Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Heath Ledger on top one last time. Here he is with Lily Cole in a scene from The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus.
Does Chris Tucker actually do anything in life but show up for a Rush Hour movie every couple of years?
Diane Kruger demonstrating a Chanel version of the Gob Mobile. For those of you who need to spend the extra $10,000 for the name.
This could take awhile.

#1 - No need for Fergie to ever wear Depends when she is wearing these.
#2 - It looks like Fergie must have used generic Depends and they broke again.
#3 - No need to tuck it behind when wearing these pants.
Fall Out Boy - New York
Jamie Oliver enthusiastically selling his new magazine. Or pretending to be at least. It looks like he hasn't slept in a year.
You would think at some point Kenny G would think about changing his hair.
If you thought Kate Hudson looked like a man before changing to a brunette, you must be beside yourself right now.
Yeah, I give this look a 0 out of 0 also. Oh, and for the record, I believe she was wearing this just as everyday clothes.
Natalie Portman on the set of her new movie.
Omarosa might not have won The Apprentice but she seems to have won the free services of a plastic surgeon.
Getting their hand clapping in synch takes weeks of practice.
And then the little kid bounced off the walls of her trailer on set for the next 18 hours.
Shawn Johnson may have won Dancing With The Stars, but apparently fashion is not part of the scoring process.
Michelle Trachtenberg spills the news and SMG stops hiding her pregnancy.
Apparently there is a uniform in the Cruise household.
Taraji P. Henson was everywhere prior to the Academy Awards, but this is the first time I have seen her out in a long time.


Mooshki said...

"Gob Mobile" Hee!

Crap, Tommy Boy actually looks pretty damned good in that pic. :(

Lisa (original) said...

Everytime I see Lady GaGa, I can't help but think of Dolly Parton's quote: "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!"

farmgirl said...
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Quintessential Southerner said...

chris tucker is set for life. he has the luxury of not working.

omarosa is a stone cold businesswoman from day one. she's gotten paid.

i did not want shawn johnson to win 'dwts,' but life goes on.

farmgirl said...

Let's give Shawn Johnson a break - if she is still dressing poorly at 25, then have at it. God knows my outfit choices at 17 were not terrific . . . .

linnea said...

i never thought i would say this, as i didnt find him particularly attractive even when he was younger - but T-boy DOES look good.

AnonMom said...

lol @ Gob mobile

Ice Angel said...

Connor Cruise is growing into a very handsome young man. Tom does actually look good here. They actually seem to genuinely enjoy one anothers company. Strange.

Bodie said...

you gotta admit that in the rare cases you see Cruise's kids, they do seem genuinely happy

(except for Suri that is)

Dianne P said...

Shouldn't that be GOB mobile?

Rocket Queen said...

Kate Hudson's head looks weird. Like she's put on weight just in her chin area.

nancer said...

omarosa needs to either hook up the bicycle pump and put a little more in the left one, or unplug the right one and let a little out.

kate hudson looks like she used omarosa's pump on her face. why is her face so fat and round?

and fergie needs to never, ever wear her hair like that. i'm so fascinated by her hairline, i almost didn't notice the uh....pants.

Kat said...

It seems like Gaga dresses for the sheer purpose of getting people to stare at her vagina. Seriously.

Re:Omarosa. Am I the only person who is TOTALLY over fake breasts? I mean, I actually think less of people who get them now, unless it's reconstructive surgery due to an accident.

Just curious, why does everyone hate Fergie so much? I have no idea and it seems like is universally hated by bloggers. Just wonderin'.

I agree with you Ice Angel, Connor Cruise is looking like someone who is verging on blooming into handsome.

Syd said...

nancer, I was just about to comment on Omarosa's lop-sidedness.

Poor Shawn Johnson is going to be just as wide as she is tall by the time she's 30.

Majik said...

I hate Tom Cruise, but even I have to admit that's a great picture.

Pookie said...

enty, where's my SURI?! altho little connor has turned into a handsome young man...still, gimme SURI!

eep. kate hudson. how unfortunate.

stalk those royals, enty!

seriously, why is lady caca still around?

oh fergie. pants (pants?) as ugly as kate hudson.

nancer said...

jeez, let's not go all soft on cruise because he has one good picture. i'm a hardcore case though---i don't care what he looks like. i despise him.

Rene said...

You know after seeing these recent pics of Connor Cruise.. I'd bet the farm that he's TC's biological kid. He's the spitting image of Tom.. especially the eyes.

DNfromMN said...

Connor Cruise has miraculous skin for a 14 year old boy. I was zitty as heck.

MizCaramel said...

@Rene I thought the same thing! He looks just like Tommy Girl.

califblondy said...

Rene, I was just thinking I must be losing my mind for even thinking Connor looks like Tom. I feel so much better now.

moxie said...

Wow, it seems like the last time I saw Tom's son he was a young kid, and he looks so grown up here.

shazzzba said...


a las doce said...

Nancer, I agree. Cruise's son has the crazy eyes, just like him. Too much koolaid.

Lisa (original) said...

I agree with Nancer & a las doce. From what we've read, Tom knows the Xenu-kool aid is BS, and STILL puts his kids in Scientolo-school and summerschool (here in Portland). I can't help but wonder how messed up these children's minds are now that they've been brainwashed, or do they seen throught the BS and are waiting until 18 to make the big escape, knowing they'll have to forego ever seeing thier families again.

asstronaut said...

seriously i suffer from the same disorder as kate. i swear the first place i gain weight is in my face. i can't hate on her. her body is slamming. yeah the hair isnt flattering but god she isnt fat!

Leah said...

HA! That is the first picture I've seen of that Lady Googoo without sunglasses on. And now I know why... YESH.
And I have to agree she does dress to show of her/his bikini wax. Ick. Nast.

I can't decide who looks worse, Fergie or Lady Goober.

sandman said...

how come the cruise kid has a white nose, surgery already?

Rene said...

Look at this pic and tell me Connor isn't TC's child! Sorry I don't know if clickable links are possible Everything about that boy says "yes he's really my dad and yes he really did have sex with a black woman once" lol

Grace said...

I have to admit that Tom Cruise at least spends time with his son, and his son is very handsome as he turns into a young man.

Why is it that Tom Cruise is my age and yets gets younger looking with each passing year??????

braverwoman said...

Taraji Henson's chest area looks like Mickey Mouse is standing behind her copping a feel.

shakey said...

Does anyone have video of Fergie running in those pants? I'd pay to see that. Trip and fall for sure.

What's that shadow on Gaga's crotch?

Yes, Omarosa is lopsided.

Love it when people give little kids drinks they can't handle. Idiots.

Sorry, I don't see a resemblance between Connor and Tom. Why is Isabella hardly ever seen with him?

GoddessNow said...

GaGa - What the heck is that on her inner thigh? Some dark spot/shadow? Maybe she is in on creating the gossip that is out there about her being a

Conner looks like Tom's biological son...strange, must be osmosis.

Taraji looks good.

Sorry Shawn..I think she only won because of stalker dude, because she was not the best dancer this season.

Ewwwwwarosa looks a hot it the white bra under the black laceg or that 1 implant trend...Both are not good looks.

Everyone have a great and safe Mmemorial Day.

nancer said...

i don't see that the kid looks like tom at all.
i also think it's not possible.
i'll never believe he has ANY biological children.

watcher said...

Ent, I love the photos of the Spanish Royal Family, no matter how snarky your comments. I'm not sure most of the R.F. are relevant to 2009 day Spain, which I visited in fall 2008, but I love the photos nonetheless.

Exception to my comment about relevance: King Carlos became king around age 37 when long-time dictator Franco died and with many expecting young Carlos to be a puppet for the oppressive regime, but in 1981, he appeared on TV and ordered pro-Franco military etc back to barracks, stopping a coup. My thoughts are that Spain would not be the dynamic country I visited without that particular intervention of young King Carlos.

watcher said...

FYI dictator Franco's fascist reign spanned 1939 to 1976. Excellent movie about guerilla fight Franco - Pan's Labyrinth (2006) set in 1944. It's beautifully filmed, but not a feel good movie.

Wil said...

Hum .. No comments about SMG!?! Well .. at least we know - more or less - she is pregnant. Of course there could be the whole pillow conspiracy to follow. Guess we will see.

"FYI dictator Franco's fascist reign spanned 1939 to 1976." .. And yes .. he is STILL dead!

Sorry .. that last bit might be a bit before some of your times.

whole_lotto _luv said...'s still so sad.

I'm so not understanding the Diane Kruger thing. If I knew what a Gob Mobile was, maybe I'd get it.

Oh, yeah, I can smell the huge pile of poop that undid the Depends from here.

Agree about Kenny G. Look, Michael Bolton even changed his hair once in the last 50 years.

Lady Gaga is unfortunate looking. I think it's poo leakage. See where the Fergie thing put my mind?

How in the hell was SMG hiding that LARGE baby belly behind little scripts just a few days ago?

I don't see a resemblence between the Cruises. Connor looks a lot lighter-skinned than he did in photos a couple of years ago.

B626 said...

Fergie needs to get her hairline moved back a few inches. There's barely no forehead there.

I don't understand why women like Omarosa feel the need to show off bad boob jobs.

Caroline said...

If you had asked me yesterday if a hair color could make you look fat, I would have said no. Thanks for proving me wrong, Kate Hudson.

The Bee said...

Holy shit, I know this is mean but that shot of Kate Hudson as a brunette? I thought that was Kelly Clarkson!

Mooshki said...

"If I knew what a Gob Mobile was, maybe I'd get it."

It's an Arrested Development reference - Gob rode around on a Segway. (sp?)

LOL, Wil! Don't worry, there are plenty of us old folks around here. :)

bionic bunny! said...

you know, i wore almost the same outfit as gaga to a halloween party at the ice rink one year!

except mine was a mouning tuxedo jacket, and i had a top hat and cane.
oh, and skates.

maybe not.