Friday, June 26, 2009

Your Turn Part One

I know everyone has Michael Jackson on the mind, and so I thought I would let everyone share their favorite Michael Jackson song or video, and feel free to use a link for videos. If you saw him in concert you can share that or if you saw him walking out of the Four Seasons in Vegas once and froze because you couldn't believe you were two feet from him, you can share that story also. I have to say most of my favorite songs from him were a mix of Jackson 5 songs and the videos from when they were on Ed Sullivan. Even when they had their own show that was good. Loved his Motown anniversary performance. Probably the best five minutes on television ever.


captivagrl said...

I was at Studio 54 the night the Thriller video was shown for the first time. It was an incredible night!

~BellaBellaBoo~ said...

Favorite songs: "I Want You Back", "The Love You Save", "Thriller" (all have been in my iPod's Top 25 for some time!

Favorite videos: You Rock My World, Thriller, Rembember The Time, Dirty Diana.

I couldve pee'd my pants watching Motown 25.

But there is a youtube video of a moonwalking clip that I consider Michael's best CLASSIC and ENTY, I hope it's okay to post here:

If the link doesn't work the youtube title is:

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.

Pookie said...

the 25th ann. release of 'thriller', which features the remixes w/ akon and kanye (i know, i know, they're douchetastic), et al, is awesome!

life is but a dream said...

in 2000 i worked at the jekyll and hyde club in NYC. michael and his entourage came in because he was thinking of investing... he was covered head to toe with a sheet and wore sunglasses, but something about the 5 bodyguards told us it was HIM. anyway i was waiting tables right next to the station in which he was sitting. i had a table of three young girls from france and they kept asking if it was him and could i get an autograph for them. i told them i didn't know and they would have to ask for an autograph because i valued my job. one girl had the balls to ask and came back to the table disappointed. i asked her what they said and she said he actually said to her he'd love to, but then he'd have to sign autographs for everyone so he couldn't. she was so sad, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. i told her that she actually got to speak with him which is more than anyone could ask for and she was satisfied with that. about a half an hour later i was talking to that same table when michael and his entourage were leaving. just as michael passed the table i saw him toss a crumbled up napkin on their table and walk off. we were like "open it, open it!!" in perfect handwriting it said...

thank you so much for being my fan. i love you!

michael jackson

AnonMom said...

Captain E.O. – hell yeah! A few years ago I bought a scratchy bootleg copy from Japan, and now it’s freely available on Youtube. Go figure.

He had this amazing spark in his eyes in the early videos. Rock With You will always be one of my all time favorites.

Oh, and of course, Say Say Say with Paul McC.

MontanaMarriott said...

I remember seeing and meeting MJJ when he was in NYC for the anniversary concerts, it was the most magical evening of my life. What a sweet and gentle sould he was. The craziest part of this was that the next day was September 11th and the towers came down. I will never forget 9/10 and 9/11/01 for as long as I live. RIP MJJ

Moosefan said...

When Thriller aired for the first time! Omg-I was spending the night at my friends house and we were all screaming!
I loved Beat It, ABC, Black and White...I try to embarrass my children by doing the moonwalk on the odd occasion.
May he get peace that he deserves. I wish the same for his 3 kids and his family. Lord know, they are in for a storm of stuff over the next few days and months.

vitazza said...

OMG!!! Love your Story!
"Life is but a Dream"
My Favorite song will always be Billie Jean because that's when I decided I would marry MJ when I grew up! lol

Harriet Hellfire said...

Who's Loving You is my all time favourite. But really, "Off The Wall" and "Thriller" were two of the best pop albums ever made. Any song from any of those two records starts playing and my left leg starts to twitch like it wants to attempt a moonwalk.

My mom bought the vinyl single of his duet with Mick Jagger, "State Of Shock". A favourite of the young Ms. Hellfires for a loooooong time.

As I grew into my teens, I got into heavy metal and I still am, but it's not secret that I cannot, nor have I ever been able to, resist a good pop tune.

Quintessential Southerner said...

fav songs 'billie jean'. i could watch most of his videos though. i, too, am fond of his performances with his brothers. i dig the song, 'can you feel it' by them.

i regret i never went to a concert. :(

Ms Cool said...

I'm very sad today. Was a big fan from Thriller until the molestation charges. Initially believed them, became unsure and always felt sad for him.

Fav Songs:
Beat It
Black and White
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Give In To Me
Dirty Diana

Fav Videos:
Billie Jean
Thriller OF COURSE

kimi said...

Great story -Life is but a Dream- favorite song was Dirty Diana.RIP

Ms Cool said...

Ooh - I forgot the duets with Paul McCartney.


LIBAD: Great MJ story.

Now I am really sad.

Lucky777 said...

I'm not gonna go find the video, but "Thriller"...could never get sick of that song. And the video was a mini-movie...Scorcese, John Landis...c'mon!!!!

Do you think that video will be MJ's hell?

Karmen said...

I don't like Michael Jackson, but I like his music. Billie Jean is without one of my top 10 or top 20 favorite songs of all times.

I forgot how much Michael Jackson's music I listened to when I was little. I remember playing my sister's Michael Jackson CD in her CD player (yeah, remember those?). When she wasn't there, I started dancing to "Black and White" and tried to memorize the words, when you couldn't go online to look up the lyrics.

A few years ago I tried to learn how to moonwalk from youtube videos. I tried to show it off to my guy friend I was in love with, but I was wearing stilettos in a crowded bar. Needless to say, I sucked, and he chuckled.

Last night my sister and I went to the restaurant I used to work at. They played his greatest hits CD. I had a few drinks in me when "Thriller" came on. He told me I should go to the floor to dance. I did a crappy rendition, but everyone applauded me anyway. Then they gave me the "Thrilla Vanilla" cocktail for my awesome performance.

califblondy said...

There are too many to choose. I watched the Thriller video for the first time in a pizza place on the big screen It was awesome. The Motown anniversary gave me the chills and I remember having tears in my eyes just watching it. Smooth Criminal is a favorite song and video. On my iPod is Human Nature (so sexy), Working Day and Night, a live version of You're Just Another Part of Me. Captain E.O. was awesome at Disneyland. I forgot all about that until someone mentioned it.

not on my dollar said...

I've been to Michael's concerts and the Jacksons concerts and always got my moneys worth.

I love all of his songs but some of my favs are:

Don't Let Go Of My Hand
Heaven Can Wait
Liberian Girl
Dirty Diana
One Day In Your Life
We're Almost There
With A Child's Heart
We've Got Forever
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

There's many, many more but I'll stop now.

nichole said...

Fave songs: "I Want You Back", "I Will Be There", "Billie Jean", "Smooth Criminal", "Thriller", and "Say, Say, Say".

Mooshki said...

Favorite song: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." A local radio station has been all-MJ since yesterday, and I had forgotten just how many great songs he had.

jlb said...

"The Way You Make Me Feel"
"Billie Jean" - Thank you for posting that performance Ent - I can't believe that was so long ago.
"Say Say Say"

gauchogirl said...

Christmas 1984: My best friend got "The Making of Thriller" video, and we spent the next six hours learning every move to the dance portion of the video. We watched the video over and over every day after school. To this day I will bust out the Thriller moves any time the song is played at a bar/club, or will just borrow the moves whenever I'm challenged to a dance off.

AnonMom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AnonMom said...

another one: Get On the Floor

jax said...

my 10th bday, watching the Making of Thriller video,eating mcdonalds with my friends and their cabbage patch dolls. great memory.

favorites songs Human Nature, PYT and Say Say Say. really the whole Thriller alnum.

i dragged out my scrap book from when i was 10 last night and i still have a couple glove stickers with sequins and the MJ doll, fully in tact. i grieve for my youth more than the man.

Carrie S. said...

Jax - Your post said it all for me. I agree, there is a bit of grieving for my youth when I think back to that time. To me music is the connection to everything in my life - every time, place, event. His music certainly holds many memories in my mind and heart.

not on my dollar said...

I grieve for the good ole days when the Jacksons were fun and when Michael branched out on his own, had a big ole Afro and was HOT!

Damn! Damn! Damn!

bionic bunny! said...

i remember my best friends had an illegal black box, and we watch thriller and the making of thriller when it first aired on mtv.
our kids ran around the house while we had a blast (maybe a little weed? if the kids were asleep, i don't really remember, i just remember the vids). that was amazing.

unfortunately, i know the weird al parodies better than i know the real songs in most cases.

Sonia said...

"I'll Be There"... This will always be my favorite song from him. Regardless of how you feel about Michael Jackson today, you can't help but look at this video of him singing acapella and listen to this voice and not see the greatness that was there, even at such a young age. So much talent, so much potential.... this is how I prefer to remember Michael Jackson.

Jungle007 said...

Fave songs: PYT, Billie Jean, Thriller, Black or White, Beat It... anything he did in the 80's/ early 90's is GOLD. After that he and Madonna went sour for me with him doing so many ballads and Madonna doing the whole Power of Goodbye B.S.

I always liked his music but I never liked the man, even as a child I thought he was kinda weird. I used to try to convince my friends that him and Janet were the same person. Sad when anyone dies but I'm not gonna sit here and act like i didn't spend the last ten years despising him and calling him Wacko Jacko.

That said, Michael was truly a legend and in a way i think his death can only be better for his image as right now he is again the most popular artist in the universe, and a few weeks ago we were all on here slamming him for cancelling concerts and being freaky weird.

figgy said...

October 2003, I was in Las Vegas with some friends. Two of us moseyed around the Caesar's Palace shopping area just for giggles, and I pointed out that I had recently seen a show about Michael Jackson shopping in that very store.

So how freaky was it that 10 minutes later, we hear a scream. Once we realized that no, it wasn't that the ginormous fish tank was cracking and about to drown us, but rather than Michael Jackson was walking by in the lily white flesh, we joined right in the fray.

A big crowd of us followed him down the hall and into stores. Or rather, we waited outside while they closed and locked the doors while he shopped. It was ridiculous and hilariously fun all at once!

mngddess said...

My favorite song is Remember The Time, and my favorite video is "Smooth Criminal". I loved his videos for his sick damcing skills. I watched a video he did for a song called "Ghost", and the dancing in that was just fantastic. Oh - and I love "Jam", too. I have always felt sadness for Michael Jackson because I believe his father made him what he became - a pedophile and a freak who carved up his face so he wouldn't resemble his father, and who lived in a world where he used people and people used him. (I am not excusing him in any way for his actions, believe me.)

McDooks said...

20 years ago, before the rampant and disfiguring plastic surgery, the child touching (became known), and the totally bizarre antics- I went to see MJ in concert. I was a senior in high school and had grown up with MJ. Til this day, I get goosebumps remembering the energy, presence, and unbelievable dancing.
My thoughts on his personal life are not nearly as glowing, but it can NOT be denied that the man was a STELLAR and consumate performer.

~BellaBellaBoo~ said...

Jax -

I totally agree with you, Michael Jackson's death makes me grieve more for my childhood, family members that have passed on and memories I have of them.

Off The Wall and Thriller were like the soundtracks of my childhood.

Life Is But A Dream -
awesome story

and I can't believe I forgot Say, Say, Say. Great video, when videos actually came on tv.

Reverend Ramona said...

I never saw the guy in person, but I remember being stuck in Las Vegas traffic one night a few years ago when he was joyriding around town, and everyone was out on the streets trying to get a glimpse of him.

Soon after that, someone told me MJ reportedly liked to dress up in "old lady drag" and tool around Vegas, driving an older pick up truck, so no one would recognize him. Not sure if that's true or not, but it always made me smile to think of him doing that.

Cheryl said...

My first concert was the Jacksons Victory tour at Giants Stadium. Tickets were expensive and we had to stand out in the sun for 3 hours and you had to pay cash. People made an event out of it renting limos and bringing their entire families. It was a huge deal and was featured on the evening news. We were so far away from the stage that MJ was just a splotch of glitter, but we had a great time. This was about 2 months before I left for college and the whole event was a coming of age thing for me.

TinselSass said...

When I first saw MJ moonwalk I was awed, "a human body can move like that?!!" I still get a thrill when I see someone slide across a dance floor.

His moves, music and videos all changed their forms and illustrated the power of one individual's creativity to innovate and wow.

Here's his first moonwalk performance... watch in anticipation...

Her-Mix-A-Lot said...

"Remember the Time" premiered on ABC when I was about 7 or 8 and I remember being awestruck by the beautiful Black kings and queens portrayed on screen; it reminded me that I was worth more than the hoes I saw poppin' ass on BET (that was for you Robert Johnson).

I'm a first time poster, loooooong time lurker and I want you guys to know you're AWESOME and so funny and I look forward everyday to reading what you guys have to say about these crazy asses running around the industry. And kudos to Enty for having integrity as a blogger (I'm talking to you, Mario).

Peace and blessings to all you rad commenters. Happy Friday!

~BellaBellaBoo~ said...

OH MY GOODNESS...totally forgot


Michael and Janet dancing can't beat that with a stick.

Ok, I need to back away from this post I could be here all day. I always hoped he didn't molest those children, and I'm still not convinced. MJ's surgeries and reclusive nature...well...we all have a weird uncle or cousin that we can't totally abandon no matter how strange we think they are.

Wil said...

I am old school Jackson 5 .. "I'll Be There" and "Dancin' Machine."

My first 45 [that's a tiny record fer you youngin's!! ; )] was of "ABC" that I got when I was about .. hum .. maybe 6?? 7?? Not sure when that song was out but I was still little.

When it got a scratch on it .. I specially constructed a row of pennies [3 .. 2 was too little .. 4 was too much] to sit on the needle arm that I put together with old fashioned Scotch Tape .. the shiny stuff for anyone who remembers .. so it would play over the scratch. I still have that 45 in a box in my basement with all the other 45s and 33s that I ever had.

Hum .. *sigh* .. off to iTunes to go buy some stuff.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Oh, forgot to mention, my little sister was a HUGE MJ fan when she was a kid. Except she called him "Maxon Jaxon".

Then one day she saw a Janet Jackson video on MTV. I have never seen a child so confused...*L*

Ms.Leigh said...

i've had "the way you make me feel" on repeat for the last 24 hours.

such a great, feel-good song. def. my favorite by mj.

not on my dollar said...

Wil that's funny, I remember the pennies. I still listen to Michael on my albums, cassettes, cd's and MP3 player.

Lots of GOOD memories, from childhood thru adult.

not on my dollar said...

OT did anyone read Lisa Marie's article about him? It's pretty good if she isn't looking for attention. She eludes to the fact that he had a drug problem back when they were married.

Also on the radio today they're saying the family had been trying to convince him to go to rehab.

Don't know how much of this is true but Lisa's article is at least an interesting conversation piece.

jax said...

i'd take it at face value NOMD, Lisa wasn't someone who craved the spotlight very often, if at all, after the whole marriage sham.

Pinky said...

Don't know if any of you are familiar with David Ryan Harris, but this tribute touched me:

Harriet Hellfire said...

I read LMP's thing, and it seemed quite heartfelt.

GladysKravitz said...

This is how I think MJ saw himself: outcast, lonely, sad. Even if Ben is a rat, I think that Michael always related to that feeling of never having a place where one is loved just for being alive. RIP MJ.

GoddessNow said...

Human Nature
She's Out of My Life
With a Child's Heart
I Found That Girl
Maybe Tomorrow (I named my daughter Tommorrow because of this song)
Remmber the Time

Since we are so close in age. I mostly like all old school!

Judi said...

In the early 70s, my sis was performing in the Lion's Den at the old MGM Hotel in Vegas (Bally's for decades now). Someone - can't remember who - took me next door to the Celebrity Room to watch the Jackson 5 from the wings. At one point, MJ came off stage and I moved to a different wing to let him pass. He made a big wide circle around me keeping his eyes on me. I was so surprised, I just stood there looking back at him wide-eyed, then just turned back to watch the stage. Very strange but understandable given that they were huge then and he had no idea who I was.
Other connections with further degrees of separation are working with people who were part of his videos - some of whom are no longer with us. What they gave is important. RIP. :-(

Ells said...

I saw him on the Bad tour. I was in jr. high, and it was my first concert without a parent. I was near the front... 11th row I think. Had a great time. Years later, my mom told me that she and my dad stayed outside the stadium for a long time and watched through the crack in the door. Security didn't run them off until other people started doing the same.
I can't pick one favorite song. The entire Thriller album is great, as is most of Off the Wall. I love the early J5 hits, and quite a few songs from Victory.

Monalicious said...

"Man in the Mirror" was allways my favorite. The message was simple, but yet so powerfull. And the video will bring tears. I think that was without a doubt, one of his best.

Yeah, I'm like a lot of ya'll on here. MJ was it!! The best. As far as music is concerned.

But, it's hard to greive for someone who might have done so many horrible things to children!!! We might never know the whole story.

I agree 100% precent with so many. I too, feel like I'm mourning for my younger years.

not on my dollar said...

Thanks jax, and by the way you've been fantastic these past 24 hours. You so get whats going on, we're reminiscing and grieving over the music and the talent. That's all.

Judi and Life is But a Dream, what beautiful stories that you've shared. You each got a glimpse of the kindness that so many celebrities claimed to have witnessed all the time.

newsgrrl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
newsgrrl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
newsgrrl said...

This is the classic 30 year anniversary special - the showmanship is absolutely stellar. You can see Liz Taylor in front row and standing in the audience close to the end...

It's the smiles from under the fedor at the beginning that make me the saddest... he loved what he did and was good at it.

Jasmine said...

I was in LA 5 yrs ago with my friend around Universal Studios where they have this long chain of stores like Hot Topic and Barnes and Nobles and more. We were in Hot Topic when someone came in shouting 'MICHAEL JACKSON IS IN THE AREA 2 DOORS DOWN!!!' We didnt pay attention until we noticed a massive surge of people rushing past the door. We walked out and people were Everywhere, trying to get a look at him. People were standing on fountains, climbing skinny trees, even on this large flat fountain that the cops had to shoo them away from because so many people were standing on it it began to collapse (i was one of those people). Finally, all you could see was massive dudes in dark suites and people started shreiking at the top of their lungs 'Michael! Michael!' I looked up as far as I could above the sea of people and to my far far right I saw him wearing something red and shiny and he had the most glossy hair (thats all i could see) and his head was tilted down, the bodygards were guilding him to Barnes and Noble.
And thats it, I have never in my 26 yrs ever ever seen anything like that i my life. The energy, the chaos, the frenetic vibe was almost tangible. To feel that way EVERY TIME you wanted to leave the house, to be all alone in a sea of writhing, gasping, crazed people, must have fucking sucked> no wonder the dude went crazy, that experiance showed me that his life wasnt real, couldnt have ever been real, with people reacting like that, like he was the second coming or something instead of a man who happened to be talented.

Jasmine said...

that said i will say DIRTY DIANA, smooth criminal the music vid, and any jackson 5 song

ambernyc said...

My family are huge Dallas Cowboys fans and in 1993 we all flew from Texas to California to go to the Superbowl, which fell on my ninth birthday that year. I didn't give a crap about the game though, I was excited to see the halftime show- Michael Jackson performed, and it is still one of the best, most vivid memories I have. No one could dance like him. He was a true entertainer, and an icon. It's definitely something I will never forget, and I feel so fortunate to have witnessed such a talented artist perform. Still hard to believe he's really gone. He'll live on through his music for me at least.


City Councilman Doug said...

Definitely "Man in the Mirror"--I love that song, especially the ending chorus. It lifts the soul. I was in 3rd grade when Thriller hit, and the first birthday party present I bought with my own money was a Michael Jackson purse. It was purple.

The Mad Crapper said...

I got up at five this morning to drive 280 miles to the beach. At about 7, I stopped at a restaurant and got some takeout, but it sucked and the baboons behind the drive through window fucked it up. So I did what I always do in that situation: loop around, go through the drivethru again, then throw the fucked up order back at the guttersnipes behind the drivethru window. (I order milkshakes whenever possible for maximum firepower). The gorilla behind the drive thru window threw some of the shit back to me, and since I wasn't going to loop around the drivethru again for another forward compaign, I ate the shit.

I got into town at about 9, and since then I have been having massive yellow shits which burn my ass ring something terrible because they are jam packed with stomach acid. This shit is loose, and in the toilet bowl it looks like the mushroom plume left by an explosion of a thermonuclear bomb. with the yellow particles of shit being held in suspension in the cool, tidey bowl blue water.

I usually drink a Coke to sooth my stomach, and pop one or three or seven Pepcid AC's if that doesn't work. The problem with Pepsid ACs and Nexium for that matter are that they make you shit stomach acid. Too much of that shit burns the end of your colon, your ass ring, and your roids.

I don't want another roid attack. I've only had one and it was more excruciatingly painful than a heart attack. When you see your own blood in the shitter, you feel like you've power crapped an essential part of yourself. Bloody shits look like a goddamn abortion and ass blood smells worse than skunk spray or AXE.

I'm going to have a huge goddamn water bill this month. It's been a big shitting month. And since I'm so fat that I can only clean my ass after shitting by pressing my anus to a jacuzzi noozle and turning the jacuzzi on, that chews up lots of water.

MichaelJacksonRapedMyAsshole said...

ENT - why don't you post some photos of Jackson assfucking some kid?

Lana's Blog said...

^ Can someone explain THAT to me? It's in every post now?

Anyhoo, I have this super strong memory of RUNNING home from school to see the premiere of the "Thriller" video on MTV. It was supposed to start at 3:00, the exact time school got out. They must have been stretching it with commercials, because I made it!


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