Friday, May 08, 2009

Spock Reads The Top Ten On Letterman

Leonard Nimoy is great anyway you can get him. When you can have him read the Top Ten lines never said in a Star Trek film it is pretty much priceless. Hell, it is Friday. I think you can find 4 minutes of your day to watch this.


MontanaMarriott said...

I am sooo seeing this in IMAX this weekend!

PeepStone said...

eh, the list was kind of like old soup but love the nimoy!

Katy said...

Has Letterman always rambled so much? My God, it's painful.

Other than that, Nimoy is awesome.

Tania said...

Ack - not available in my country or domain. I HATE when it does that!

Majik said...

Me, too, brother lives in Taiwan and he has no trouble--but apparently Canada is barred from US programming.

Saw the new Star Trek last night--FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Wil said...

Though it will in no way reach the peak of AWESOME of Mr. Nimoy's performance .. for those effected by the hypocrisy that is the "World Wide Web" .. I mean hello?? Should we be able to see everything every where?? I mean .. cripes! .. here are the Top Ten Lines Never Before Said In a "Star Trek" Film:

10. Warp Factor 8!! Arby's closes in 10 minutes!!
9. We're entering a breach in the space-time continuum or a wormhole or some crazy crap like that
8. Set phasers to Fabulous!!*
7. Welcome aboard the Starship Enterprise - - Today's in-flight movie is "Big Momma's House 2"
6. We've been hijacked by Somali pirates
5. Sir, I'm going to need Saturday off to attend my nephews Bar Mitzvah
4. My Baby-Daddy is a Vulcan -- on the next "Maury"*
3. The Enterprise just hit a goose - - We're gonna have to land in the Hudson*
2. Live Long and Prosper, and keep Hangin' and Bangin'
1. I find your choice of hair piece highly illogical
* = my faves.

Enjoy and I am sorry the "intertubes" are so lame with the whole "Nanny nanny hoo hoo!! You're not in the right country" thing.: / .. not very Roddenberry-esque, I must say!!

Wil said...

Shouldn't .. not should .. or .. I guess "we should be able to see everything" .. ; )

Enjoy your weekend!