Friday, January 16, 2009

Richard Talks To Razorlight

I love the way Richard writes and delivers the snark, and so when an opportunity came up for an interview with the band Razorlight, I knew it would be something that would be entertaining for everyone. What started out with such great promise though, turned out to be a media nightmare, as apparently the guys in Razorlight are popular. Who would have thunk it. A one on one interview with the entire band morphed into a phone interview with the band's drummer.

I am not trying to drive readers away from the blog but I need you go over to the Razorlight website click on ‘video’ and listen to ‘Can’t stop this feeling I’ve got.’ Since all of you are loyal readers I know you’ll come back – whether it is for the return of Full Frontal Fridays or my snark, I know you’ll be back (if you read that in an Arnold accent you just lost a couple of points).

Those of you who have read my comments in the past probably think I am just an old curmudgeon who complains about everything (if you saw the presents my parents gave me as a child you’d understand, but I digress). Actually, I am an eternal optimist and that is why I put on my hip boots and wade through all of the crap that is out there. Considering some of the things I have covered you know that it got pretty deep sometimes but what keeps me slogging through the sh*t is coming across a band like Razorlight. If you didn’t follow my directive in the first paragraph because you have control issues and don’t like being told what to do, get over it and go listen now. You will thank me later (adding sir is optional).

Though Razorlight’s self-titled second album debuted at #1 on the UK albums chart when it was released in 2006, the band has been, for the most part, flying under the radar in the US . Apparently their song ‘Golden Touch,’ off their album Up All Night, was used for a Pontiac commercial – though since I haven’t owned a TV for the past five years I can’t verify that fact. Golden Touch is a great song but given the state of the US auto industry, you have to wonder who decided on that as a strategy to get the group into the living rooms of America . Maybe that explains why they haven’t received the recognition they rightly deserve.

In any case, hopefully that is about to change as Razorlight embarks on a tour to promote their new album, Slipway Fires. Musically, Razorlight is an intelligent band that has grown stronger with each CD. I had a chance to talk with Andy, the drummer for Razorlight, and I mentioned that one of the things that has drawn me to their music is that it evoke memories of the best that came out of CBGB in its heyday. Andy laughed and said that maybe that’s what their mums were listening to when they were in their bellies.

Now it is time for you to go back to their website and listen to ‘North London Trash’ and ‘Wire to Wire’ off their new CD Slipway Fires. Isn’t it kinda nice to have someone tell you what to do every once in a while? You didn’t realize I could be so direct with giving orders, did you? See, there are a lot of things you don’t know about me. No worries. I’ll steer you in the right direction. Which brings me to my final point, Razorlight will be playing in West Hollywood on February 3rd and in NYC on February 10th. I’ll be at the show at the Fillmore on the 10th so come up and say ‘Hi.’ How will you recognize me? That’s easy, I’ll be the curmudgeon who has a smile on his face.


jax said...

...with the pants pulled up to your armpits fatman. have fun!

West End Girl said...

Ah egads, no. They're horrific and their lead singer is a jumped up prick with a massive ego.

Live they're even worse, please don't buy their album or have anything to do with them.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I know why you like these guys so much! They let you put on a superhero costume and be in one of their videos!
Is "Before I Fall To Peices" supposed to be spelled wrong? Because if not - please hire a proof reader for further website updates.

Not quite my bag, but not bad.

DNfromMN said...

I really like their song "America".

And where was the interview? I just saw one quote and a lot of promo material with snark. said...

But....but.....Johnny Borrell dated Kiki Dunst and tried to deflower that Harry Potter virgin.....

c17 said...

They look emo-vapid. I bet they're emo-vapid.

Bad Momma said...

Whew, I was half-expecting to hear "Ouga Chaka ouga!" and a remake of "Hooked on a Feeling".

Not my genre of music but not bad. I preferred their song "Hostage of Love". (could this be about you?)


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