the older and skinnier she gets it's only getting worse. She needs to ditch the Barbie fur cape too. I bet Dean was thinking about a three-way when they posed. But, that'd probably mean too much lips and plastic in one bed even for him. said...

Why is it that divorcing celebrities feel this huge need to convince everyone that its not happening? Madonna and Guy Ritchie did the same thing.

Lisa said...

Grosse Point Blank shout out!!

Ooooh, I read elsewhere (Lainey?) that Kimora is really married again but it's a secret so she can keep getting money from her ex. Don't know if it's true, but I wouldn't put it past her.

farmgirl said...

I agree with Laurie - it was the first thing I thought of when I read the caption. You know how sly Enty can be.
Also - is there any possibility Rumer is the the C-List actress in the blind above? I guess I should post this there . . . .

Majik said...

I want to be Chris Evans' cougar.

Dakota looks amazing...campaigning for the New Moon role, methinks. Might work.

I used to love he has befouled his hotness with HER.

Thought the same thing about the item in Heidi's hand.

Oh, no...JHud has LDS--little dog syndrome. I was hoping the plague had been contained...

Neither Jen nor Marc is good enough an actor to pull off the "still together" schtick. Marc looks like he's trying to pull off some kind of revolutionary/napoleonic war look.

Forget Angelina Jolie--my girl crush has been Milla Jovovich since the Fifth Element. I actually have one of her albums (the Divine Comedy...really good btw). If I were a lesbian, I'd hit dat. Sadly, God made me straight and made all of the men I meet douches...funny guy that God. Tis the bitter irony of my life, really.

lmao @ "7th Circle"

I keep wondering when poor Rumor is going to grow into her chin...

Did Taylor Dayne become a flight attendent?


Why does Tori Spelling insist upon posing like a black man in drag? Seriously....look at RuPaul, then look at Tori. Same look. RuPaul, however, nails it. Sad, Tori. Outdone by a tranny, fabulous tho s/he may be.

Forget Renee...what she's wearing is FABULOUS!!!

stiffkittens said...

Rumer really doesn't have a single good angle...

What the hell is wrong with Tori The Hutt's face? I didn't think she could get any more unfortunate looking!

People, leave your faces alllone!

ms snarky said...

when did Renee Zellwiger learn to levitate?

selenakyle said...

I don't watch Ellen, but damn if her job doesn't look like a BLAST!

Bad Fish said...

Dakota looks like such a beautiful stylish young lady. I love that outfit, I'd wear it in a heartbeat. I hope she's not a little cunt like everyone says.

Good lord I love Grosse Point Blank. Definitely in my top ten fave movies.

shakey said...

You know, a Virgin Mary vibrator would be absolutely sinful. I wonder if there is such a thing. Now I'm wondering if there is some type of fetish for people who get off on religious icons. Gotta get my mind out of the Your Turn.

I took that "sing" remark as referring to that rumour about announcing the divorce onstage at Madison Square Garden. They've denied that, too. Wonder if it will happen that way.

That dog looks like he's being abandoned. LOL!

When I first glanced at that picture of Rumer, I thought it was a very bad picture of Amy Madigan.

Fake laughing and eTalk fits very well together.

Tori looks like she's sucking on a candy, and Renée looks like she needs to pee real bad.

Bello (Buddy) Manjaro said...

paradis: jaundiced. smoke much?

Spelling: surgery much?

garage.glamour. said...

those are some very good pictures. i love one of dakota and taylor swift.

chloey said...

Incase you havent seen, ive been eating humble pie and appologise for any rude, mean or isensative comment I may have made. I took my bitch panties off.

Rumer Willis looks like the Wicked Which of the West sans grees makeup.