Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Photos Part One

This is Gina Lollobrigida who used to be one of the biggest stars in the world. I think it is appropriate to have her at the top of the photos. It is amazing that someone who used to be such a worldwide star just kind of fades away and no one really cares anymore.
Ashlee Simpson doing some press for Melrose Place.
It's Sydney Andrews!!! Oh, wait, I mean Laura Leighton. Yeah. I'm wondering if she could just kill off Ashlee's character in the first episode.
Christina Aguilera looks completely different than normal here. I couldn't really figure out why at first and then I realized I can't remember the last time I saw her in daylight.
If you ever have a chance to see Carlos Santana in concert you need to take advantage of it and do so. I know you are all excited about the American Idol tour, but do yourself a favor and see someone who is actually a musician.
Chace Crawford. A man with a career on the rise.
Ed Westwick. A man who enjoys a fake tan.
Everytime I put the words Countess and LuAnn together, I seriously laugh for about 20 minutes.
I have seen Chloe Sevigny look a lot worse.
Umm. Wow. Elle Macpherson is an attractive woman. She is 46 years old and looks amazing.
"Pip sir. They call me Pip." Yeah, I know, and I know you might not get it, but Ginnifer Goodwin just kind of looks like a little boy in this picture. In a dress mind you.
Heather Locklear and a child who deserves some kind of award for surviving the last year.
I am rarely mean for the sake of being mean, and here is an example. Jessica Alba looks beautiful. This is about as perfect as she can look.
Even Selma Blair looks decent in a 80's Dallas kind of fake tan way.
Jane's Addiction - Irvine, California
Another person you could see in concert if you don't want to see Carlos Santana is Jason Mraz or the guys above.
All of you asked for more Joel McHale so here is more Joel. For those of you in Los Angeles, I saw that he is going to be at The Wiltern this month but I can't remember the day. That could also mean he is on tour if someone less lazy than me wants to look it up.
Kimberly Caldwell has done probably the most out of nothing. She barely finished in the Top 10 of Idol but has turned it into a career.
Leighton Meester just because for some unknown reason she added me as a Facebook friend last week.
Blake Lively, well the picture makes me think summer is almost here.
Calm the f**k down. Matthew M was invited to throw out the first pitch and you can just tell he wants to play in the damn game.
Most celebrities just go to a gifting suite and take pictures with stuff and walk out with the loot. Nina Dobrev though, shows why someone should hire her to endorse products. This scarf was a gift and she put it on. OK, that isn't that great, but better than posing with it in a box. But, wait, it gets better.
She actually went and completely changed clothes to put on the jeans from this company and found a shirt to wear with it. Everyone else just did what LuAnn did up at the top of the photos. Just held them, smiled and grabbed as many as they could stuff in a bag.
Selfridges in London had a unique promotion yesterday. Not sure what it was other than having half naked men riding the escalator.
Did you ever see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
I wonder if Rihanna and Pete Wentz ever hooked up?
Have you ever noticed that Reese Witherspoon always seems to go out to workout. To gyms, or running or to classes? You know she could afford to have someone come over, but she actually makes the effort. I admire that.
A first time appearance for S. Epatha Merkerson. Long overdue.
Tyra was on time.
What is Taylor Momsen's natural hair color anyway? Anyone know?


Ashton said...

Joel McHale is at The WIltern June 6th (Saturday). I've seen him live and he's hilarious.

AnonMom said...

Great expectations.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Every time I see a picture of Jason Mraz, I think "damn, I bet that hat stinks".

littleoleme said...

Ed Westwick's head looks like someone is blowing it up with a bicycle pump.

Bodie said...

can someone explain to me why there isn't one celebrity these days that can get a fake tan applied properly???

...and why they never see pics of themselves and think "wow. i'm really orange. i should do something about that."

Rocket Queen said...

Laura Leighton and Ashlee Simpson both really need to eat a grape.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I watched "S. Darko" the other night - I don't recommend it, it was an enormous disappointment, but Ed Westwick was in it and he is - unintentionally, I'm sure - the comic relief of that movie. Everything he says. The look on his face (pretty much just one throughout the 45 minutes I could bear to watch before deciding the evening news was a better source for entertainment). All I could think about was that scene from Gossip Girl where he's in the car with Trachtenberg and she turns down the flask because "Jesus cannot enter a body that is weakened by alcohol" (or something to that effect), and he says "Good, because I'll be the one doing the entering", with that SAME GODDAMN LOOK ON HIS FACE. It's probably supposed to be "smoldering". It's more like "constipated".

Now, I have only ever watched one episode of GG and I have to say that I don't understand how I could have completely missed that show. I think I might have to get some episodes on DVD and get caught up.

Taylor Momsen. It's too soon to have that obsession with Courtney Love. At this time, it's just creepy and weird. In another 10-15 years, maybe.

Kara said...

I don't care what Selfriges is selling or why they are promoting it that way, but I'm buying!!!

Carrie S. said...

Enty - thank you for more Joel! He's coming to Cleveland in June and the husband and I are so there. I've heard he's fantastic!

califblondy said...

ITA Enty about Carlos Santana. I saw him years ago in his homecoming concert at the Tijuana bull ring and he was unbelievable. I hope to see him during his run in Vegas. Love his shoes too!

Judi said...

Nina Dobrev is resourceful and smart. Good for her! Look forward to hearing more about her.

Per imdb, La Lollo took a break in the 70s to become a photographer. Did very well. She was studying painting and sculpting at school and became an actress by mistake. Was also an exec for fashion and cosmetic companies. So, she got busy doing other things, which is great. She didn't "fade away."

Saw shot of Locklear and her daughter on the AI finale - resemblance between the two is amazing.

Elle ROCKS! She's perfect.
Alba's stunning here. Impressive.

Oh, Miss Blake. Put some clothes on. You're embarrassing.

LOVE Ms. Merkerson.

not on my dollar said...

S. Epatha Merkerson - Great Actress!

Tyra on time - Who cares?

Rihanna looks like she's starting to heal. I hope it's true.

Alba does look pretty.

Elle McPherson looks pretty but has she had any work done on her body/face?

Xtina needs a suntan. Not a fake orange one but a real tan.

bflogurl said...

Elle MacPherson is A-Freakin'-mazing. Lawdy..... and she is 46??

shakey said...

Yes, Chloe Sevigny is all growed up. And beautiful, as is Elle. I don't think I'll look in the mirror for a while.

I'll have to check if Joel is doing the Just for Laughs festival ... ugh, there's a commercial for Bill Cosby on right now.

I'm guessing beefcake are promoting underwear.

I guess I'm the only one who like the mtv music awards that were done in the hotel. I think what they (or her mgmt) did to Rihanna was reprehensible. She was having fun singing in a bedroom while Fall Out Boy was playing, then suddenly she had to lip synch to a recording. Heaven forbid these people just have fun.

audieh_1 said...

Is is just me or does every single person posing in front of the CW board look like they haven't had a decent meal in the last century--including Ty Ty who we know has some junk in her trunk.

Lisa (original) said...

Wow, Christina isn't tarted up (for her) and orange, so I thought she was Cindi Lauper at first glance!

selenakyle said...

Hell yeah I've seen CCBB--and that bitch is scary as HELL.

and so is the queen

selenakyle said...

But she rocks the hot pink quite well.

selenakyle said...


I think Gina Lollobrigida took herself out of the "game" to be a photographer, an often purposefully behind-the-scenes role in the industry. I could be wrong about the job but it was similar.

I'll bet the people of Italy don't think she's faded away with no notice.

ihpguy said...

Aussiebum undies and swimwear. My Brasilian hubby looks great in these!

sassafrass said...

I have seen Carlos a bunch of times. One of my favorites was watching him open for the Grateful Dead in Vegas a long time ago. Good times.

whole_lotto _luv said...

Asslee's head is huge.

Christina needs to wear a bra if she's gonna wear tops like that.

Lucky Ava Sambora, she inherited her mother's looks. Heather is gonna be 48 this year!

Jessica Alba is beautiful. She needs to smile more often.

Blake Lively is dressed like a 70s hooker.

The Child Catcher used to scare the crap out of me, and I'd swear the Queen is sporting the same expression.

Of course Reese goes out to work out. TT & GG need a little private time now and then.

GladysKravitz said...

I've always loved Gina Lollabrigida and thank you Enty for including a photo of her. She looks great, considering how old she must be (at least in her 70s). Any chance Sophia Loren will be making an appearance?

Possible that the Rhianna/Pete Wentz comment is the answer to a blind?

I agree. Those people at the CW event should quit their hunger strike. Mia Farrow is enough.

Except for Elle. She looks fabulous. I would like to come back looking like her in my next lifetime, please.

TinselSass said...

The thought of orange-faced Ed starring in the remake of WUTHERING HEIGHTS (the teen version) makes me quake in horror. And that's coming from someone who thinks he's the only reason to stream GOSSIP GIRL.

gossiplover said...

Why is 46 old? Elle looks good no matter what age she is. Why is age always mentioned when a woman is over 40 and looks good?

Mama Theresa said...

pip - great expectations?

gay tallywacker said...

Doubt Wentzy and RiRi hooked up. She is way too much man for him.n

Wa said...

Agree with Enty about Jason Mraz, I saw him in concert and it was totally awesome! <3

imronburgundy? said...

love, love LOVE Joel McHale,

I'm from a small island outside of Seattle and he came into the restaurant where I worked a few times with his family and once I was lucky enough to serve him, he is hilarious in person, and was an excellent tipper :)

linnea said...

hahaha tinselsass, i KNOW, whoever did the casting should be fired

Something about Chloe made me think of a little girl trying on her mothers dress and make-up. But she still looks good.

I am def in the Joel McHale fanclub!

ChrisH said...

@Rocket Queen: God, that's exactly what I was thinking. I had to rub my eyes at that photo of Laura Leighton - every time I looked at it more of her seemed to disappear. Perhaps there's a Back to the Future time paradox happening somewhere in her past? Quick, someone get her parents to kiss before she's gone forever! Oh, wait a minute. No one would actually care.

And, I *am* seeing Jane's Addiction, very soon! Can't wait. Navarro may be an intolerable famewhore, but the band is incredible.

Katie said...

thank you so much for the picture of dave navarro... ooooo my favorite

figgy said...

Wow, Gina Lollobrigida looks gorgeous! Too bad she and other women her age think they have to have the old-lady hairstyle, though. Why not just a nice short bob or something? It would look so much younger.

Chloe looks FABULOUS! She's someone I'd like to have dinner with.

figgy said...

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that those camel-toe-creating shortie jump suits were SO last season, Blake.

Every time I see one, my fifi itches in sympathy.

Babs said...

Nice Dickens reference, Enty - I'm impressed.

"God save the Queen."

LOVE S. Epatha - she is a fine actress who is completely underutilized.

Leah said...

"I am rarely mean for the sake of being mean, and here is an example. Jessica Alba looks beautiful. This is about as perfect as she can look."

BUT- her face and her body are completely different shades.

"Every time I see one, my fifi itches in sympathy." - HAHA- EW!

Audrey said...

Enty! Love your comment about Santana. I heard what the winner of American Idol sounds like (on the radio, so didn't see how he looks) and couldn't believe how bad his singing was! There aren't that many really talented musicians/singers out there. All the record companies care about is how someone looks, not at all whether they have talent or not. I'm done with my rant. Thank you.

Mooshki said...

imronburgundy?, thanks for the post - it makes me so happy to hear that people I like are good tippers. That is my ultimate test of a person's character. And awesome username.

Figgy, there's an old woman in my neighborhood who has dreadlocks, and they look amazing on her. It makes me happy every time I see her.

monalisa999 said...

"Selfridges in London" has some serious eye candy, there. But why in the hell did they have to wear yellow?

shakey said...

monalisa, yellow is a happy colour. It is also the colour of bananas.

monalisa999 said...

Oh, of course! "Yes, we have some bananas. We have some bananas today." Awesome!

newsgrrl said...

What the hell is Rihanna wearing?


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