Friday, May 22, 2009

Jessica Simpson And Ken Paves Break Up

According to the NY Post, there is reason to believe that Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves have gone their separate ways. Yeah, kind of like the Journey song, but minus Steve Perry singing really loudly or Randy Jackson playing bass in some ridiculous outfit for which he paid a fortune. Anyway, it seems that when Jessica was on the cover of Vanity Fair, for which I will never forgive them, the stylist listed for Jessica is Oribe. Uh oh. Where was Ken? Well apparently Vanity Fair hates Ken, and when they had offered Jessica a cover shoot years prior, when she was actually cover worthy, she turned them down because her friendship with Ken was more important. Well, that friendship got tossed under the bus pretty quickly when Jessica needed some positive publicity in a national magazine didn't it?

Maybe this is why Jessica has not been going out so much. She has no one with whom to go out. Ashlee is off filming her television show and Tony is off anywhere but with Jessica and John Mayer is covering himself in lipstick and then taking pictures and so that leaves Jessica with Jessica. I guess she could go out with Caycee and Donald, but then Zach Braff always wants to come along and then Jessica gets drunk and thinks Zach really is a doctor and lets him examine her and so it gets really weird.

The NY Post might be on to something because it has been awhile since I saw them photographed together, but I don't go out of my way looking for photos of them, so I could be wrong.


califblondy said...

I guess he still has Eva?

Pookie said...

nah, that's a crock. had ken been a real friend, he'd get it that vanity fair was a huge deal for her, and he'd be ok w/ oribe or whomever vf rec'd.

typical h'wood fair-weather friendship.

DNfromMN said...

Anything that gets him out of the public eye, he's an awful stylist

jax said...

but wasn't Oribe the guy Jlo fired for spreading shit about her?

i could be wrong.

Me.. said...

I wish Oribe or whoever would do MY hair!

selenakyle said...

Heehee! Enty, you're zinging them today!

"...thinks Zach really is a doctor and lets him examine her..."

Truth is she probably just doesn't know how to do her own hair, plain & simple.

You'd think she'd have some skills by now watching the dude do it for so many years, but we sadly know she's not all that bright.

Or, she's had it with any or all men controlling her every breath for so long between this hair guy, her father and a succession of perhaps not-so-great choices in a mate.

Aanyway, what am I saying? This makes me seem like I care. I don't really give a fuck!

linnea said...

hahaha selenakyle, it really is awful when you catch yourself gettin´into it... and by it i mean the mess that is jessica simpsons life.

selenakyle said...

Yep, linnea--I got caught up in it there for a minute...I had a good laugh at my own expense!

I do feel sorry for the poor lil' thing sometimes.

nancer said...

hey, maybe she and mariah can do each OTHER'S hair!

i'm still pissed at VF too but i thought the article on her was a hatchet job so that made me feel a little bit better. she came across kind of sad.....completely over, but sad to me.

jax said...

shit i'd be sad too if i had to take all the stick she gets for having a pervert father, a meathead boyfriend and sister who thinks 'singing' is like dropping a quarter in a machine and waiting for the song to start.

shakey said...

Hey, I was at a little strip mall today that had a shoe store. Had to look twice at the poster for Skechers. It said Ashlee Simpson at the bottom, but I could have *sworn* it was Jessica. Had to look 3 times.

Lauren said...

I can't believe I'm commenting, but here goes...If Ken Paves was a true friend, he would have supported her.

Ayesha said...

The salon across the street was selling Jessica Simpson hair pieces; clip-on ponytails, etc. Amusing to discover.


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