Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Tori Amos - Amsterdam
Anne Heche says she stands by what she said on Letterman. Her ex-husband is a lazy ass and she doesn't regret saying it. Meanwhile she and the ex have had to hire a parenting referee. I wonder why.
The newly married Alyssa Milano.
Alex Reid takes time off from sucking face with Katie Price to pose half naked for all of you.
Benjamin Bratt is kind of like Guy Ritchie. Ever since he and Julia Roberts broke up and he found Talisa Soto, it has been pretty much non stop smiles.
I'm sure it is all giggles at Brooke & Charlie's house until Charlie starts looking at porn and says, "slept with her, didn't sleep with her, slept with her."
Ben McKenzie you need to be in the photos more. You class the place up a bit.
As does Brad Pitt when he isn't trying to look like a Civil War general with his beard.
Billy Zane has a Napoleon complex.
Day 2 of Chris Brown's community service for beating the crap out of a defenseless woman.
And back to class. Clive Owen.
Speaking of class. I'm pretty sure Danica McKellar could teach any class on the planet.
Did you recognize Emily Blunt? I sure didn't. I recognize that wine she is drinking though and her friend in blue.
A first time appearance for Ethan Erickson.
Not so for Eva Longoria who took Mario Lopez as her date last night to the ALMA's and wore a much smaller ring than she normally wears.
The ridiculously good looking couple of the day award goes to Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez.
The award for most likely to date someone the age of his granddaughter if he had one award goes to George Clooney.
Gwen looks cool here. She looks like she will be pulling up her pants all day, but she looks cool.
Always cool is Hugh Laurie.
And the entire cast of House.
It has to be any day for Heidi Klum now right?
I hope Jennie Garth didn't buy Lindsay Lohan leggings.
Jennifer Hudson looks amazed to be on stage with Stevie Wonder. I would be too.
An American Idol reunion. Jennifer, Jordin, & Kelly.
A first time appearance for Jack Huston.
This is the first time in a long time I have seen Jennifer Love Hewitt without Jamie Kennedy holding on for dear life.
Hello Jamie Lynn Sigler.
Jennifer Morrison looks great as usual. However, every year they drag out this poor dog during award season and he or she must be tired of it by now.
Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley & the baby.
Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko who I hope she dumps soon because I can't handle typing in his last name.


Kinsey Holley said...

Clive Owen and Benjamin Bratt. My dream sandwich. Thank you, Enty.

.robert said...

Maybe Pitt is going to do Little big horn or something like that...

linnea said...

Cute baby! Heigl´s, I mean.

Klum is BIG and beautiful.

AnonMom said...

Love the Heigl family photo.

I wanna be Gwen when i grow up.

Pookie said...

love the tori amos shot!

oh brooke, horizontal stripes are never, ever a good look. ever.

omg, roselyn sanchez, that's serious pretty.

gwen looks fantastic!

aww, the ai alum girl all look fab. go them.

what a sweet heigel picture. i can't believe i just wrote that.

Judi said...

Love the new family photo, too. SO sweet. Especially Dad.

Klum's carrying too high to be due really soon. I think she's due in October.

Jen Morrison looks GREAT!

angelina said...

Tori!! Love her dress too!!

Benjamin and Talisa!!

Ugh...Eva go AWAY

George Clooney and another young girl...*yawn*

Katherine Heigl family pics are adorable, and for now she is redeemed

whole_lotto _luv said...

Dear Anne Heche: you picked him, and I bet his ass was lazy back then, too.

That fuckin' fucker Chris Brown is a fuckin' moron. Too hot for a shirt, but cold enough for a toboggan? And the hoodie tied like that, what is that, gangsta-preppy?

I think I just discovered why to watch Eastwick, and its name is Jack Huston.

The baby is adorable.

TinselSass said...

Love the CLASS and NOT juxtapositions.

BTW, Why does Chris Brown get to hang out with his mobile while on community duty?! Seriously, texting is allowed when you're doing time (which he is)?!

ea73 said...

Who the hell is Ethan Erickson, and how can I meet him?! Yum!

I wouldn't want to be Gwen...unless I didn't mind my hubby getting it on with random dudes and trannies.

Charlie Sheen...yuckity yuck yuck yuck!!

George Clooney needs to come clean about being gay, already. Tooling around on his motorcycle with random fame-seeking skanks really is not fooling anyone.

Brad Pitt...again, yuckity yuck yuck yuck!!

Emily Blunt is gorgeous.

Auntie Jen said...

"Day 2 of Chris Brown's community service for beating the crap out of a defenseless woman."

I love you, Enty.

I bet J.Love is on the hunt for the next guy.

I love the Heigl pic too.

DNfromMN said...

I am with ea73, I don't know who Ethan Erickson is, but I'd like to get to know him Biblically.

No picking on Target, Enty. Spot (the dog) is their mascot.

Eric and Roselyn are ridiculously good looking.

RocketQueen said...

Oh Tori, you goddess. Though I'm still mad at you that Vancouver wasn't a tour stop this time.

If that's a real dog that they painted (around his eye!) then they should be ashamed of themselves. I HATE THAT SHIT.

Jennie's been dressing strangely lately. Coulda done without those leggings with that outfit!

Ethan Erickson really resembles one of the Twilight dudes...the name eludes me, with some Ethan Hawke thrown in.

I echo whole_lotto's sentiments on Chris Beat-Her-Down's outfit and add a little of what Michael K said yesterday: Riddle me this? If it's so hot outside, why is he wearing half of American Eagle's shorts section?

cibele said...

Heigl's baby is so cuteeeee!!! And picture is so beautiful.

Lana's Blog said...

I love Gwen so much. Do you really think her husband does that? I hope not.

Katherine's baby is cute. I give huge props to anyone who adopts.

Geez Heidi looks good for that far along in a pregnancy. Seriously.

Chris Brown, boo hiss.

audieh_1 said...

More Benjamin Bratt, no more Chris Brown---especially since he can't be bothered to wear pants that fit.
Heigl, he husband and baby look sweet.

bionic bunny! said...

chris brown not wearing orange safety vest=
good excuse to run over him!

oh, hugh! you come back into my life on monday, i'm counting the minutes!!

agreed, heigl pic is adorable. good for her.

say what you will about clooney, he's got one HELL of a collection of motorcycles!

A said...

is it me or does Tori Amos look pregnant?

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Tori - LOVE her!

Benjamin Bratt *swoon*

Brad Pitt. Uhm, no thanks.

Danica McKellar... isn't that Winnie from The Wonder Years? What a beautiful young lady!

Ethan Erickson is gorgeous!

Gwen looks great in that pic.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Hugh Laurie and House. Can't wait for the new season!

Heidi Klum is carrying very high. Is it a boy or girl this time? Either way, she looks fabulous!

Love the family pic, the new Heigl/Kelley baby is precious. Congrats to them on the adoption!

Aimée said...

I beg you, please don't post pictures of Alex Reid. PLEASE. I come to American gossip sites for respite :(

stina said...

Emily Blunt's friend in blue - isn't that Fergie? You know, the former princess of England (or whatever title she had).

bitteliten said...

Yup - it's Fergie there in blue. The Dutchess of York.

And the baby pic? Suri flash-back!

Jerry said...

Speaking of class. I'm pretty sure Danica McKellar could teach any class on the planet.

Another reason to go back to school.

libby said...

Not only is Danica M. absolutely beautiful, she's also sweet, humble, and a SUPER GENIUS, especially in math. She has some equation or another named after her, that she discovered with a collaborator.

Heidi loves being pregnant. She just radiates joy. She's having her second girl, which will be Seal's first bio daughter. Such a great family.

I think Alyssa Milano looks preggo. Maybe that's why she's newly married?

Donna said...

Heigl had a baby?? What??

Heidi Klum is just plain FABULOUS. I mean, please, she is about as perfect as one can get.

Shannon Doherty also looks wonderful. Haven't seen her look this good in a while.

chihuahuense said...

my first post as this name (formerly known as Katie) because I'm pretty sure there was another Katie here first.

Anyway, Billy Zane is HOT, and so is George Clooney. I had super hot dreams about him when I was pregnant.

As much as I don't like Heigl, that pic is adorable, and so is the little girl.

Ku-dooz to her for taking that kind of responsibility on.

blankprincess said...

Tori Amos is a complete goddess in my world. I first saw her live on her Little Earthquakes tour and she blew my mind.

"The award for most likely to date someone the age of his granddaughter if he had one award goes to George Clooney."

I thought that award already went to Morgan Freeman. No wait--he's dating his ACTUAL granddaughter. My bad.

I hope Heigl quits smoking now that she has a baby. The last thing that sweet little tater tot needs is black lungs.

BeauSaxon said...

Uh Donna, look again at the pic... Notice anything? Neither parent is Asian. Ergo...

I thought for sure someone would mention Jordin Sparks. What's up with her face? Scary. Like a grinning Halloween creature coming to crunch my bones.

Aimée said...

Blankprincess, i think it was reported about a month ago that Heigl had quit smoking.

Lexie said...

Eric Wynter is too pretty. He looks gay.

The Hagel's baby is cute. Still hate her dumbass.

Heidi K. is always pregnant.

Alyssa Milano has no stylo.

Jennifer, Jordin, & Kelly, three tons of fun!

GoGo said...

I don't usually commment on RPs but...

Tori... amazing as always!

Who is Jack Huston and where has he been all my life?

And what a cute baby for the Heigl-Kelleys! Best wishes! Hope this makes her less of a b*tch!

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