Friday, May 22, 2009

Robert Schimmel Has Domestic Violence Case Against Wife Dropped

Robert Schimmel had been arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife. Now though, his wife has dropped the charges and the district attorney here in Los Angeles has said that without her testimony there is not enough evidence to proceed so the case has been dropped. Back in early May, Robert had been arrested by the police after an argument with his wife where she had said he hit her.

She is still proceeding with the divorce action which she filed a few days after the incident but will basically let him go free to find a new girlfriend or wife and let her find out what it is like to live with him. On the one hand I am happy she hasn't decided to drop the divorce case, but obviously something happened that night or else she wouldn't have called the cops and wouldn't be divorcing him.

On the other hand I hate the fact that now he can always say he didn't do anything wrong and that it was all a misunderstanding or something.


Pookie said...

i guess any press is good press. i'd never heard of this guy till now.

AnonMom said...

He's not that funny. Saw him at a Laugh Factory and was recycling a lot of OLD jokes.

BinkyM said...

I hate the snarky tone in which this was written. Obviously, Enty didn't see Robert's mugshot. The tiny little cancer-ravaged man was beaten and bleeding. His wife, who's thirty years younger than he is, obviously took a few shots at him herself. If you've ever seen Robert perform since his cancer went into remission, you know he's as frail as a dry twig, while she's out doing pilates, yoga, parasailing, mountain climbing, and so on. I think she's tired of being married to an invalid and started waling on him, and maybe he smacked her back. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why she's dropped the charges; who'd be on her side in court, when he looks so pathetic and she's so pretty and healthy?

Kara said...

I see way to many clients get convicted in the court of public opinion because they are men and their woman accused the man of hitting her. It's devastating to them and really hurtful to all the woman who are brutally beaten and don't have the courage to say something.

farmgirl said...

and don't forget to mention that the little lady was a friend of his daughter's who knows how to score a buck. He didn't pick her up - she picked him up.

nunaurbiz said...

Very sad all around. I interviewed him a few years ago and even though his act (then pre-cancer) was scathing, he was a nice dude.

Wil said...

Sorry EL .. I am gonna have to chirp in with the majority.

I have a very good friend who is a wonderful sweet man who suffered terrible abuse from his now - merciful god - ex-wife. He was ashamed she was beating him and suffered for years before she finally beat him so badly the paramedics had to be called and the whole thing was exposed.

That last beating he had a broken jaw, shattered left eye socket and several cracked teeth. During that beating, he attempted to defend himself and managed to scratch her and slapped at her. Because of this , he was charged - temporarily - with assault. Thank god the DA refused to press charges against him after seeing his x-rays filled with varying ages of healing and healed broken bones and internal bruises proving this was a long term cycle of abuse on her part and he wasn't lying when he said he only defended himself when he felt this time she was going to kill him.

You just never know until all the facts are out there. But .. women can be abusers too. And men who are abused - like my friend - are in the shadows ashamed to speak out. And who can blame them .. you get scoffed at or if you attempt to fight back suddenly the societal meme takes over and suddenly he is the monster. Not terribly aware of the Schimmel case, but if he is a sick as people seem to think .. I doubt he is picking fights with anyone. Could be wrong .. but just sayin' .. he might be like my friend.

Ayesha said...

I don't know who he is, but if he has cancer and is being abused by his wife, I hope everything gets better for him.

And I have seen a good number of men who might not be physically abused (or maybe they ARE), but are emotionally abused and henpecked by their wives. It's terrible.

bionic bunny! said...

i didn't know he had cancer, and i didn't know about this case.
i've seen his act on cable, and censored on comedy central, and he was pretty rough.
good to hear it's just his act, and i hope that if he was not the aggressor, that all goes well.
i agree, men can be the victim, too.